October 3rd, 2008

technical difficulties

Is anyone else having trouble with aol tonight?  I'm not having issues with any other websites, but when I try to check my email or logon to IM, I get a message that says "HTTP 403 Forbidden," which makes me feel like I've been grounded or something. 
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dearest portlanders,
my trusty old simples have taken a turn for the worse since i started working as a barista a few months ago. i only own two pairs of shoes, one of which are slippers, so i need some new kicks that don't smell of rotten milk and grease kicker. however, i don't remember the last time i bought a pair of shoes. so - where do you go for quality shoes in this little big city (especially child-sized ones for my baby feet)? the more variety the better, and i'm willing to pay for quality (but not sweatshop-made crap). thankyouthankyou in advance.

portland-related because portland likes feet.
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(no subject)

Tonight is The Fellow's birthday and I am looking for a good place downtown to go for drinks. We're not too picky, just sort of cheap (drinks in the $4-$8 range) and trying to avoid the frattier sorts of bars. We're pretty mellow, could take or leave dancing, and like martinis. Suggestions?
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House, in second effort, passes bailout bill

White House promises quick enactment for massive Wall Street rescue

The House passed a $700 billion bailout of the financial services industry Friday, reversing itself after members who voted to kill the measure earlier in the week came around to a Senate version that offered more protection for individual investors and small businesses.

Stocks were up sharply in anticipation that the measure could help thaw frozen credit markets.

After a week of reversals and intense lobbying, the measure ended up passing comfortably by a vote of 263-171. After seeing the bill go down to defeat Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had said she would not let it come up for a vote Friday unless it was clear that it would pass. White House spokesman Tony Fratto said President Bush would “like to sign it as quickly as possible — as soon as they get it to us.” House staffers said it would be sent to the White House as early as Friday afternoon for Bush’s signature.

Under the plan, the Treasury Department would be authorized to spend as much as $700 billion to buy bad mortgage-related securities, which have slowed and, in some cases, dried up the flow of credit.

The Senate dramatically changed the measure Wednesday, adding an additional $110 billion in additional tax breaks, incentives and other measures, including an expansion of coverage of individual bank deposits by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

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Dem: 172 Yea, 63 Nay
GOP: 91 Yea, 108 Nay

Darlene Hooley, Greg Walden, and David Wu voted Yea.
Earl Blumenauer and Peter DeFazio voted Nay.

One of the earmarks passed with this legislation is exemption from an excise tax for a VERY specific type of arrow (as in archery) made by Rose City Archery in Myrtle Point, OR. Sponsored by Oregon Senators Ron Wyden (D), and Gordon Smith (R), it will cost $200,000 a year for 10 years, or $2 million.
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apartment cleaning needed -- SW/Goose Hollow

Hi everyone, I'm sending this request out for a friend who does not use LJ. She is incredibly nice. She's a bit apprehensive about choosing someone off CL, and what is damnportlanders but a collection of the finest scraps of internet anonymity? :D

She lives in the Goose Hollow district of SW downtown. Due to some chronic pain issues, she needs some help in doing a deep cleaning of her one-bedroom apartment.

She'd like to hire someone to do a thorough cleaning of her apartment. She's not sure what the going rate is, but can pay for quality work.

Anyway, if you'd like to earn some cash easily and have some experience, please contact her at canifadeaway at hotmail dot com.
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Free to great school

I've got about a shoebox full of seashells that should be donated to a learning facility of some kind. They're all in great condition and while I didn't count, I'd guess about 30-40 different varieties. Some of them were store bought, some were presents from the ocean.

I remember someone on here mentioning the Portland Free School and thought that might be nifty, but I'm open to other suggestions. Obviously.

So, DP, what do you think? Who wants and can use some great seashells?

Edited for stupid.
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Voter Registration

Since I am a still relatively new to the area and new people are constantly moving here, I figured this would help others as it did me. I thought I filled out all the voter registration stuff when I got my license but I wasn't certain so I found out for sure through an official search engine:

Are YOU registered?


I have an almost four year old/first time trick-or-treater.  Which neighborhoods still hand out candy? 

When I was a kid, N.E. Portland was crackin'.  Streets were jammed with kids.  I don't see that anymore....  : (

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Michael Parkes Prints?

Does anyone know where I might be able to find prints or posters of Michael Parkes' artwork somewhere in the Portland Metro area?

Poster stores? Head shops? Mall shops? I could have sworn that there was a poster/framing place in the Washington Square Mall, but when I went the other day I found nothing.

I already have a gorgeous antique-gold frame, so I don't need framing services. I've just exhausted all of the West Side resources that came immediately to mind, so leads on any places I can wander over to or give a phone call to that would be a good bet would be awesome!

(Just in case, for the curious: http://www.theworldofmichaelparkes.com - Many contain partial female nudity, so may be NSFW. I miss being able to go to a local gallery and see his lithographs full size...)

Tradeshow! DBA celebrations of National Disability Awareness Month

DBA celebrations of National Disability Awareness Month.

Celebrating Community Impact 

(Portland, Oregon) DBA is celebrating National Disability Awareness month by hosting a mini-conference and tradeshow supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities in starting or growing their business in Oregon. As part of its annual economic impact review, DBA has helped support 94 entrepreneurs, 70% of the participants communicated an increase in knowledge of skills for running a business and 36% communicated a 5% improvement in their financial status in their first year of business operation.  


Percentage of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Increases!

According to the Department of Labor, the national census shows that people with disabilities have a higher rate of self-employment and small business experience than people without disabilities (12.2 percent of people with disabilities versus 7.8 percent of people without disabilities.) In addition, veterans with service-based disabilities that are choosing self-employment as an option are increasing according to Veterans Administration Counselor, Jonathan Berreth.  


