October 5th, 2008

trent singy

Alright..what the hell

I was woken up this morning to people clapping and cheering outside. This is not normal. When I realized it wasn't going to stop I finally got up and looked. There are people running down my street and people cheering on the corner.

Are you serious people? It's eight am.. you're in a neighborhood..see all the little houses.. people are sleeping in them!!

Any way..I was just curious what is this? Any one know why people are running down my street? Obviously it's a race of some kind..but which one?
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Textbook help

The PSU bookstore doesn't have my textbook in stock and won't get it in until Wednesday. I need this book by Monday, at the very latest. Is there another store in town that sells textbooks - especially PSU textbooks - reliably? I tried Powell's, Barnes and Noble, Borders, some smaller bookstores, none of which sell textbooks except by special order, which takes weeks. I tried googling different combinations of "portland textbooks PSU" with no helpful results. The book itself is Family in Transition by Skolnick and Skolnick (15th ed.) if that helps at all.
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I need ypur help DP

Unfortunatly my girlfriend and I are no longer and she moved out, and she cannot take her cat with her to her new home. My now Ex and I are trying to find crazyhorse(the cat) a good home. She is a great cat that is Laid back and nice and I would love to keep her but the other 2 cats in the house do not like her very much.  If you have any questions about her, or interested in adopting her let me know please


Moving Sale!!!

Hey all,

I'm posting this for my parents who are moving this week and have packed up the PODS but still have stuff left in the house.

- Bedroom furniture
- Antique tables and chairs
- Wooden kitchen table & chairs
- Garden tools and odds n' ends
- tons of housewares
- oriental rugs
- upright piano
- couches

Please stop by today between 12 to 5pm to see what they have available! The house is located downtown right off 405 next to PSU

1410 SW Harrison Street
Portland, OR 97201

here's a link to their craigslist ad

(no subject)

Hey DP, once again I come to you for guidance.
My friend and I are doing a presentation for class and, being the sick and twisted folks that we are, would like to make some questionable cookies.  Ideally, we'd like to make people and animal shapes that are filled with jam, so that when you bite into them, the "guts" come out (like I said, we are terrible people).  So
a) Will this work if we just do it with sugar cookies?
b) If not, does anyone have a recipe that will work?
Many thanks!

P.Esss Completely unrelated, but thanks for all those of you who offered/provided cardboard last month.  The paper-celebration tunnel was a huge success!Collapse )
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Master bedroom for rent, inner SE. Available Nov. 1

I just moved into this place about a month and a half ago, and now my
roommate is sadly moving out (at the end of October). The owner can't
afford a vacancy, and neither can I, so I'm hoping to find somebody soon.
Your half of rent will be $527.50, plus utilities (gas, electricity,
cable + internet - I have wifi set up) which is probably around
$100/mo but I'm looking to lower that. Deposit is equal to one
month's rent.

It's a HUGE, beautiful 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment.
-has door to bathroom
-Is almost like a one-BR apartment to yourself, because my room is
downstairs in the basement

-clawfoot tub with shower
-ample cabinet storage space
-2 doors, one to your bedroom, one to common space

-is in a quad-plex
-wood floors (bamboo or birch maybe?)
-lots of light, big windows, bay windows in the dining area
-big kitchen
-ceiling fans
-lots of common space
-will have almost no furniture after my roommate leaves, unfortunately
-no pets currently, but a cat may be acceptable
-Cable and WiFi, as mentioned above
-upstairs (ground floor) has gas stove heat, downstairs has electric
wall heaters.

-on SE Pine between SE 26th and 27th
-quiet and residential but extremely close to some great cafes, bars,
restaurants, Laurelhurst Theater, Bishops Barber, Whole Foods,
Laurelhurst Park, Belmont St, etc.
-3 blocks from Burnside's 19 and 20 bus lines, with about a 15 minute
ride downtown, 20 to PSU.

Roommate (me):
I just moved here after 3 years downtown, and I love it here. I'm a
single, white, 25-year-old female senior at PSU studying theater and
working office jobs. I'm really cheery and easy to get along with,
usually pretty busy so not home often. I'm smoke/drug free but drink
moderately. I like to eat meat but don't usually cook it at home, and
I'm pretty accepting of other lifestyles. I'm mostly just very
easy-going. But responsible!

Prospective roommate (you):
Hoping for a female non-smoker, but I'm not completely set on that. Steady income/reliable rent are the MOST important. Age is not too important to me. You'll have to be
approved by the owner, probable credit check involved. Tell me a
little about yourself!

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Bachelorette Parties and Bridesmaids Oh My!

Two things all knowing DPers:

~Where can I find this: Bridesmaid Dresses Style 6493 by Designer Alfred Angelo in Portland. I need a size 10/12 in black and I need it (or something that looks similar) in the next couple of days!! Halp!

