October 6th, 2008

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Umpqua bank

Does anyone else have an account at Umpqua bank?

I'm starting to get vvv frustrated with their online stuff, mostly because I should have a balance of about $300, and for some reason it's only showing that I have $100.

I'm probably the only person on this planet who has no bills to pay at the moment, so I know it's not anything like that.

Anyone ever have this happen before?

(no subject)

Just thought I'd check -- anyone else going to see Ky-mani Marley this Wednesday at the Crystal Ballroom? I've been trying to pick between him and Gogol Bordello, but I've already seen GB twice and never seen Ky-mani.

Free spanish

Hey dp,

I know that there are free spanish classes out there in portland, but I seem to be having trouble finding them on the internets to figure out when & where they meet. Halp?
& Daggers!
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Consider my curiosity officially piqued.

Hey DamnPortlanders,

One of you leaves anonymous, cryptic, yet oddly romantic comments in my journal.

I would like to know who you are. You could just e-mail me. Or message me at my OKCupid account. Or not post anonymously.

I'm not nearly as standoff-ish as I seem! Sort of. Not really. You need to catch me on the right day.

I just want to drink and work at the same time in a nonskeevy place

Ugh.  I just drove around to a million different places and can't find what I want.  Help me DPers!

Is there anywhere that is like Bar Avignon but with wifi and outlets (old laptop doesn't hold a charge).  That won't be offended that I want to work on my 'puter?  I would like some alcohol, but I need to work too.  Good food would be a bonus.  Lots of places closed on Monday -- tried Press Club, Broder, up and down Division and Clinton.

It could even be someplace like Panera, if only Panera had wine.


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"The Coup Has Happened"

Folks, at the risk of being flamed for posting such an incendiary piece of video, I'd like to share this compelling warning from the brilliant Naomi Wolf with the PDXLJ community. It goes without saying that Portland has a proud tradition of activism and it's obvious that that fact has not gone entirely unnoticed, so I feel this message is particularly relevant to us.

Also, a warning. This video is pretty scary. I'd skip it if you're one to get upset easily. Seriously.

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IM looking for a walking buddy. I live in vancouver off of sr500 and 4th plain. I need a cool person to chat with as i walk to keep me motivated. once a week or more would be best. i dont care about age or gender or walk of life. JUst someone to walk with and a friend to get to know.

about me: im 24 on thursday, female, divorced mother of a nearly 2yr old girl. I like to knit +sew, watch reality or sitcoms, comedy movies, i love board and card games. my favourite color is blue. Im LDS but very very open and accepting to all walks of life. lds=mormon bytheway.
hope that doesnt scare anyone off.
anyone up for it?
Aerial Tram

Remember Lon Mabon and the OCA?

Does anyone remember the homophobic Oregon Citizens Alliance and Lon Mabon?

If so, is it true John McCain have a keynote speech at one of their fund raising dinners in 1993?



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(no subject)

i need contacts for my halloween costume. just disposable ones. problem is i havent had contacts before. they say my brand new perscription wont work, i need a special eye exam for contacts. and that it starts at like 120 bucks. i cannot afford this. anything i can do? any way around the appointment? any cheap place to get it done? i just had my eyes checked a few months ago. my insurance wont cover this.
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