September 20th, 2008

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Part-time, sit-down jobs?

Sorry about the umpteenth post from someone looking for a job, but this community has served me very well, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Financial aid at PCC gypped me out of workstudy this term, so I'm kinda desperate. I've been going out almost every day looking for work, and I've been scouring Craigslist and other job sites for weeks.

Here's the deal. I have fibromyalgia and I can't handle most retail jobs that require you to stand in one spot for most of the day and/or do tons of squatting and lifting stocking shelves. I need a part-time job where I can sit down, or at least only be standing for a couple of hours at a stretch. I have school Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but I'm free every other day. I don't mind call center work, but most of the call centers around here are only hiring full-time. Any suggestions??
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I have a toe tattoo I want redone and extended onto my foot. Distance is not an issue, I just want awesome work. And kinda ASAP before I chicken out. Ideas?

Also.. can anyone that has an American Express card check if they are doing their presale dealy with AC/DC tickets in Tacoma, WA? I plan on hitting up my sis but she's east coast so I wanted to know before I called her.
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Domain for mutal credit exchange site?

Crossposted to my personal journal and damnportlanders:

I was thinking on setting up a mutual credit system for Portland, that could possibly grow bigger. But, all things these days start with a website, right?

Poll #1263592 What name(s) do you think would be best for an alternate currency website?

What name(s) do you think would be best for an alternate currency website?

alterex (.org)
alterexchange (.com, etc,)
newex (.org)
allexchange (.org)
alt-ex (.org)
commonex (.org)
itgrowsontrees (.org)
ourexchange (.net)
redantex (.com, etc.)

Or, some other (available) web domain name (s):

If you want to steal one of these names, I don't care. Just, tell me.
There are always more names :P.

the internet lied to me???

okay, wtf. whoever said The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie was trash back in 2005 is a FOOL, and owes me an apology. i avoided watching this movie for three years because i was told it was a despicable travesty of the books -- WRONG. it's fuggin amazing, and i'm pretty sure the past three years of my life would have been better had i known this fact.


also, the girl who plays lucy pevensie is amazingly adorable. i can only hope that my future theoretical daughters will be as cute as her.


really cheap stuff!

second post in like an hour. sorry.

okay, so remember that garage sale i posted about last week? well, we're doing it again today! drastically reduced prices! dressers ($10), a fancy wall mirror ($30), antique bedroom set ($150), a cute grandma style couch ($100), tons of clothes, toys, star wars books, collector's coke bottles, and real live dinosaurs. and ponies! and brad pitt.

16541 NW Graf St. / Portland, OR / 97229

Very Bad Portland Experience


Just thought I'd let everyone know about my bad experience with a local business. This past Thursday night, a friend and I were bar hopping. Most of the places we went to were great: Colosso(delicious house specialty cocktails and happy hour food), Saucebox(where the drinks are definitely worth $8, the mai tai is fantastic) and Dot's(cheap,stiff drinks, great fries, 'nuff said). Unfortunately, I had a very negative experience at Vault martini bar in the Pearl district. My friend and I each had one flavored martini, one was $7 and one was $8. When our waiter brought the check out, my friend put $9 on the check and I put down my credit card. He returned, didn't ask how we wanted to split the check and walked off. He came back a minute or two later, laid down a waiter's book and rushed off. When we opened it, we had a very unpleasant surprise. He had taken my friend's cash and charged the entire $15 tab to my credit card. Now, why would he think we were going to tip him $9 on a $15 tab?
I waited tables for ten years and would NEVER have made that assumption. He should have either applied my friend's cash to the tab and put the rest on my card or taken half out of my friend's cash and put half on my card, that's exactly what I used to do. I ALWAYS brought any extra money back out to the customers unless they specifically said, "no change" or "keep the change." We tried to get the server's attention for about ten minutes and he kept avoiding the area we were in. We finally walked out, angry and frustrated.
I found Vault's website and wrote a very angry email to the owner yesterday. The owner emailed back, got my address and is sending me a check for the entire amount since it was a bad experience. While that is monetarily satisfying and nice of the owner to do, I didn't feel enough was done. The owner didn't even apologize for the incident, he seemed very blunt, like oh, you're unhappy, well, here's some money, okay, later. No apology, no request for us to give the place another change, very lousy business sense. He did say he supposedly talked with our server and the server "didn't mean to rip you off." But no explanation was offered for why the server did this. So either the server is a thief or too ditzy to be able to split a check between two people, in which case he shouldn't be in this profession.
It still leaves me with a very bad feeling about Vault, I encourage everyone to avoid it, seems like at least one of the staff is up to some snarky stuff.
And yes, the servers at all three other places asked if we wanted to split the check or how we wanted to handle things. I've lived in Portland for over five years and have never had this happen before.

Very Good Portland Experience

Okay, since I posted about a negative Portland experience, I thought I'd add one about a great experience I had last night. Good Neighbor Pizza is absolutely about the best pizza I've ever had. Truly amazing. It is a bit off the beaten path, on N. Dekum, but well worth the trip. It is as good as Apizza Scholl's, if not a smidge better, and you don't have to wait an hour or more for a table. Last night was my second time there and it was incredible again. So far, I've tried the bbq chicken and smoked bacon pizza, the veggie pizza and a meat lover's pizza that has pepperoni and sausage on it. The crust is cracker thin, crispy and perfect. The sauce is the perfect blend of seasonings with just the right tang. I don't know how they do the toppings, but it's like food artistry. It never looks like a ton of toppings, but it always tastes perfect. Just the right combo of cheese, veggies and meats. My friend says it is NY style pizza, but neither of us is from the east coast, so I don't know if this is actually true. They also have a decent bar with very generous sized well drinks. They've been open less than a year and could definitely use more business. I was there on a Friday night at 9 pm and they were practically empty. You owe it to yourself to try this place, it's simply terrific.
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So fellow DPers....

Got a work related question, but this is not a "looking for work" question... but more like "looking for people" question!

Do any of you work for the dreaded Borders Books?
I know, i know it is not the all wonderful heaven of all things books, aka Powells...
but i am a Borders transfer from another store/state, and i want to know if any of you work at either the Portland Borders, or even Beaverton Borders? I want to find some fellow employees!!!

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OMG kwiiiiiik

I pulled some chicken out of the freezer Tuesday night. Do you think its still good?

The two people I would ask aren't answering their phones.

I don't have very many friends.

edit: nevermind, it smells fermented :(
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It might not seem like it but Halloween really is right around the corner, especially for the freaks and fiends at FRIGHTTOWN, Portland's biggest and scariest haunted attraction for four years running! The 1031 Community Theatre is revving up for another successful season of FRIGHTTOWN beneath the Memorial Coliseum and we would love all you Halloween and horror fans to join us! If you're an artist of any discipline, or if you just love acting or stagecraft or just scaring the beejeebus out of people, we'd love for you to join our merry band of monsters & monster makers as we entertain and terrify thousands of people this year.

Artistic skill and acting experience is a plus but not mandatory - anyone over the age of 18 is invited to join us. (Or 16, with a signed parental consent form.) We start setting up in just a few weeks and perform 20 nights in October, including the Mexican Day of the Dead on November 1. Whether you're involved every day or just one day, behind the scenes or in people's faces, is totally up to you.

For more info, send us an email to or sign up at by clicking on BE A MONSTER.

Happy Halloween!

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So I'm getting anonomous threats on my journal. What can I do to a--verify they are who they say they are, and b--put a stop to it? Besides removing anon commenting, because one of my best friends has no journal and he likes to stop by sometimes.