September 27th, 2008

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Closing streets at 6am?

Does anyone have any idea as to why people would be out at this ungodly hour in the morning on NW 3rd and NW Couch putting up barricades and fences? Is there some sort of event this morning that I missed a memo on?
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earlier we were talking about dentists, so now I have a question for you:
what dentists DO you recommend? i'm not limited by my insurance. my dentist i've been with all my life is 4 hours away now that i'm in portland, and that's not that practical.

as a side note, you get bonus points if they are in sw portland, tigard, or lake oswego :)
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I've moved in with several people who, despite my opposition, want to buy a goat. At this point the least I could do is research the fuck out of it to ensure the animal's health and comfort, or to find ample information to change their minds (at least one roomie is on the fence and would rather get chickens).

Does anyone have experience with goats in a non-farm environment? What are we looking at in terms of monthly cost and care? Any and all information would be helpful. This is a house full of college students, half of which already own animals. However I suppose they are up for building a hutch for it, so they feel some strong level of seriousness toward this responsibility. I'm still in doubt over their excitement once the novelty wears off and it becomes another job to do on top of schoolwork.

VW wheel bearing replacement today?

Hey all, trying to get all the kinks worked out on a 99 (old style) Jetta I bought a few weeks ago. Last major issue is the front driver's side wheel bearing. I haven't the tools or a place to do it myself, and the mechanic I've been going to is in Hillsboro and closed until Monday (BVA, and they rock).

I'm in N. Portland. This bearing is getting ridiculously loud and it could go any moment, tearing off my wheel and such.

Does anyone know where I could get this done today? If anyone here has the tools (metric sockets, torque wrench for 175Nm, etc)/space/time to do it, and has done a bearing before, I'll gladly pay $150 labor assuming we can track down the hub & bearing at a parts store. I'd like to go driving this weekend but I'm getting nervous about the whole safety thing.
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Circular crops

If you go to google maps and look up Hermiston, OR you will see all sorts of circular fields.

Can anyone explain to me why that is? I know nothing about farming, and I am fascinated by why they would have their crops in the form of circles. If you scroll out a little further from the initial zoom that google gives you, you can see that the circles are very popular in this area. It looks so weird to me.

Anyhow, I thought I would ask here to see if anyone knows.
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Anyone looking for........

An adorable kitten? He is 13 weeks old. Black with a couple spots of white on the chest and belly. He is already neutered. He is litter box trained and eats regular cat food. He is used to kids and our 55 pound husky. Asking for a re-homing fee of $20.

UPDATE!!!!! Looks like we have found a home for little Ed.

Also, selling our Canon Powershot S5 IS 8MP digital camera. Great camera! Takes beautiful pics. 12x/48x digital zoom. Takes unlimited video. Will include 4GB card, nice camera bag, tri-pod and new batteries. Bought the camera for about $400 earlier this year. Paid about $75 for all the extras. Asking $325 OBO.

Here is a couple of pics I took with the camera.


Nice items for sale:

My husband and I are moving across the country, so we're looking to sell some items. Maybe someone here will be interested!
Almost new leather sofa set plus glass coffee table
Samsung SyncMaster 997DF
MALM dressers and a LACK coffee table from Ikea

We're looking to sell all of this stuff quickly, so if you want to make an offer, maybe we can negotiate.

Oregonian to distribute anti-Islamic DVD tomorrow

Hey there. In case you haven't heard, the Oregonian is planning to release that anti-Muslim DVD with tomorrow's newspaper; from what others are saying about this DVD it is a "fact-finding"-type thing disguised as an educational DVD about Muslims. Why the hell something like this would even be released as "educational" is beyond me, but apparently it's pretty damaging and has been condemned by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Below is an article about it. The Oregonian comment line is 503-276-7270; you can call and leave a <60 second message about why you (hopefully) believe that this kind of thing doesn't have a place being distributed by a newspaper.

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Experience with not-through-employer health insurance?

My job offers a very comprehensive plan at just under $200 a month, pre-tax. I don't get sick, go in for annual exams, bear children, or take prescription drugs, so 99% of what I'd be paying for there I would never use. But I do have dangerous hobbies, so I want to have some kind of insurance that will cover me if I break an arm or twist a knee off or something like that. Google has found me a lot of options that cost a lot less and cover a lot less, which is what I want. They all seem pretty much the same and pretty much evil, and they all claim to be the best. Anyone have personal experience/stories/advice?

