September 26th, 2008

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hot tights and Oregon love

Does anyone know where I might find these things (locally):

1. Old-fashioned nylons with the seam up the back--you know, the super classy (and hot!) kind?

2. An Oregon-with-a-green-heart-in-the-middle sticker in the smaller size? I know plenty of places that sell the regular-sized one, but I've only seen the smaller ones online.

Thank youuuuuu!
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My Portland-ing days seem like they're coming to a close within a year or so, and grad school or no grad school I'm definitely on the look-out for other cities to live in or at least check out. Any of you world-weary DPers want to point me to a great one?

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Thanks DPers!

Cider Squeeze!

Cider Squeeze and Harvest Festival at the Philip Foster Farm

September 27, 2008 from 10-4pm.

Bring your own apples and press your own cider! Or try some of ours.

Fresh cider, apple pie & ice cream, fall harvest vegetables, pumpkins, vendors, exhibits, blacksmith, carriage rides, games & activities for kids. Fun for one and all.

Located at 29912 SE Highway 211 in Eagle Creek, Oregon, the Philip Foster Farm is open 7 days a week, 11am - 4pm mid June through Labor Day, weekends only in September.

For more information check our website or contact us at (503) 637-3229

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Portlanders: I'm having trouble finding used homebrewing equipment: I'm looking to purchase all sorts (racking canes! sparging tools!), but especially a few 5gl corny (cornelius) kegs, a CO2 tank, and a gas regulator. Those three new would cost about $250 (ouch). If anyone has any local brewers tired of their equipment, please let me know. Otherwise I'll keep calling these restaurant supply stores and scouring craigslist. Thanks.

Heating Oil

Our new rental has oil heat, never dealt with it before. I've been looking online for places that deliver, but I guess I'm not using the right search words, because nothing is coming up.
Does anyone on here use oil? What company do you use?
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Financial Consultant?


My partner and I are looking for someone to help us figure out how best to navigate some financial issues. Specifically, we are looking for help on how to disburse part (not all) of a 401K. Does anyone have any recommendations for a finacial consultant who could provide us with some expert advice?

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where can I find...

My bike commute needs more caffeine, and I need a mug with an airtight screw-on lid so my tea doesn't spill when I go over a bump. Where can I get a mug like this?

Free Image Hosting at

I've looked at REI, New Seasons and Whole Foods, no luck... Would a bike shop have these? Alternatively, if you bike with a tasty hot beverage, what container do you recommend?

graphic design grad school interest..

Hello DP!!

I've been looking around for awhile for a grad school that focuses on broadcast design, (motion graphics etc..) art direction, and/or experimental videography (live projections for shows, etc).. Does anyone have any suggestions on schools in Portland (or anywhere else) that may offer something like this? My preference is to find somewhere in Portland, but am definitely open to others if you've heard of better options..

iPhone users! Data usage question.

Please go get your last few bills from AT&T and tell me how many KB in data you used in one month of average use.

Did you get the almost-$100-a-month data plan? Did you get the cheapo plan? How's that workin' out?

I'm thinking about getting an iPhone but I want to know how bad I'll get killed if I cheap out on the data plan. I am an "average" user, I probably won't be DLing any large content over the 3G connection. I just really don't know what kind of data rates regular web sites/services eat up in the iPhone realm.

Thanks and TGIF to you! :)
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used car dealers?

Anyone know of any decent used car dealers that have cars for under $4,000 preferably in the SE? I see there are a ton on 82nd, but most of them look pretty sketch.
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Volunteer... or are you just hungry!

Tomorrow is the harvesting party. If you are low income then you know how hard it is to buy fresh produce, your money may come in spurts and you have to make what you buy have shelf life or you are just thinking a ramen will survive you til you finish grad school :::shrugs:::

You can help the oregon food banks by harvesting the fruit AND you can feed yourself with some fresh food from your own backyard the Portland Metro Area!!!! YAY!!! This is so exciting!

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We have a friend visiting who wants to go out for sushi tonight, but we're still pretty new to Portland ourselves, so we don't know where the good places are yet.

So, where do you DamnPortlanders go to get your sushi? Preferably on the west side so we can walk, but if there's something really amazing out on the east side, I'll be willing to drive for it.

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Free Box Spring-Thing

Hey Guys.

