September 23rd, 2008

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foreign language websites recommendations

Hey DP-

I work with people in a way that requires effective communication, which is difficult for me,  with non-English speakers.  While I'd love to have the time to master a few foreign languages, I'd be happy learning 10 key phrases to get me by in the meantime.  I'm specifically looking for Vietnamese and Russian. 

Do you have websites to recommend?  I'm definitely looking for something with phonetic spellings as well, as I don't read these languages either. 

Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest.. 
me as harley


I'm looking for a place (in Portland, not online) to buy some shoes. ...I don't know what they're called.

They're those cheap, soft, cottony mary jane karate type shoes. You know, those ones? They usually come in black, sometimes red and other colors, have white interiors, a little buckle clasp.

Oh look, I found a picture, by googling "mary jane karate". I didn't think that would actually work...

These! Where can I get these here? Or...something very similar. Cheap, cottony, thing. I need to be able to sew shit onto them.


Hello, Mr.Zebra

Too bad the burial was premature she said and smiled~





Okay so my insurance with the original evil corporation(Kaiser) kicks in on October 1st. I haven't had a doctor since I was 18. This is nuts! I was wondering what your experiences with Kaiser have been like? I work for the Red Lion Hotel and I think it's a good plan. It's company paid. Does Kaiser by chance have therapists I can go to? I mean to say would I be able to go to some therapists(not college training ones for once) and get a cheapened rate because I am insured? Also anyone have experience with the Interstate location. That's where I'll be going. All in all Dannybear is very happy to have insurance for once. Fuck. I almost cried reading the booklets and stuff telling me what doctors I could see. It's like being admitted into a whole different world when I struggled to got Outside In for so many years. No longer together on the egde.

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Game console RPG

So, does anyone know of a really good, in-depth, RPG for either the original XBOX or PS2?

One player is fine with me...

Fantasy or Sci-fi is ok with me...I don't know the story lines to any of the FINAL FANTASY except the original for the NES...

Point me in the right direction.

(Can't reply back as I'll be at work...thanks in advance)


Cell phone etiquette

So I just recently got into a debate with a friend about cell phone use. I was in town for a night to visit him and we were out at a bar having drinks when he got a call. He answered, then went outside and chatted for 15 minutes while I sat in the bar by myself. We got into a huge fight about it afterward and he maintains that it not only wasnt rude but that if I ever hang out with him again I should expect that he'd do it again. He also said that anyone else, or at least any of his friends, wouldnt have had a problem with it.

Can I be the only one who thinks that's inconsiderate? What do you think DPers - is it rude to answer or talk on your cell phone when you're out with a friend??
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Another job hunting post

Okay, I hate to post this here because I know I see other people posting from time to time, BUT I'm at a point of desperation... I have to pay rent at the end of the month.

I need a job. Right now I'm not picky. I need a job ASAP. Any leads on on anything - temp agencies that can hook you up right away, anyplace that I get started as soon as possible.

The ironic thing is that I am actually pretty skilled. I have years of office and customer service experience. I am 80% through a masters degree. But times are tough right now.

So I know people post all the time. But any suggestions/leads are appreciated...
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Hello, I just moved to Portland, which makes these questions probably seem really dumb to you, but what the hell am I supposed to do with empty beer bottles and pop cans? Do I wait in line behind the lady with the two shopping carts full of containers at the one reverse vending machine that is currently working at the Fred Meyer, or is the redemption value supposed to be so inconsequential to me that I just put them out with my curbside recycling? Also, my building doesn't have composting, should I feel bad throwing food waste in the garbage? Finally, besides "Mt. Tabor" and "Couch," what else am I mispronouncing? A thousand thank yous from a reformed Seattleite.

Call for curry powder?

Can anyone suggest somewhere local where I can buy some really good curry powder? I've tried various brands that the regular grocery stores carry but am always disappointed by the lack of flavor (despite being generous with teh serving).  When I make curried eggs or curried rice and sausages it'd be nice to actually be able to taste the curry for once. :o)
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(no subject)

is anyone else having issues with photobucket tonight? even using code that they generated, i'm still getting little place-holder icons instead of pictures... please tell me it's photobucket's fault and all will be right in the world tomorrow!

portland-related because it's not.
bruce lee
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Got performing skills?

HAY PORTLAND :O I know at least some of y'all have talent of the visual variety, so:

Photoshoot happening This Saturday, in the late afternoon/early evening. We're shooting a circus theme, of sorts, but it'll be more moody, dark, and generally cool-looking. What we need is some rad extras with performance skills! Do you dabble in fire dancing, juggling, stilt-walking? Perhaps some acrobatics, ballet, or freakish feats of flexibility? If it looks cool on camera, we can probably work with it!

What's in it for you?
--Cool pictures of yourself performing!
--Probably some dinner. Most likely pizza, but we'll at least get the good stuff.
--The chance to work with some hot fashion models? Y'know, if you're into that sort of thing.

We shouldn't be shooting much past dusk, so you'll be done early enough for any drunken debauchery you may already have planned.

Takers? Comment here, or hit me up at (batskeets at gmail dot com).

WebMD...for animals?

It looks like my kitty just got hit by a car. :-(

She came home and seems to be doing okay except for a few spots of road rash on her mouth. She can walk fine and doesn't appear to have any sort of internal injury...but I'm worried sick.

The unfortunate thing is that my husband and I just moved to a town in Eastern Oregon with a population of <450 so there are no 24hr vets...however, I do plan on getting her in to the nearest vet ASAP in the morning. In the meantime, do you know of any online place I can search for information on what I can do? 
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the chapel pub

i just went tonite. anyone else ever been? the beer was ok, but a bit flat and bland and the food was overpriced and -again- bland. i liked the environment though and the service was pretty good. i felt like i should have been there with my dad while he smoked one occasional cigars and made stupid jokes after drinking too much gin... and it didn't feel complete without there being a golf course somewhere nearby (or attached), but i still liked it.