September 28th, 2008



hey, i live in vancouver, but of course can get to portland if need be. ive been wanting to try haggis. are there any places in the area that serves good haggis?

Studs and Suds Carwash - TODAY

 Alway​s wante​d to have your car washe​d by half-​naked​ hairy​ gay men? You know all that chest​ hair works​ great​ as a shamm​y!​!​

The Portl​and Siste​rs of Perpe​tual Indul​gence​ will be makin​g an appea​rance​ at:
 The Orego​n Bears​ Studs​ and Suds Car Wash

Sunda​y,​ Septe​mber 28th
Noon to 4pm @​Stark​ey'​s (2913 SE Stark St)
A benef​it for The HIV Day Cente​r run by Ecume​nical​ Minis​tries​ of Orego​n
Dunk tank featuring local GLBT "celebrities"
Tarot​ readi​ngs by Siste​r Kriss​y Ficti​on

You're dirty! Be cleansed!
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I'm going to be taking the train to Seattle tomorrow to visit my parents who are only in town for the day (Alaskan cruise), so I'll be returning at night. I've never ridden a "real" train before. Do I have to buy tickets in advance or can I just get them at the station? I know my morning arrival time but I'd like to not be set on an evening train so I can spend as much time with my parents as possible. Is this a chance I shouldn't take?

Really, Portland?

According to the Mac widget/accuweather, it is going to be 90+ degrees on Monday and Tuesday? It's October on Wednesday. OCTOBER...stop this heat now.

"Brought to you by people who moved here because we  like the rain & coolness."

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Hello Portland,

This summer I visited this beautiful city and left my boyfriend there to live. He hails from Florida, and is having trouble meeting similar-minded people. Are there any tips you could give him to help him make friends? He loves live music, cooking, writing, and also writes songs and the plays the guitar. He's pretty broke, but I told him he didn't need a lot of money to meet interesting people.

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you so much.


Cinnamon bears

Where can I go for some cinnamon bears? I swear this should not be this hard, I cannot find them at the grocery store aisle or convenience store. Bonus points for locations in Beaverton.

Also, how do I search DP for previous posts in case someone asked this question and got a great answer like a year ago or something?

New in town and so need a better job!

I need a job. Know anyone who's hiring?

Mostly I've done a ton of Serving and Bartending recently and would love to stay doing that but I've also spend time working as a shipping/Mail clerk, a file clerk and an office asst. At this point I'll take whatever I can get as long as it's in Portland. I accepted a job transfer down here but I'm having to drive into Wilsonville everyday from NE Portland and the commutes killing me....

Thanks guys for any leads! ;D
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