September 30th, 2008

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I know I just posted one of these

but I came up with another thing I would love to find. Has anyone seen custard apples in a produce section recently? I know when I was in Ecuador they were all like "we can't export them because they have to be eaten no later than 3 days after picking" but I have heard that sometimes you can find them stateside. They are soooooooo delicioussss!

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Morning Math Problem

Feel like working your brain this AM? Here's a math problem I received yesterday. Can you solve it?

5th Grade Math Problem

This is a 5th grade math problem. This is not a trick question. This is a real math problem so don't say that a bus has no legs & don't count a bus driver.

There are 7 girls in a bus.
Each girl has 7 backpacks.
In each backpack, there are 7 big cats.
For every big cat there are 7 little cats.

Question: How many legs are there in the bus?

Looking for a job?

I've been put in charge of the bookstore I've been working at for the past 6 months and I need to find a replacement for my old position.

I'm looking for someone that wants to work  Sunday, Monday and Friday. You'd be cleaning books on the weekends, pulling new orders and shipping on Monday and Friday. There is an opportunity to pick up extra hours doing inventory if you're available.

The business is located near Reed College in a residence. Pay is 10 bucks an hour with a raise after 60 days. Start date is October 15th. Pay dates are the 1st and the 15th.

I've posted this here first because I don't want the onslaught of responses that CL provides. I'm looking for someone that is trustworthy and who can work by themselves.

Please contact me at pearce.tori at gmail dot com

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Okay, DPers:

I just got a permanent job (finally) and that means I have dental/health/vision insurance. This also means that I can finally get my upper wisdom teeth taken out (they hurt!)

Any recommendations for dental surgeons? Someone who won't make me stay awake for the procedure but will knock me out and be understanding of my dentist phobia.

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My wife and I are fantasy home shopping for an eventual move to the Portland area.  (Meaning, looking at houses on even though we won't be ready to move for at least 2 years). We keep finding houses in our price range, with actual yards that we could run our dogs (and chickens?!) in, in HIllsboro.

What's the catch?
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tipping and porting

DEAR GOD you people know a lot. Can you help me with a couple questions?
I'm curious if people tip in these circumstances, and how much is appropriate:
- in a cab
- pizza/food delivery
- when someone brings your bags to your hotel room

I got a new phone and new cell service, but haven't ported my number yet or cancelled the old service because I can back out if I cancel the new service during the first month. When I port my number to the new service (ATT), does the old service (TMo) automatically cancel? Or am I assigned a new number until I affirmatively cancel? Once I port it over to the new service, can I assume I can port it back if I cancel the new service?
(Please note that I'm just trying to avoid being on hold for an hour to get these questions answered - just wondering what folks' experiences have been.)

3) MISC.
If 7 girls on a bus each have 7 backpacks, and each backpack holds 7 cats ... oh never mind.

Thanks, smarties.
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A Message from CosmicJohn

So, cosmicjohn-- a banned ex-member of this community --e-mailed me today to say that he's leaving town and requested to be unbanned to give a farewell message. Instead, I agreed to post his message for anyone who's interested in reading it. It's right under the cut, and no, it's not some memetastic and inflammatory image or essay.

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what just happened?

Remember, you can't have 'subteckst' without 'buttsecks.'

While I was waiting with my bike at the MAX station by the Rose Garden last night, a man came up to me - African-American, thirties, average height and build, reasonably well-groomed but poorly dressed - and asked me for "spare change." I dislike giving "spare change," out of fear of encouraging the drug trade, but I also dislike refusing to help. (We've had plenty of threads on this subject already; just deal with it.) So I offered to buy him something he needed, like a ticket. He said that he needed one for tomorrow, but the machines don't let you do that anymore (the ticket vending machines automatically validate tickets when you buy them now, limiting their useful life to two hours). Thanks, but no thanks. He wandered off.

It was the first time I'd taken my bike on the MAX. When the train came, I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to hang my bike up on the hook. As I was trying to wedge it in, the same man came up and pulled the front wheel onto the hook. I smiled thanks, and remained standing there, across from him.

After a few stops, this guy started for the door, and said to me, "I'm sorry I won't be spending the night with you." This made so little sense I could only come back with "...What?" (It bears mention that I'm a guy, not particularly attractive, and not, to my knowledge, especially gay-looking.) He repeated himself, walked away, and got off at the next stop.

All I can say about this is, it's interesting how each interaction colors interpretation of the ones preceding it.
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i know, we all hate labels, but...

we discussed an interesting thing im my class today. about how you define yourself. if there were a bunch of signs saying things like lesbian, gay, mother, father, christian, jew, man, woman, ect ect where would you put yourself.

so, how do you primarily define yourself?

another question, what is your definition of an american woman?

also, who do you think defines what the ideal woman is for the time period, men or women?
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Cheat Knits

DP Stitch N' Bitch

Hello DP Knitters, Crocheters and other Craftspeople!

I like to knit with some friends every Wednesday and we had been meeting at Abundant Yarn in Sellwood the past few months but we're going to try out different locations.