Taking items left/abandoned outside Goodwill

Okay I know I'm about to open up a can of worms here...

So in California although it was illegal to leave/dump items at a Goodwill or other charity thrift shop, it was however NOT illegal to browse through said items and take what you wanted after hours.

What are the local laws around here? I am sure many of you are no stranger to this. And yes I know it is terrible to take things from charity yada yada yada. I have a friend who used to do this in LA and I won't deny-it sounds like it might be fun. So yeah just wondering.

Now that the can of worms is opened.....GO!
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Result Of The Poll I Posted Last Night

Last night I posted a poll for assistance in deciding what to paint.

Posting the painting poll in both my private journal and the local blog, I got many replies and the replies varied over the 15 minute alotment with strong requests for the stripper holding a tampon and the t rex and a few others. During the 15 minutes the stripper won. Several people commented that I should combine these ideas so in the end, that is what I did.

Mind you, I never said what the stripper was holding the tampon with, so when I present this idea please respect my creative interpretation of a stripper holding a tampon and ripping flesh off her face. I had intended to put the dino in but for some reason he just never came into sight.

I'm putting the image behind a cut so that anyone not wishing to see a stripper holding a tampon will not have to. Also, you can vote on her name at my journal.

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one more recommendation question

My husband and I are seeking a new Primary Care Physician. We live in Inner SE and work Downtown. I tried, craigslist and started googling people on the provider directory to no luck.

We do not need anything special. Pretty much a family practice center or something like that. We are healthy people who need physicals and some shots. (i just had a newborn and need some vaccines done to protect her.)

We would like Inner SE, Downtown on Pearl/Inner NW. Our newborn's pediatrician and my OB are in the Good Samaritan Campus so bonus points for that.


I am looking for a Chiropractor. I just gave birth and realized that my body is in serious need of help. Our insurance covers up to 12 manipulations a year plus xrays and initial visit so I would like to take advantage of that as well. Same rules apply. Inner SE, Downtown, Inner NW/Pearl are ideal!

Thanks in advance.

PS. I did check the DP history but after skipping back 200 entries I needed to go breastfeed and was too tired to continue to look once I came back :)
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questions on eviction? or causing an eviction?

I've googled and hunted through the tags but I've hit a bit of a brick wall so I'm turning to you for help.

my current room mate decided on a whim to kick my three other room mates and I out. long story short, I want to see if I can get him evicted from the house as well. I'll put the rest of the details under a cut.

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woo, sorry, I did rant a little bit in there, but it's all necessary I swear!!

I'd go to a bookstore and spend a couple hours reading over things but most of my time is being used for packing/frantic apartment hunting/extreme budgeting. thanks in advance you guys, I'm so glad this community exists!!

edit: my bad, I thought I made it clearer that me being kicked out isn't the issue, trust me, moving out was very high on the to-do list before this happened...
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Friendly confines?

I know that the post-season schedule is still TBD for the National League, but I'm wondering if there are any designated Cubs-viewing establishments in Portland? Hubby and I usually watch them at home, but since this IS the year, I'd love to watch some of the playoffs surrounded by other Cubs fans. Selling our first-born to get tickets at Wrigley isn't an option, so I'm looking closer to home. Anyone know of such a place?
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I just saw "Daughters" by Public Playhouse, at Coho Theatre. It was FANTASTIC. I was surprised and dismayed that the house wasn't even half-full.

Pulled from the website (

By John Morgan Evans

Directed By
Dustin Milberg

In this beautifully-written, heartfelt comedy, four generations of Italian-American women gather in the kitchen of the DiAngelo's Brooklyn home to deal with life, death, and cannelloni, while the dying family patriarch is in the bedroom listening to Italian opera. Warm and funny, Daughters is one of the best-written family plays of the last few years, with five incredibly rich and clever roles for women.

This comedy contains some adult language.

There are only four shows left--Sunday (tomorrow), and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of next weekend. Go see it while you still can!