September 19th, 2008

little blue dog

YAR, I has stuff for sale

LBD is soon acquiring one human and two feline roommates! Help me make space for them by buying some stuff!

There will soon be more, but in this edition, the following goods are on the block: space-age Swedish leather furniture, a variety of electronics, Transformers, and Magic cards.

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What would you buy?

I got an eBay $50 gift card for my birthday in August. I haven't spent it yet because I cannot figure out what I want to buy! Use it towards an iPhone? New shoes? Jewelry? I am so indecisive!

So maybe you all can inspire me. I ask you DP:

What would you buy with an eBay $50 gift card?

Cthulhu the movie extended run!

Yay! We got an extended run! This was filmed locally in Astoria and Seattle.

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September 19-25

@ Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Blvd • 503.281.4215

Run time: 1 hour 41 minutes

Fri 19— 7:15 PM & 9:30 PM
Sat 20— 4:45 PM & 9:30 PM
Sun 21— 4:45 PM & 7:15 PM & 9:30 PM
Mon 22— 7:15 PM
Tue 23— 7:15 PM
Wed 24— 7:15 PM
Thu 25— 7:15 PM

to purchase tickets, visit the Hollywood Theatre/Film Action Oregon
Cost: $6.50 /$4 Monday nights

“Fabulous – the essence of Lovecraft…maybe the best Lovecraft adaptation I have seen to date.“
-—S.T. Joshi

Cthulhu the Movie on MySpace
Cthulhu the movie's official website
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Rad... er, radiator!

My poor '96 Volvo is currently hemorrhaging coolant like when a cartoon guy gets shot of bunch of times and then takes a gulp of whiskey.

I'd love to get it fixed without having to replace the radiator or fly to Sweden for an '09 Volvo. Have any of you DP-ers used a radiator shop you liked?

Bonus points for NE Portland. Triple bonus points for using the word "concupiscence" in your reply.
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Kitchen related "Where can I find?"

There are a few things that I'm looking for that are specific to those who work in the food industry/just happen to bake a whole hell of a lot. The first item isn't actually baker-specific, but I'm searching for a new knife case. My school issued one just happens to look exactly like everyone else's. This causes problems when we're all going to leave and just grabbing wildly at which ever knife case is closest. What I'm looking for is one made by Dickies.

Like such (but doesn't have have this pattern):

Any ideas where I can buy such a thing locally? I've found a few places to get them online, but I'd like to take a look at it to make sure all of my knives fit before I purchase.

More baker-specific: where can I find dutch processed cocoa and "bulk" instant yeast (as in, not in the pre-measured sachets) in this town? I used to buy Hershey's special dark cocoa from Safeway, but they no longer carry it (well, they had something that's part dutched, but not what I need). I found something that could possibly be dutched cocoa at New Seasons, but it wasn't advertised as such, and it's just not the dark color I was expecting.

One last question, and then I'm done. Know of any good "open to the public" restaurant supply stores?

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Actors Wanted

I am working on a short independent film. I would say it is a drama but there is sort of a sci-fi element. The script is finished. It will be filmed on a Canon HV30 camera. There is no nudity or really much contact with any of the other characters. I am looking for:

1) A female actress. She would be in a lesbian relationship in the film. This part is small.

2) A female actress. This person will have the second largest part.

3) Driver. This person could be male or female. It is a small part.

4) Bystander. This person just uses a cell phone.

I have never made a film before. This could be a great opportunity for us all to gain experience. I have a limited budget so there really isn't any pay.

I am also working on one other short film. I will be filming this one after the one mentioned above. I am looking for:

1) Someone willing to dress up in a banana costume, preferably female.
2) A few people to hold up signs.

I haven't completed the script for this one yet. I would like there to somehow be a lesbian part somewhere. My goal as an aspiring filmmaker is to create more lesbian films. There seems to be so many more gay male films.
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Vehicle salvage question

I was in a head on collision a few weeks ago and my truck got totaled. I had it towed to my home so that the insurance folks could take photos and now I need to get rid of it. I remember seeing ads on Craigs List for people that would give a few hundred dollars for dead vehicles with or without title and tow it away on top of that. I can't seem to find any of those ads now.

