October 4th, 2008

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double sided printing

Can anyone recommend a print shop that can do double-sided printing from computer files, eg PNG, TIFF, whatever? I need the prints to line up exactly on the front and back side of the sheet as it is for a booklet. It has to be color, I guess color laser (or whatever... no screen printing, I'm only making a handful of these). I can cut them myself I think, just use a paper cutter or whatever. Oh yeah and I also need CD labels printed, not even sure how to go about making a file for this in Photoshop, and applied to CDs.

Also should I be using CMYK in Photoshop for best color accuracy between my screen and the paper?

I can afford to have this done right, I want the results to look perfect and am willing to pay for a good print shop with helpful staff that can do this for me.
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C&H Fight
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Flash Mob

Portland needs some random spice added, a flash mob is needed.

Saturday October 11th 2008 - Lloyd Center 4:00 PM

Bring Bubbles, act casual, at 4:00 PM find yourself somewhere around the middle of the mall. (Ice rink, doesnt matter what level)

As the clock strikes 4:00 start blowing. Hope to see you guys there.

Zombies needed

   I'm looking for a few good zombies.  6, to be precise.

My name is Sister Krissy Fiction, and I am a fully professed Sister with The Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  We are a fully nonprofit charitable organization that does safer sex education and promotion and raises money for other charitable organizations.  Much of the money we raise goes towards HIV/AIDS organizations.  Think of us as nuns for the LGBT community.

On October 25th I will be doing a performance in the Halloween Show at the Northbank bar in downtown Vancouver at 9:30pm.  That's where the zombies come in.  I will be lip synching to Leslie Hall's Zombie Killer.  You can see the song and video here:

Leslie and the Ly's - Zombie Killer

I need about 6 people to be zombies and shuffle around and act zombie-like during the perfomance and do the "shoot us in the brains" part near the end.

If you are free on October 25th (there might be a short rehearsal that morning), have the clothing and makeup to be a zombie, can COMMIT to being there, and want to have some fun with a drag nun in Vancouver's only gay bar, then please let me know.  Feel free to e-mail me at sisterkrissy@gmail.com or visit my Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/sisterkrissy

Shoot them in the brains if you want to live!!
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October Birthdays-- post your pics!

DP Libras & Scorpios of October

The days of...
1) The Top Dog
2) Verbal Acuity - jonboi_net, _heynow
3) The Trendsetters - chaoticbeauty
4) The Incorrigibles - cest_la_vie
5) The Just Cause - captainoakley
6) The Good Life - istar
7) Defiance - yoopie, diffuse
8) High Romance - dj_gustav
9) The Penetrating Gaze - yearofadventure, shane_mayhem
10) Prudent Economy - aypaipai_, broknashleydoll
11) Gracious Ease - thisaintnomecca
12) The Grand Gesture - fur
13) The Tough Cookie
14) Moderation
15) The World's Stage
16) Essential Judgment - sushi4k
17) Precarious Balance
18) Personal Leadership - remix79, icantpickaname
19) The Projector - robustious
20) Vogue
21) Singularity - thirty_three
22) Allure - writewrongs
23) Conflicting Karma - wicked_kolina, xochilbutterfly
24) Sensational Detail - thatsassylassie, zinkotori
25) Substantive Form
26) Organizational Cohesion
27) Impulse
28) Research - starllah
29) New Ideas
30) The Overseer - nebet_het, ashleyuberalles
31) Attentiveness - shinefire

I made a promise (to a few actually) that I'd definitely do October. As a twist I thought it'd be fun to see a pic of all the lovely October peeps and I will repost this next week or when I can to do the 'days' and meditations, etc. as I have the prior months. (my apologies for not being able to right now.)

Mean while... Happy Birthday beautiful Octobers! So go ahead and post a pic, any pic, silly pic, **BONUS POINTS for costume pics (cause you get the funnest holiday mo. bstrds) dazzle us DP. :p

(Previous months below)
1st DP 'virtual bdays' post, June bugs (32), July bdays (24), Days of August (36), September days (32)

How Libra Are You?


I thought this might be a good time of year to find a good pair of outdoor sandals on sale (like Chacos or Tevas). Has anyone been to any store in Portland proper that had them for cheap recently?

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Coming Home

Well...I will be back in Portland Oct.7th after spending the last 5 weeks down in a little town hard hit by two hurricanes called Theriot La. which is 20 miles south of Houma La.
   Anyway...I'm tired and sore and I will be looking for a massage that doesn't cost an arm and a leg...I just thought some of you DPs might know where this old fart can relax and be happy that I'm back with "normal people"
not gay

A P.S.A. from the other side of the Pacific.

If you are bitching about politics in any medium, can vote, and do not, I suggest you change your habits.

Get off your ass, and mail it in (or drop it off, for the hardcore). Seriously, you are lucky, as you do not even have to GO to the polls in Oregon: the polls come to you.

Yes, you with the apathetic look on your face, and the awful, black hipster-fringe.

Let the snarkage commence.
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sigur flying
  • _fool

anyone still need sigur ros tickets for monday's show?

i've had 5 craigslist flakes. these are good seats, and hey, you get to sit next to me and dark_knightly. we'll be all polished up, so no fear of bad odors or unsightly neighbors during the show.

$100 for the pair, row q orch a (http://www.pcpa.com/events/aschseating.php for an explanation). that's pretty much face value when you take into account stupid service fees. you get my 2 hours of effort at stupid o'clock AM to achieve such great seats for free.

email me, livejournal at w.tf, with your phone number. first person i can get ahold of who has cash gets 'em.

(no subject)

Hey guys. My internet is being slow (GO COMCAST!) otherwise I'd search to see if it's been asked... AND I'm sicker than shit, otherwise I'd call around:

Are there any stores in the area (Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons, etc..) that offer check cashing services without outrageous fees? If so, where and how much?

My credit union decided to screw me over today.

eta: check has been cashed. thanks!

(no subject)

I have some sparklers left over from New Years and other holidays. Are they considered fireworks and/or illegal right now?

I was going to use them for some photography, in case you were wondering.
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Damned dryer

My avocado green 1970s era dryer has crapped out and won't heat anymore. eibra, xplo_eristotle, bluecurlystraw (though not a roommate, but a user of said dryer), our non LJ'd roommate Andy and myself need to do laundry and laundromats are inconvenient. Does anyone have a completely functional electric dryer for free/sale (< $100), or know a friend/relative that does? Alternatively, if you have a penchant for repairing 1970s avocado green dryers, I have a case of beer with your name on it.

I am doing the Craigslist thing, but thought I'd check with you guys first because you're that damn awesome.
die! die! die!

Fruit flys = GRRRR!

Does anyone else have a fruit fly problem? I swear to god, I am going to go insane if I can't figure out wtf to do. My kitchen is CLEAN. I clean the counters, I don't leave dirty dishes in the sink, I don't have stinky food in the garbage, I wring out the sponge when I'm done, my kitchen is CLEAN! So wtf is with all the damn fruit flies?! They're driving me NUTS! And I live in a townhouse so they can go pretty much anywhere, which is extra irritating.

Does anyone have any idea what the cause could be? I did a google search but they were basically just like, "Clean your kitchen!" Great, thanks. Or if nothing else, does anyone know an effective way to kill them quickly? The only ideas I found online involve setting fruit traps, but the idea of leaving fruit sitting out worries me because it might attract MORE fruit flies as opposed to trapping the ones already here.



EDIT: Thanks for all the advice! I'm going to try them tomorrow and we'll see how it goes! *crosses fingers*
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