September 25th, 2008


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Hey, Portland....can we do something like this soon???


Pirates VS Ninjas Flash Mob Info

Pick your side and prepare for combat!

Meeting Time: 4:50 PM, Friday, October 31, 2008... Mob STARTS at precisely 5:00 PM

Where: Pirates meet at the corner of St. Peter St. and Chartres St. or Pirates Alley. Ninjas meet at the corner of St. Ann St. and Chartres or Pere Antoine Alley.

What: When St. Louis Cathedral clock bell strikes 5:00, Pirates and Ninjas should run to meet directly in front of St. Louis Cathedral and the back of Jackson Square. All Pirates and Ninjas will "pretend" to fight for exactly two minutes.... at the end of two minutes ALL Pirates AND Ninjas should be dead! An air horn will sound at exactly 5:02 PM and ALL Pirates and Ninjas will disburse immediately.

Other: Fight will be filmed and put up on youtube... if you don't want to be identified later, wear a mask or cover your face. Do NOT interact or interfere with camera crew.

Disclaimer: Please do NOT bring any real weapons or anything that could potentially hurt someone or get you arrested. We want to have fun and pretend to fight. Do NOT actually hit ANYONE with ANYTHING (including your fist).

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I'm not sure if any of you know this off the top of your head, but has Veganopolis closed down? My friend is in from out of town and we had planned to meet up there for lunch today, so I went to check today's specials and saw this:

Thank You. What a great food party it was-3 years 9 months.

On to more Veganopolis Cafeteria locations and the cookbook Spring/ Summer 2009
Fun facts from our database
Total Meal tickets 154,771 Served
Lunch Buffet tickets 16,256
Soup Bowl 15,069
Spelt C Chip Cookies 14,028
+ approx 2 sampled per day
The Vegan Reuben 7,078
The Mediterranean 6,462
Democracy Burger 5,984
Muffins 6,856
All animal kind/cruelty free meals!
6 Days a week 9-5

.. instead of the specials. Am I crazy or does it sound like they've closed?
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mellamoestrella  pointed this Craigslist gem and I felt like sharing it.

rent your insured automatic car tomorrow 9/24/08

need car for drivers test tomorrow at noon pay 15$ and gas money 2hr minum.
call a.s.a.p. {number removed}
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: 15 an hhou 2 hr. min. plus gas 10$

What a fantastic deal! WHAT COULD GO WRONG!
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Looking for a bit of music

Last night at Embers, I heard this awesome song, but since it didn't have any lyrics, I have no way to find out what it is. (Asking the DJ only occurred to me after leaving. *headdesk*) Anyway, it kinda sounded like bagpipes but with a definite techno/industrial beat. Anyone know what it was?

Thanks in advance!

*Also, there were no lyrics.

Thank you to everyone! It was Corvus Corax "Filii Neihardi" as someone replied. Thank you!
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because you haven't steered me wrong yet.

I'm tired of freaking out almost every day due to the spiders that find their way into my place. And since I'm not going to just "get over it"... I'm wondering have any of you used Hedgeballs with any luck? Most of the websites I've looked at say they keep bugs away, but I've heard they'll repel spiders too.

Also, I know "they" say keep bugs away and you'll keep the spiders away... but I haven't seen a single bug in here in months... but deal with fairly large spiders all the time. Any other suggestions on keeping them away?

Note: Our house is clean... so suggests like "wash your dishes" really won't be of any assistance. Feel free to waste your time though. :)

Oh, and for those of you who commented on my "should I bring a cheat sheet to my interview" post last week... thank you! I <3 you DP.

U.S. invades Poland!

Er... Pakistan. Looks like Bush couldn't resist starting one more war before he leaves office.

Two weeks ago: The Leader approves the invasion of yet another former ally. Pakistan, as you may recall, was one of our strongest allies in the War on Terruh.

Twelve days ago: Pakistan responds by ordering its troops to fire on any U.S. forces crossing its borders.

One week ago: Unconfirmed rumors circulate about several U.S. incursions into Pakistan resulting in exchanges of fire.

One hour ago: A U.S. military spokesman confirms Pakistani troops fired on American forces inside Pakistan.

Oh, and there's one other minor detail you may have forgotten: Pakistan has nukes. They may not have a delivery system that threatens the continental U.S., but if we push them into an alliance with Russia, they might as well. They could also provide nuclear weapons expertise to less stable nations, or even directly to terrorists.