Do any of you happen to know any of these businesses? I suspect that they were private people with tow trucks and plenty of time to pull all of the scrap metal out of what they got. I need to get rid of this thing within the next couple of days or the city will take it away and I suspect that I will get to pay the bill.

Thanks in advance guys.


Ive heard rumors of a sort of outdoor/backyard sauna in SE run by a portlander... anyone have any idea if that exsists or where it is? I think I remember it being on Division??

Sol Duc Hot Springs Olympic National Park

Hey all, I am going to Sol Duc Hot springs, most likely the Oct 3rd/4th weekend to go say goodbye to my co workers from this season before they head home to there native states/countries.

I am looking for people to go, I found one guy who is a maybe off CL who will be camping out. I can get rooms for $50 a night and will split the cost with someone if they are into debauchery otherwise I will sleep and be wild in the employee dorms. You can also camp I am sure, anywhere and I am 95% positive if you are with me you will not have to pay for the hot springs AND you can get in AFTER HOURS all night long!(Staff get's the pools to themselves after 9pm til 9am every night!) Last time I went it took 1 1/2 tank of gas for the round trip and my tank is like 11 gallons I think so like 36-40 to fill. If we have even 3 people that's SO cheap.

I am also looking to drive to the northwestern most point of the US while there it's a two hour drive from Sol Duc but worth it I hear!

I am just looking to cut the cost of the fuel for myself, as I am also taking a trip down to the Bay Area the next weekend to pick up my 4 y/o for visitation. I am also looking for rideshares for that and asking for $40 from passengers if anyone is interested. I will be going down the 10th and then coming back up. I could go down the 9th and come back the 11th or even do the 8th late at night and sleep on the road somewhere if that's good with the passengers, I am pretty flexible but need to be down there the 10th to pick her up.
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skinny jeans

Where can I buy nice slim fit/skinny jeans? A big store that's not totally overpriced but with a good selection would be ideal. I've been living here for a while but I've never had money to actually shop at stores that are not thrift stores and I need some new jeans...


thank you!
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Talk Like a Pirate Video

Today is the official Talk Like A Pirate Day. Are you worried that you won't fit in with your co-workers? Don't know the first thing about talking like a pirate?

This be the video to set ye straight. Best thing for the last couple hours of your Friday. Enjoy you scallywags!

crazy homer
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it's time to get lit (nuclear tacos 2 - october 1st)

it's time again for nuclear tacos, northwest style. sorry it was so long in the coming, but i've stocked up on spice and am ready to rock our world once again. i am also a little lame, since i am mostly recycling the
invite from last time. but i couldn't really say it better or faster than with the magic of cut and paste. rest assured, the tacos will be fresh-made, not recycled =)

When's the last time your tastebuds cried?

Has your mouth grown bored?

Haven't been able to find any *really* hot food in town?

Do you wonder what Homer Simpson felt like when he ate the Guatemalan insanity pepper?

Find the solution to all of the above and more at Portland's second nuclear tacos night! I am opening my home and bringing the heat to the northwest. There will be vegan tacos, meaty tacos, taco-condiments, and ice cream for the moment when, with tears streaming down your face, you realize you need the antidote.

Nuclear tacos are a tradition started in Kentucky and arrived in Portland by way of Austin, TX. I miss crying with my friends!

Advice for the novice taco eater:

- don't wear contacts
- wash your hands *before* going to the bathroom
- nuclear tacos are free, but you pay in the end =)
- nobody has ever died from taco consumption or fallout

why? we're a little crazy
when? 1 october, doors at 7, food served 7:30 pm onwards
who? anyone who likes hot food. it will be *really* hot.
how? BYOB, and something snacky/side dishy if you feel like it
where? my house. to get directions, email me:
& Daggers!
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I usually like to post fun stuff here vs. HALP but necessary times...

A close family member (who is not very internet-savvy) wants to file for bankruptcy. Being that they see me as geeky or whatever, they assumed I could help them get started with some research. Not so much.

