September 17th, 2008


So what are your favorite indie/alternative dance tunes? =) You know like along the lines of the Sounds, Black Kids, Santogold...

I can't think of anything else and I'm trying to make a mix for someone. Help! If you live in Portland you automatically have to have good taste in music, right?
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i am in search of quick and easy meals. i am having trouble putting on and maintaining my weight. and one of the reasons is i dont eat enough. i snack but i rarely eat more than one actual meal per day. thats not working. but im not much of a cook. so im looking for easy things that dont take a lot of skill or time because i will be more likely to make them.

so, what are your favorite quick and easy meals? bonus points if they will help me put on the pounds.
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to my fellow bicyclists-

please. for the love of sheldon brown, buy some lights for your bikes. i've been encountering FAR too many bikes after dark with no lights. i can't see you half the time from MY bike, so just think how invisible you must be to those evil-yuppie-meat-eating-pearl-dwelling-northwest-shopping-gas-hogs in their cars.
if we want to be respected on the roads, we need to follow the rules. proper lights are extremely important.
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contract graphic design rates

any contract graphic designers out there? just curious, how do you decide what rates to charge? what do you think the market can bear in portland right now? do you know of any websites that are helpful in determining rates?

i'm about to enter back into this world after 4 years of working full time (i have 10 years of professional experience), and i'd love to hear your opinions.

email me at jellystudio at gmail if you'd rather not discuss this here. :)

thanks a million!
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Since nobody else did...

Happy Birthday to a real DP celebrity. Not a celebrity in the style of 20-something tarts that flash vajayjay on Entertainment Tonight and the internet. Not even a celebrity that is stalked by paparazzi. Just a normal, known-among-us LiveJournal poster that has the heart of a child. (Not in a jar in his cupboard, he really has the heart of a child) I know he is feeling a little old today, what with being a half of a century and all, but he still reminds me of the guys I used to hang out with in high school... Boob-Obsessed!
Hip Hip Hooray, drjeff!
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Halp guise

So at the grand old age of almost 30, I am officially as of yesterday legally clear to drive since I've not had seizures for over six months.

This is of course a BFD because I've NEVER gone 6 months seizure free before. Now the question is, what do I need to actually tell the state? It seems to be all voluntary and the DMV is NO HELP AT ALL. I'm looking at --


-- and I'm having a hard time figuring out what the law actually SAYS. Because I'm seizure-free and basically in remission, so I don't CURRENTLY have an impairment.

Xmas Socks

Taking a break from Work

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture

ETA : I MEANT to put this in my personal journal. Oh well. Good to see everyone participating!

Don't be jealous if my wireless headset. I know you are. =P

Distance/Commute Query

Hello, DP.

I'm looking at a job in Tigard. Healthcare field.

Talk to me on that commute. Anyone? Is it a breeze? Does that wee ten miles take 45 minutes to travel? I'd be traveling to Tigard from PDX during weekdays.

Thanks for the halp!
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Invitation: the current economic meltdown and politics

I'm a stay at home mom who has been to law school. I have OPB on the radio all day and I've been paying attention most of the time. I think I have a grip on the current situation with the failure of financial institutions and some idea of what caused it. 

Does anyone have any questions about it? I'd love to discuss it with you damn people.

Look! A new drinking game!

The New Sarah Palin Drinking Game Begins TONIGHT!

I would play along, but I have an aversion to pepperoni pizza, televised politics, and drinking games in general. So someone should have the fun for me, and report back on the results.

P.S. and I'd actually rather politely request that this posting not spawn a bazillion comments on the election in general. But if it does, I probably just won't really bother to read it all. I agree with most of you, 'nuff said.
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Don't you just need the snark?...

Do you ever just wish that there was a seperate snark community dedicated to every community you are part of?...

Because, apparently, some people don't like it as direct comments to their stupid posts. ;P

How have you all been, anyways?

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September Meetup!

Meetup will be Tuesday, September 23rd at the East Bank Saloon, starting at 7pm. The meetup faq is here.

Also, the restaurant let me reserve the middle tables in the back room this time around, so we won't have the overlap problems we had last time. Score!

(Unfortunately, I won't be there. Direct all your complaints to bellybalt. Mwahahaha.)

Music, pls?

Hi all! How are ya? Myself? Good, thanks. I do have a request, if you don't mind.

You see, friends, I just got a new MP3 player after not having one for awhile. In fact, I haven't listened to anything other than the hip-hop on my boyfriend's MP3 player (which I love, but gets old after awhile...)


I need new music to listen to. I haven't heard ANYTHING new in months (no radio since...September?) Can you all help me out? Tell me a few of your current favorite songs/albums/artists/whatever.

Please and thank you.
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moron laser pointers (minor confession)

I just recently made the full jump into the software/tech industry, coming from academia. So of course, there's all these conference rooms with laptops and fancy projection screens and teleconferencing gizmos and all that. And there's a great big remote control that manages a bunch of it, and in the middle of the remote is a big button that just says "laser".

So I spent my first two months on the job sitting in meetings where I didn't understand a damn thing, obsessing over the remote control with the laser button. I just wanted to grab it and press the button so bad. That also led to the secret fantasy that it wasn't just a mere laser pointer, but an actual torture/death beam that could be used to silence that really annoying product manager.

Anyhow, the rest is anticlimactic. Eventually I was in a meeting with my two friends (AKA the people that got me in the door), and I was brave enough to actually grab it, press the button, and experience the little red dot on the far wall. No death beam, so sad.


So, my boss hasn't shown his face around the office for 5 days. We called the police and filed a report and got a call from a Detective with the Portland PD saying that he isn't a missing person, they know where he is, he's okay but he'll be gone for a while. We're thinking it has something to do with the feds i.e. tax evasion because he wasn't booked in the Multnomah County Jail System. The detective also said that he hasn't contacted us because "They might not be letting him". We don't know who THEY are but in the meantime I've got a warehouse with 30,000 books in it, 300 pending orders and 250 books that need to be shipped. I need to contact my boss but have no idea where he is or how to go about contacting him. The boss also missed payday, so he owes me a chunk of change.

Does anyone have any idea how I might find my boss? Who I can call? If it isn't tax evasion I don't want his business to bite the dust and I love my frickin' job and don't want to go looking for another one. I could take over the business pretty easily and I'd love to do so but mainly I want to find the guy!

Is your index or ring finger longer?

So, according to the news if your index finger is longer than your ring finger you are 'more motivated' to exercise. I'm curious DP... and do you think the "findings" are correct? hahah :)

Poll #1262153 Which is longer?

On your right hand, which finger is longer?

my Index finger
my ring finger

Banh mi?

I live close to NW 21st. Where, around here or downtown, can I get a Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich on french bread with veggies and some kind of magical sandwich sauce)?

I see that Silk in the Pearl has them, but they're $8, and half the reason those things taste so good is that they're usually super cheap. There's also that PSU food cart, but once I asked the lady if she could make me one with tofu instead of meat, and she looked at me like I was insane. Maybe we misunderstood each other, but I did not obtain a sandwich.

There are about eighty billion Thai places in this neighborhood; there must be at least one cheapo Vietnamese sandwich for me, right? Failing that, is there somewhere close-in on the east side?