Bush is an absolute madman. He's proven that he's no lame duck; he can still make things worse. We need to get impeachment back on the table, or start looking at other alternatives to remove him or his influence over us. We need to send a strong message to the candidates that we will accept nothing less than a 180° reversal of Bush's foreign policy.

fat fancy!

Your underground plus size clothing boutique is open this weekend!

Saturday, the 27th, as well as SUNDAY, the 28th.

12 – 5pm

We put out a lot of hott new items to get you ready for Fall...

AS WELL AS.... new merch and SEXY PLUS SIZE SPANDEX handcrafted by Leslie Hall of Leslie and the LY's
Spandex is really in right now, and difficult to find in beautiful big sizes. Not only is this stuff amaaaaazing, but it's hand-sewn (while watching Judge Shows, nonetheless) by an amazing artist! It's purchase finds you looking and feeling gooood and on top of the fashion game, as well as supporting an amazing artist and your very own Fat Fancy!

We're raising money to open a retail storefront and having as much fun as possible while we're at it!

This party is for you!

Come be a part of the FAT FASHION REVOLUTION!

This weekend @ 834 NE Emerson (map)

Wishing you a flabulous week!

Fat Fancy!
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i think this needs some snark...

Angry letter to the city from a good Portlander.

And it's open for comments... I am curious if anyone is on her side? If you leave her car sitting on NW 23rd for 2 weeks and have a permit, should you not be ticketed? (The registration tags seems to be another issue. Maybe.) I don't own a car -- or have a driver's license -- so I'm really not one to judge... except snarkily...
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Looking for Web Developers / Adobe Flash/Photoshop developers

I am looking for someone with Adobe Flash/Photoshop knowledge... I am in the portland area... I have many projects that need to be completed.

Also any web developers, I am looking for Facebook/Opensocial api application suites written...

Local boss, local pay, local fun ;) looking to start projects asap!

Contact either by phone 503 757 9752 eaven at dubtea dot com  aim: spite42o | spiteberry
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JPMorgan to buy Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual, the country's largest thrift - hard hit by the housing meltdown - is to be acquired by JPMorgan Chase, Wall Street Journal reports.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is close to a deal to acquire most of the operations of beleaguered thrift Washington Mutual Inc., according to a report Thursday in the Wall Street Journal. JPMorgan (JPM, Fortune 500) has scheduled an investors conference call for 9:15 p.m. ET. Federal regulators have helped broker the deal, the Journal reported. Calls to JPMorgan and Washington Mutual seeking comment were not immediately returned. The FDIC declined to comment. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has taken over 12 banks so far this year.

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Free Music FTW

Hey everyone here at DP!

Come down to The Vertigo on 43rd & Hawthorne TONIGHT @ 9pm. My really good friend and awesome musician Kimberley Viik is playing a FREE show. Why not since it's free? :)

I hope to see some of you there. If you like good acoustic guitar and piano than you will have a good time tonight.
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Any other guys collect dolls?

Any DP'ers collect 3 3/4" Gi Joe/Cobra figures? I'm having a hard time tracking down the latest waves...I "collect", ie buy then open, almost exclusively Cobra figures, and all I see at Fred's & Target are 12 Wild Bills. Which screams to me that I'm not the only collector around here. Any less-picked over stores I should hit up? I just want to army-build so I can make cool Cobra parade dioramas.
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free mattresses

I have two mattresses I want to give away -- do any of you need a mattress?

1) Overstuffed queen futon, very comfortable. Has tea-colored stain on it, which was there when my mom bought it. Could be very nice bed or couch.

2) King mattress, no box springs. Maybe it would be better w/box springs, but anyway, maybe it could be like a playing-videogames-in-the-basement mattress.

If you respond fast and live in a fairly central location I might be able to bring them to you with a truck.
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Used Taekwondo gear

My seven year old is testing for her orange belt tomorrow.  She's very excited.  Once she earns her orange belt she'll need sparing gear.  The sparing gear costs $320 (gag, gasp!).  Any leads on where I can get it used in Portland?
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reminder software

so i have a pretty bad memory and i'm currently using my outlook at work to remember important things, but some things fall on a weekend and i don't have or want outlook at home and the writing on my hand always washes off too soon.

so. what software exists for the purpose of reminding oneself of things? i'd prefer something that doesn't use a lot of memory or have a lot of extra features. i just want reminders to pop up on my computer every so often. do you have something you use for this that you can recommend?