September 22nd, 2008



I seem to recall someone posting here about wanting to find pelmeni... I had the most delicious fresh pelmeni I've ever eaten at the Vancouver, WA farmer's market! They come in a chicken broth, with sour cream and fresh minced dill and chive on top. The chicken broth must be homemade because it's superb. I'm going back next weekend to get more, and try their other stuff too! They have stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, and shashlik (meat on a stick) and salad. Look for the booth that has a sign reading "International Cuisine" or "International Food". The people are from Uzbeckistan.

Disclaimer: I don't know them or work for them etc. etc.
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little blue dog

all about the hamiltons baby

Hey Portland,

Do you spend money? Well me too. More than I should, probably, but I want to get some perks for what I do spend, and getting free stuff for spending money is just one of the reasons that makes this country so damn awesome.

So tell me what you know of debit or credit card rewards programs? Specifically, which one(s) do you use, and what kind of freebies do you get?

Seriously, I am way behind in this. I've never had a frequent flyer account or card (I just don't fly that much), and once had a Discover card, but nothing other than that.

Ideally I'd like to find a credit card that I can make a lot of my purchases with, and have my choice of what kind of benefits I get (e.g. airline miles, cash rebates, merchandise discounts, etc.), but I don't know where to start.

Thanks peeps.

Wii Modification

So I got a Wii.....where can I get it modded in Portland? I did some googling and it got me nowhere, so personal recs would be great if possible. I don't want to brick my Wii.


(no subject)

Anyone know off the top of their head where I can buy good palm sugar in Portland? I'm looking for it in a tube or in small discs (er, short cylinders?)

I had some a few months ago that was brought back from Thailand and I've been thinking about it ever since.

I see that

Laptop Charger?

Good afternoon.
My laptop charger died on me the other day. Does anyone have a spare sitting around that they can sell me? It's for a Dell XPS M140. I'm checking craigslist and other online places, but I thought I'd check here, too.


A dilemma

I just bought a bike from Craigslist that seemed just fine when I test rode it... but when I tried riding it to work this morning, the gears jammed and I flew off. When I took a look at it, it turns out that the back wheel wasn't even screwed on and couldn't really be, as the axle appears to be bent at an odd angle. I want to call and ask for my money back. Does that seem unreasonable? I'm going into what will be a very stressful and difficult year of college and I wanted a bike that was already in working order, and it was sold to me as a bike with nothing wrong with it. The woman I bought it from was a nice older lady and I don't want to be rude, but if she refuses to refund my money what are my legal rights on this matter? Do I have any, since nothing was signed?
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Look up

Window Repair

Hey guys,

I accidentally broke one of my windows last night, and searching online for Window repair yeilds a never-ending supply of Car window places.  The few places I've found seem a little high-end for my tastes anyway.  Does anyone know a contractor who'd do that sort of work for a reasonable price, and who they'd recommend.  A personal recommendation goes a long way for me.


cool animal encounters.

i just got back to north portland after spending five days in beaverton (it's goooooood to be home).

i didn't see any beavers, but i did see three raccoons and a skunk. they were eating from a cat food dish on the back porch of the house i was staying at. we were all face-to-face, with just 12 inches and a sliding glass door separating us. the raccoons and the skunk got along alright, but there was some definite tension: the skunk kept it's tail aimed at the larger critters the entire time.

anyhoo. anyone else got some cool animal encounter stories?

Our Landlords

are trying to do the moving-out walkthrough without us, which raises huge alarm bells (especially since there was a lot of damage when we moved in). This can't be legal, can it?

I've covered my ass with photos moving in, and again for moving out. So I think I'd be fine if it got to THAT point, I just don't really want it to. Plus, there's the hefty non-refundable fees she has to account for first (right?).
Ya know- I'm fine with paying damage I caused, but an attempt at being taken does not sit right with me.
Nice ass

Another reason I love Portland

I first saw the news about this over the weekend. Even Fox News picked up on it:

Police Arrest Nude In-Line Skater 'Gennifer Moss' When Construction Workers Complain

They got the story wrong, however. The skater wasn't arrested because it's perfectly legal to be naked in public in Oregon!!

Nude woman on Portland waterfront not breaking the law

I love that most of the people who were calling weren't upset so much that she's naked, but that she might get hurt. I love Portland.

So I looked her up online. The skater's name is "Earth Friend Gen" and she's a total hippie (although she can't be too hardcore because she shaves her legs and underarms - LOL) I love it.

I AM Naked and Free!

Only in Portland.
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creamy mami

seamstress for hire~

Hey everyone!
My name is Laura and I've recently moved to the area. I'm looking for some sewing work so I thought I would advertise my services on here :)
I specialize in making crazy costumes, but I also love to make everyday clothing. You can check out some of my creations on my LJ on_a_motorbike.
I will probably be at Last Thursday selling some handmade Lolita style accessories, laptop cases, bags and other things~ So if you see me please come say 'hi'!

edit: I do alterations too :)

you can get in contact with me by sending an e-mail to and we can exchange numbers and all that good stuff :)

Places to shoot big guns

Hi damnportlanders,

I am looking for a new place to go shoot my guns as I am bored with the localities familiar to me. I need at least 75-100 meters for long target practice.

I have heard hints, lies, allegations and things better left unsaid of places like Dickey Prairie and a few others....

Help a sista out..

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First. Do you consider the term 'mulatto' to be racist at all? Because I've asked a few friends and they all don't know, which leads me to believe it's probably not as generally racist terms strike a chord in someone somewhere, but I don't ever hear the term used either, which tends to be another indicator.

So your take on the term? I've never heard it used negatively.


Any bars showing the debates on Friday? I feel as though I need an endless stream of alcohol in front of me while watching...