~Bachelorette party stuffs: We're off to Vegas! Places/games/suggestions for a memorable bachelorette party. Any decoration donations you'd like to make will be accepted (i.e. tiaras). So reminisce. What's been fun in the past? Whether in or out of Vegas.

Thanks much!
dont care

Comfy coffee shops

Damn. My Sunday plans fell through, so now I'm bored on a dreary (but beautiful) Sunday. I really want to go somewhere comfy to read my book and drink copious amounts of tea and/or coffee. I'm newish to Portland and do the public transit thing from the Gateway area.

Also.. what is your favorite Portland "alone" activity?
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upside downside

WWE?!?!?!? anyone?

why do portlanders not like wrestling? (....and yet they are hosting a live event tonite at the Rose Garden)

how come i can't find a bar that will be showing the WWE No Mercy event tonite for us poor people who can't afford tickets?

snark all you like.  i'm going to pout. 

anyone out there a WWE fan??
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badkidgiocolor--by me

(no subject)

So what are some good full-ear headphones out there? I can't stand how the media players are all packaged with earbuds--those things are so incredibly uncomfortable to squeeze in there. And the old "standard" headphones are no good because the media players can't be turned up loud enough to drown out something like the MAX.

So I'm going to have to go full ear. But yesterday I was at Fred Meyer and the only one I could find for less than fifty bucks had noise canceling (which I don't need--that's what the music's for!) and a warning on it that the cord contained lead and that handling it may cause lead poisoning/cancer (I shit you not).

It used to be that you could get full ear headphones for like fifteen bucks and they worked great. Where the hell did they all go? Why are the very few out there so blastedly expensive? Wouldn't the advancements in technology make them *cheaper* now?

So what're some good ones, where do I get them, and what should I expect to pay? It's for a Sony Walkman NWZ-A816 if that makes a difference.
Pug in wig

(no subject)


Are there any used bookstores in PDX that give decent $ for used books? My husband has ~100 to sell, but he's insisting he won't get any money and wants to sell them all on half.com. Individually.

Bonus points if the bookstore is in NE or SE.

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Cricket text issues?

My phone is made of fail at the moment. It is more often than not telling me it can't send my text messages. Won't say why - just says to see status in Outbox. And the status simply says "unable to send". Anybody else on Cricket having issues? Is this a Cricket thing, or does my phone just suck all of a sudden?

And no, I'm not just "out" of texts - my plan is for unlimited minutes, unlimited texting.

ETA: C'mon guys, give me SOME credit for common sense, here. This is with an empty Outbox, a very low-message (8 or so) Inbox, and a full-strength signal. I already dealt with the obvious answers, that's why I'm looking for ideas.

(no subject)

Who went to the movies this weekend? What did you see and how was it? I shall refrain from mocking you if you
saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua, I promise.

I saw Religulous and it was A+.
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venues? spaces?

hi all -

so our benefit for SMYRC, pdx's portion of the worldwide, simultaneous thriller dance, just lost its location. somehow, the scheduling got mixed up and they booted us. :(

anyone know of a cheap (under $50) warehouse/auditorium/big space to rent for a few hours? it would need to hold 100 dancers, be available on saturday, oct. 25 from 9 a.m. to noon.

unfortunately the event is now less than a month away, so actually finding an open space is going to be really fun. any and all ideas welcome (sans a flashmob outdoors, as we have no idea what the weather's going to decide to be like that day. unless there's a giant overhang we could all keep ourselves dry under....)

thanks in advance for your ideas!!!

(and if you want to sign up for practices/to learn the dance, help out Portland's Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center and just be really cool - if not really cheesy - email us at ttwpdx@gmail.com after reviewing the practice schedule at www.myspace.com/ttwpdx. last year we had 68 dancers and this year we're aiming for 100 - so please consider participating!!! dance is super easy for non-dancers, a great workout and a classic testament to pop culture/youtube videos everywhere.)


Repair Recommendation?

Can anyone recommend a good VCR service/repair place? I just need to get the head cleaned properly by someone who actually knows what they're doing. Convenient to NE Portland a big plus, but not mandatory, Thanks!

Video Games, Wolves/Werewolves, Anyone?

So, this might sound a little weird... or stupid, but either way I feel it's worth asking about.

Are there any video games (RPGs specifically but I'd like to hear about anything), for Xbox360 or PS2, that allow me to basically run around and play as an animal, preferably but not limited to (I guess) a Wolf?

I thought I heard of one, some time ago, but I can't remember what it is, and I'm having very little luck finding one.

If there are some for PC I'd like to hear about them as well.

Thank you!
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