This Wednesday (tomorrow!) we will be at Muddy Waters in SE. I will be there around 7 and probably be staying until 10 and hopefully lay claim to the comfy couches. Bring knitting, crochet, embroidery or any other portable craft!
2908 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 233-1923
& Daggers!
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Ew, I'm ranting.

'Four George Fox University students confess to hanging Obama in effigy...whose names are not being released, have been suspended on a long-term basis and must complete community service.'

Had these been four students at a public high school (minors or not) or state university, their names and faces would be plastered all over local and regional news. But because this happened on the premises of a private university? They get a slap on the wrist, and they might have to pick up some trash or tutor some kids on the weekend.

And here I thought it was infuriating when the student body president of my university got away scott free after 1)stalking, 2) breaking into girls' rooms, and 3) stealing their underwear. Complete unadulterated sexual harassment that happened with multiple girls, on multiple occasions. From my understanding (and please, correct me if I'm off), if a crime is reported first to campus officials on the premises of a private university, the university is not obligated to release the names of the students, or even report the crime to officials unless someone is basically, uh, killed or victims of the crime press charges.

Considering it's a private religious school, community service work is part of the curriculum as it is, and the ban from attending classes is only valid for this particular university. Way to go, George Fox. That'll teach 'em.

Granite countertops

Has anyone had any experience with granite countertops from the IKEA at Cascade Station? Or from any IKEA for that matter? We're thinking of getting our kitchen counters done, and IKEA sells/installs it cheaper than Home Depot, but we're wondering if the savings shows in the quality of the product/work. Any good, bad, or otherwise interesting experiences? Or any suggestions for someone else that can do it for less and not suck?
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Any of you DPers do Portland Rock Gym? I think I need more climbing buddies, as the girl can't always go with me and climbing just isn't as good alone. Tonight? Anyone? Other such nights?
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(no subject)

A friend of mine has some puppies that she is looking for good homes for and I thought I'd post here to see if anyone might be interested.

  • Mom is pure chocolate lab, dad is pure collie.

  • There are 3 boys and 3 girls available. (Momma had TEN! WOAH!)

  • They are 9 weeks old, born 7-25-08.

  • They have had there first set of shots and deworming.

  • She is asking $150.00.

EDIT: Allow me to save the snarkers some time...

If you've ever seen my seething pro-animal posts in this community, you know exactly where I stand on animals being well taken care of. If you haven't seen them, let's just say I feel strongly about pet owners taking full responsibility for the welfare of their pets and making it a priority. That means providing healthcare, spaying/neutering, not leaving them in cars on a sweltering day, etc... However, tonight, I'm not here to debate the choices that ended up in this situation. I'm here to help my friend find good homes for her puppies. Thanks for reading! :)

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On roommates and moving

So, My wonderful roommates and I are parting ways, mostly at my choice of buying a house. Now, Tomorrow is their deadline to be out of the old house and out on their own, One of them has done a great job of getting their shit out and on the way. The other (who lost his job about 3 months ago) has been dragging his ASS the entire time, Most of his shit is still in his room at our old house and he's never been around to discuss. The other bit that makes this sticky is he owes me and my best friend collectively almost $500 as the result of small loans and a bounced rent check.

The question. What would you do if his stuff was not out of the apartment by tomorrow? I'm all for creative and borderline illegal, But what's my best legal or quasi-legal options here? We'd hold his security deposit back, but he never really paid into it.
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ISP Bandit

So I've been stealing internet for weeks but I want to play WoW again, so I need a reliable connection. Anyone have really good experiences with high speed internet providers in Portland? I had horrible experiences with Qwest prior so that's a no go. But I googled it and am not familiar with any of the names.
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Just back from the SciPub @ Mission Theater.

(If you were there, I was the one in front who, when someone asked "what is the purpose of geckos", quipped "making baby geckos")

Anyone have a gecko? Apparently the North Am native geckos don't stick to walls very well, and the Tokay breed from Singapore that Kellar studies are mean. As he put it, "They are more interested in revenge then escape," and then proceeded to amuse us with tales of a grad student being bitten in the 'nads.

Science Pub. For elitist intellectuals.

Anyway, we learned about van der Waal forces and that the critters stick due to week photon activity (not enough to actually emit light, but the same concept), and that 30 degrees is the magic angle for peeling a gecko setae-encrusted toe off the wall.

And the Westside Wheat was extremely light, but went well with my BLT.
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Race and Protest

So the thread by bliccy got me thinking of protesting and race. It's obvious the hanging Obama was not meant as a protest to any of Obama's stances on things, but someone did mention how would people have felt if it had been McCain's cutout that was hanged.

So I was wondering, if Obama is elected to office, will the more extreme methods of protest have to be changed (or looked at) due to the color of his skin? Admittedly, the image of a black man hanging from a tree is very offensive, but what about burning his image? I have friends who use the images of past presidents as material for protest artwork. Will there be undertones of racism in artwork like that should he be elected?

Obviously, there's going to be people out there that will hate him for his job and not his race. I'm just wondering if you all think there's going to be some uncertainty as to what and what is not appropriate if he is elected?