October 22nd Mini-Conference and Tradeshow from 11 am – 1 pm

The DBA will be hosting a mini-conference and tradeshow to celebrate National Disability Awareness month. On October 22nd from 11 am – 1 pm the community will have the opportunity to mingle with other entrepreneurs showcasing their products and services. From 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Kedma Ough, DBA Director will be hosting a ‘Bartering Session’ at the AVITA training center. The bartering session is open to the community and will include a step-by-step process on bartering for goods and services to grow your business.


October 23nd Mini-Conference and Tradeshow from 4 pm – 6pm

The DBA will be hosting its second mini-conference and tradeshow to celebrate National Disability Awareness month. On October 23rd from 4 pm –6 pm the community will have the opportunity to mingle with other entrepreneurs showcasing their products and services. From 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Anne O’Malley, an attorney, will be discussing a ‘Breaking Through Barriers’ at the AVITA training center. The session is open to the community and will include discussion on breaking through barriers to starting and growing your business.


The event will be held at

AVITA Business Center

5257 NE MLK Suite 201

Portland, OR 97211

Phone Number (503) 998-9560  



About DBA

The (DBA) is a business association dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities starting or expanding their business. As a project of East County One Stop, the DBA provides business support including counseling, training and resources to support people with disabilities. Visit www.dbaoregon.org


(no subject)

Ok. Where has Photobooths? Bars in N and NE a Plus!

I already know about: Florida Room, Matador, Ace Hotel, Holocene, and Ground Kontrol.


ETA: Hungry Tiger Too and East End also do, right?
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Need some help with that?

Hey gang,

So money is super tight right now, and I know I'm not the only one who's having a hard time. I'm just looking to pick up a few bucks between today and next Tuesday. Anyone need help moving? A job around the house? Babysitting? Organizing stuff at work? Any crafty projects?

Many many thanks would be in your future if you could help out!

<3 to my DPers :)
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spinach noodles

On a lighter topic from national debt, un(der)employment, and politics...

Does anyone know a place (in SE?) that I can get spinach linguine? Not the fresh kind, but the hard kind that you have to break up. It can look like this, but this is really what I'm looking for. It's not at WinCo or Safeway. [EDIT: It's also not at Trader Joe's, New Seasons, or Frederick Meyer!]
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FNNLC: Neighborhoodie Query!

Inspired by the recent post about DPers and their neighborhoods....

Name five places or things that you like about your neighborhood. And...geaux! :)

Buckman neighborhood

1. Lone Fir Cemetery (it must be the Goth in me!)
2. The "vegan strip mall" on SE 12th and Stark (the treats at Sweetpea Baking Company has incredible pastries; in fact, the plethora of small-business shops along LoSt deserve an applause!)
3. Colonel Summers Park
4. the food cart lot on SE 12th and Hawthorne (yay for Potato Champion's pomme frites, with their assortment of vegetarian- and vegan-friendly sauces)!
5. The Eastbank Esplanade

[edit: For those out-of-town folks who are curious about moving to the Portland area (*drinks*), keep this post handy!]
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she blinded me with science!

MIBs among us?

Yesterday I saw a black Ford F350 with a tall black bed cap, dark tinted windows all around, and unmarked police-style hidden lights and sirens going somewhere in a big hurry on SE Powell. Do you think it belonged to a legitimate law enforcement agency, or are DHS terrorists on the warpath?
A gift for Lady Squid


I was hoping someone may have taken a good picture of yesterday evening's blootiful glorious rainbow!

Please post it if you did.. My friend took one on her cell phone, but it's not much good. Thanks!
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Finding my Scene

Hey Portlanders!

I'm moving to your location soon, and thankfully this is not one of those "where do I live? how do I find a job?" posts. Got all that covered. I'm looking for more information on the social scene. I'm looking for stuff primarily downtown, as that's where we'll be living, and near/on the PT since we'll be car-free.

1. Is there a paranormal society?

2. A good new age store/gathering place? Somewhere I can get a reading (palm/tarot/runes/etc.), maybe some reki and things along those lines?

3. What are some good activities to partake in? I don't drink, and don't much care for loud music (aka, no bars). I'm cool with things like comedy, jazz/blues, and more mellow clubs but am just not into the typical club atmosphere.

4. Is there a good natural store in the area? We have something called Earthfare here (Athens, Ga), which is not only food products but also natural soap and shampoo and toothpaste and stuff.

5. Is there a poly community in the area?

6. And, do you folks have a recommendation for an Aikdo martial arts studio?

I'm sure I'll have more later, but that should get me started. Oh! Maybe there is a local scene newspaper which would be an excellent resource? Like we have The Flagpole here. So if there is something like that in Portland, point it out and I'll be sure to reference there first. Thanks folks!
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Larch Mount
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Wedding Kimono?

My fiancee and I want to do a (Edit: fusion between the American / European and Japanese wedding ceremonies).

She wants to dress in a traditional Japanese wedding kimono.

Does anyone know of a place that rents a wedding kimono and provides someone to come to the wedding and assist in dressing the bride for the ceremony?
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do you like vintage clothing?

i used to sell vintage clothing out of my basement. however, i no longer have a basement from which to sell clothing from, so i've got a bunch of it up here on a blog! shoes! dresses! tops! skirts! etc! mostly for gals, mostly 40s-60s.

last chance vintage! you can also add me on myspace.

if you're a portlander, you can try stuff on, and don't have to pay postage. let me know if you're interested in an item, please. lastchancevintageATgmailDOTcom. i've got TONS of stuff i haven't had time to photograph/measure/etc but if you have any special requests, let me know and i'll tell you what i might have.