I have a queen-sized box spring/bed base from Ikea that needs a new home. It's made of wood, covered in white canvas (with a small dye stain on one side that was there when i bought it) and has wooden legs... doesn't need a frame. I've had it for less than a year, so it's in great shape... I just can't fit it up the stairs of my new place. Though it's a "box spring," I can't actually remember if it has any springs, or if it's just wood; in any case, it did a nice job of supporting the Ikea foam mattress that I had. And it's FREE! Free, free, free. I don't have time to sell it, but I bet you could.

If you want it, you gotta come get it and haul it yourself -- it's up in N. Portland. I need it gone by Tuesday! If you're interested, e-mail me at kakaaw at gmail. I'm currently in Chicago (SEEING MY BLOODY VALENTINE, YES!) but I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

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SR-22 question

So, I got nailed for driving without insurance when I was hit. I got a nice ticket and now my license is supposed to be revoked. I was told when I called DMV that I have to get an SR-22 even if I don't have a vehicle and that I have to pay for it for three years. After a year of paying for it I will get my license back.

Am I correct in assuming that an SR-22 is simply a voucher that says 'I can haz insurance plz?'. I get the impression that this money does not go to the state. I was told that if I don't get the SR-22 that my license will be suspended for four years total but the woman at the DMV wasn't doing a good job of explaining anything.

Is there any one in this community that either has personal experience with this or is of the legal eagle persuasion that can clarify this crap for me? I really don't care if they don't give me my license for four years since I can't afford a car right now and want to start riding a bike everywhere.
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Bike questions from Mr. Posty McPosterton

This after noon is apparently my time to post.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am wanting to start biking every where. I am feeling farily clueless though about what I should be looking for.

I am 6'2" in stocking feet and around 350 lbs. I have tried biking in the past and stopped quickly because the bikes had me hunched over and screwed with my back something fierce. They also made my taint weep and Capt. Peener numb in a bad way. What type of bike and seat should I be looking for to keep these problems at a minimum.

I know I *really* want a recumbent bike but, as it is, I will most likely need to be scrounging up free parts from Craigs List and building any bike myself due to having a case of the about-to-be-unemployed's. Recumbents that I have seen run in the lots o' hundreds so would be out of the question for now.

So, any ideas and opinions from you bike folks? You have a novice biker here that is ready and willing to join the ranks.

Any suggestions on friendly inexpensive bike shops? I am in St. Johns but I own a bus pass.

Damn bunkbed

Hey DP,

I recently had to move, and this also required moving my old bunk bed out of the storage unit it was in. I've got no room for it, and no need for it. It's HUGE and comes with built in drawers for clothes/whatever, and the headboards have built in mini-bookcases. It's a Super-Twin, and was hand-made by some guy up in WA, who built cabinets and children's play forts for a living. So it's pretty sturdy and made of solid wood.I'm asking OBO, I want it out of here asap, so I can take it out of the storage closet under the stairs.

I don't have any pictures of it sadly, but it's large and you'd need a truck to move it. (I'm talking a pickup, not u-haul or something) I may also be willing to take a trade, depending on what you've got to offer. You can either reply to this, or shoot me an email at

Come take this damn bunkbed out of my damn closet! :)

(no subject)

alright damnportlanders, what the hell is this green stuff? all the buildings/lots on my building's block have been torn down, and after grading the hell out of the site for days, today they've sprayed a thick layer of this green stuff everywhere. any ideas? should i keep my window closed for a week?

Willamette Dental

Anyone use it? How nice are the dentists? Anyone with bad teeth use it? Are there clinics that are better than others? Specific dentists (not sure if they allow this, but...)?
I just got a new job and my dental insurance basically uses them exclusively. Its going to be the first time in ten years I've had dental, and to be honest, it shows. So Just want to be prepared.

debate wank...

Didn't think they were particularly decisive in any way...

They both seemed so calm and removed. And the same. More troops for Afghanistan, etc... where were the striking differences?

Furthermore, do you think that McCain's continual references to Obama's 'lack of understanding' is going to work as an embedded undertone to the American viewer?

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Tonight I'm painting something random for the Hell of it. What should I paint? You have 15 minutes to vote.

a tyranosaurus rex
a bear
a rose
my extremely creepy black cat
a hand pulling flesh off a face
a soldier
a stripper holding a tampon
a crackhead
a dripping clock
a dead bird
a naked punk chick in boots
a demon with sexy tits
a sinking ship with an evil sexy mermaid rising over it
lots and lots and lots and lots of eyeballs
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