Does anyone have any helpful links, contacts, FAQs, etc. for filing bankruptcy in Oregon? The most I know are the terms Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. That's about it. Everything I've found on Google so far looks very ad-laden and request-y of personal info, vs. straightforward facts. ANY information, personal experience, recommendations, etc. are greatly appreciated.

Okay fine, couldn't resist. That shit is adorable.

Thanks! :)


So, you all remember me posting about the hunt I was doing looking for my boss. Well, we found him.

He signed up for Pre-paid legal right before his disappearance so we contacted them to get a lawyer to give us some info. The guy we spoke with gave us the resources to find him ourselves. We tracked him down at the holding center in Tacoma, Wa for immigration.

Turns out homeboy isn't a citizen and it's against student visa rules to run a business while holding a student visa. I'm headed up there tomorrow to visit him and find out what he wants me to do. I'm hoping he'll give me access to all the information I need to take over the business.

So he is safe but probably headed back to Africa in the next week or so. Thought I'd let ya'll know. Thanks for all the information you provided.
c10 dinner

things to do with a boi on sunday

I finally got up the nerve to ask out my work-land crush as i was on my way to the next job, so now i have a "date" on sunday but no idea what to do other than standard eating or watching a film.

Now, i know there are always 50-bazillion things to do in portland on weekends, but i'll be darned if i can find anything that looks like a relatively quiet (non-music related) thing that two people who barely know each other could enjoy together.

So tell me, DamnPortlanders, what's a good thing for two 30-something single folks to bond over on sunday? And please don't just say "get it on" because i'll be working on that LATER ;P
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broken amana oven

i just inherited (or maybe it was dumped on me) an amana stove/oven. the gas range works just fine, but the oven doesn't work at all. it doesn't seem to be leaking toxic gas, i mean, we're all still alive...but i don't know much about these things so maybe it's going to kill us any second. it's definitely not baking any cookies.

google isn't really helping because i have no idea what i'm looking for. is there an oven equivalent of a plumber? where would i find such a person? do you know a lot about ovens? do you know someone who could do this? how much do such situations generally cost?

the confused appliance owner

p.s. i have established that the oven is no longer under warranty and that's about all i know.

(no subject)

I want an mp3 of "white and nerdy" by Weird Al. Amazon does not have it, or I would bu it from them. I don't want to buy the whole CD, I just want that song. I am rather skeptical of most sites claiming to have free mp3s or even mp3s for sale.
Does anyone have the CD and willing to lend it to me? Or does someone have the mp3 that they can allow me to download it somehow? I really want that song! Any other suggestions?

ETA: I refuse to use itunes.

EDIT: Got it, thanks to my awesome boyfriend.

a little help

Well, *sigh* I hope you guys can help me out.

My mother is going through a bankruptcy, long story made short she's a realtor.

Once everything is said and done, she's going to be moving up here- problem is, she has nowhere to go, and wants to stay with me.

If I absolutely have to, I'll deal with having my mom sleeping on my couch. I don't WANT to, but if I have to..

So my question to you is this, can you point me to any places that would be hiring fairly quickly for a reasonable wage? Call centers, customer service, etc. Anything, really.

My other question, do you know of anywhere that's renting that'd be willing to work with someone who is going through a bankruptcy?
me as harley

i remember halloween

What are you damn-partyers dressing up as for Halloween?

'Tis my favorite holiday and I really want to think of a snazzy costume ahead of time this year; I usually whip something up last minute. Yay procrastination! However, now I find myself with ample prep-time, but no ideas. :( A smurf, Sonic, troll doll, & muppet have all been suggested to me due to the blue hair. I need something fantastic though! And i'm not keen on the adding "slutty, naughty, or sexy" to the fron of anything, and voila!, girl's costume. Slutty nurse, naughty schoolgirl, sexy bumblebee. Meh.

Any damn good costumes that you all have planned out yet?
Hot dog and ketchup

Friday night thingie

Isn't there supposed to be some Friday night loser meet-up or something here?

It's like, past 10:30. You all can't possibly all be doing something.

Perhaps it has died an ignominious death. RIP, FNLLC or whatever the hell you were.