September 24th, 2008

house in the sky

700 billion dollars!?!?!?

That's enough to pay the ransom on 7 Dr. Evil schemes! I'd be outraged, but to tell you the truth, despite all of the youtube videos I've watched and op eds I've read, I can't say I really understand this problem. I've never paid attention to finance issues before ('cause I never have enough money to care.) Could someone put this issue in terms that make sense?

I have a sense that there's something underhanded going on. It's probably something I ought to call my representative about. But first, I think I need a crash course.
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Hey again guys,

I'm wondering if any of you know if the Deaf and Hearing Outreach organization is still active? I read their blog, which looks like it hasn't been updated in a while, and an e-mail I sent was returned to me. Just wondering.

In any case, if there are (or you happen to know of) any deaf or hard of hearing folks out there who wouldn't mind meeting up for a chat (one time or regularly) with a beginner (REALLY beginner) signer, let me know! I'm not opposed to hearing folks who are very fluent, but I'd be more tempted to just speak aloud. Just someone with a little patience to grab coffee or a drink with who could help me maintain the little bit of asl I learned recently!

Thanks y'all.

Box spring woes.

So, upon moving into my new space, I found that my queen size box spring did not fit down the narrow staircase to my new basement room. And the whole mattress on the floor thing isn't really cutting it for me. Have any of you found yourselves in this situation? Is there a place to buy one that I can assemble down here? Suggestions?
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Debates and a Bar

I know there was a post yesterday asking what bars were showing the debate Friday night. I have searched and searched. It has disappeared. The early comments said Kelly's Olympian. Were there other bars?

Thanks for the help/memory.

Bug Identification

Saw two of the same bug in as many days (it could be the same one), that we cannot identify.
It looks KINDA like this:

(That's a termite)
It was about two inches long (the cats, who are bug hunters, wouldn't go near it), and the body was flatter, the head was flatter and wider. It also had a stinger on it's back end that it cocked. I wish I took a picture, but I was more concerned with killing it.
I have zero idea how to search for it.

Broken Computer Monitors

I have two broken computer monitors taking up space on my porch.

Is there a company I can contact who'll haul them away for a reasonable fee?

EDIT: These monitors need to be picked up, which is why I'm willing to pay since I don't have a car large enough to haul 'em off.

Independent Tuesday reborn at the someday lounge!

Someday Lounge
"IT" —8pm, FREE!

Tired of working hard making a video, posting it on youtube only to have some 12 year old call you "gay"? Then Independent Tuesday is the place for you! For almost 6 years, it. night has been Portland's premiere monthly handmade film festival.

Each month, a theme is given and local filmmakers make a short film (10 minute max please!!) Then, on the last Tuesday of every month at the Someday Lounge, we screen those films along with anything else people bring in (well...almost anything, we won't show a video of that time your dog thought he was people). Films on theme will be played first and we will accept films on MiniDV, DVD and VHS formats.

September 30th's theme will be: HEIST. Free to submit and Free to watch. 21+

do you work in a call center?

If so, and say your company's 3-4 hour long holiday party was being held onsite at your offices, what kind of entertainment would be fun for you and your coworkers, and would also fit in with the office venue?  A band? Casino?  Rock Band or DDR competition? 

thanks in advance for letting me pick your brains, DPers!

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Halloween Bazaar?

Is anyone planning on going to the Portland Halloween Bazaar this Saturday? I LOVE Halloween so I am going to be there for sure!! I'm just trying to figure out what costume pieces I can wear. Not sure if I want to go ALL out, or just an accessory or two. Hehe.

If anyone else is going to stop in, I'd be game to meet up with other DP'ers.

Here is the MySpace page if anyone is curious.
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Weekend camping?

Hello all,

The boyfriend and I were hoping to get in a last mostly cheap camping/hiking/cheap-hotel-by-something-outside-maybe-with-some-sun hurrah this weekend but being new to the area we're looking for recommendations.

Difficulty level: we've got a dog that we have to bring with us.