September 16th, 2008


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I know people have mentioned the orange moon tonight but I'm curious if anyone saw the orange color the sunlight took on today. It was really odd, I noticed when my white cat was sleeping in the sun on the back of the sofa. Normally he glows bright white but today it was a soft orange glow. It looked like something in the atmosphere was causing it. I know in Central Oregon during fire season the sun looks the same through all the smoke, is something on fire?
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Motorcycle Fix it Shops...

I've got an old 78 Suzuki GS1000 ratbike that I need to have some work done. The bike ran well, but now is not. I need a shop that will work on old beasts and do good work. Any of you VME know where I could go?


Portland Hallowe'en Bazaar!!!

Halloween is coming to Portland early this year!!!


*Dark Horse Comics
*Voodoo Doughnuts
*The Gold Door
*Creepy Cult Printing
*Spartacus Costumes
*The Lippman Co.
*The Sinis
ter Press
*PDX Zombie Prom
*Seppuku Comics
*Gothic Beagle
*Mario Robert
*Normal Jean's Wacky Tacky Factory
*Mama Spooky's Ghoulish Delights
*Bella Notte Accessori
*Gothfox Designs
*Conjure Oils
*Noxenlux Chapeaux
*Gorey Details
*Haunt Your Home
*Sinister Concepts
*Sock Dreams
*Bossa Nova Baby
*Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow
*Haunt Your Home
*Global Exchange
*Old Fashion Halloween
*Spider Sewing
*The Future
*Crave Design
*Custom Cosplay

Head over to for a full list of clickable links to see just how AMAZING these vendors are!!

The day's phantasmagoria:
*Home Haunters' Flea Market (Pro level decorations at unheard of prices!)
*Adult/Child Costume Fashion Show featuring local designers
*Dark Horse Comics' horror editors panel
*Shadow Puppet Theater
*Face painting for kids of all ages
*FrightTown & Liana's Hallowe'en Art Show
*PDX Alternative Parents' meet n greet info booth
*Day Of The Dead Altar
*Make up and prosthetic application demonstrations
*Kid's Goblin Dance Party
*Holiday photographs with Krampus
*Live acoustic music roving throughout the festivities
*Raffle benefiting the Multnomah Library Foundation

Check The Portland Hallowe'en Bazaar out On Myspace!!
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I was on my way to work this morning and was on Davis St. and a bunch of people were looking at the moon. A lady was saying the moon had "flipped" or something. Then she said something about the rabbit in the moon, and I think she was saying it was upside down. Anyone have a clue what she was talking about???
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segway commuting

I could look this up I guess, but I thought it might make for an interesting discussion.

Say someone with a Segway wants to use it to commute back and forth to work. (Maybe they're fed up with gas prices, I dunno. Doesn't matter.)

What's the legality of operating these things on various types of travelways? I'm not after the economic or meteorological practicality here, I'm wondering about acceptable modes of operation.

What would be proper or safe, considering the maximum speed of about 10-15 mph? Side roads? Bike lanes? Sidewalks?

Interal Med Doc on West Side

Do any of you guys have a recommendation for a great internal medicine doc on the west side (NW, Pearl, close-in downtown)? It would be great if they have experience with GI type issues. I hate taking a shot in the dark from my insurance's list of docs, so thought I'd throw this out.

More on the moon, which I did not see last night

From my ECOlogical calendar:

"HarvestMoon is the Full Moon closest to autumnal equinox. At this time of year, the time between successive moonrises is relatively short in the mid latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, so we see a Full or nearly Full Moon rising soon after sunset on several consecutive evenings. This bright moonlight allowed farmers additional time after sunset to bring in their crops, hence the term Harvest Moon."

Community Action Energy Fair

The Community Action Energy Fair is just four weeks away. You will see there are some great participants this year. This is a free event with lots of great information about ways to save money and be more safe and comfortable in your home. The whole community is invited and there is something for everyone.

Community Action Energy Fair

Saturday, October 11th, 2008
9:30 am to 2:00 pm
Aloha High School
18550 SW Kinnaman Road

Learn how to lower your energy bill and make your home more safe, comfortable and efficient at this free event.

Workshops 10:00 am-1:00 pm
Furnace Basics
Green Cleaners
Lower Your Energy Bill
Lead Safe Practices
NW Solar Applications
Plumbing Basics
Water Heaters
Your Carbon Footprint

Car Seat Clinic 10:00 am-1:00 pm

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Thanks DP!

A few weeks back I put up a call for artists for that new cafe which opened up and 2 of the people who came down and will be showing this month and next both said they had heard about it from friends on a local livejournal community and since i only posted it on here! YOU WIN! thanks to who ever you were and next Tuesday, the first paintings will be going up with photography following next month!

Since there are 2 more openings for the 2008 available I decided to put this out one more time (oh and it was pointed out i put the call out during burningman and that might have left some local artists in the dark!)


Julia's Cafe just opened on NE Broadway and wants to have roving art each month from local artists.... if you or know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, feel free to bring a artist's statement, resumes, and/or your work or pictures of your work to

Julia's Cafe
2130 N.E. Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

the hours are 8 - 4:30 weekdays and 10 - 4 sat
The contact who is normally always there is Lydia (manager)

Lost dog.

On the off chance that any of you live near me, I'm posting here about my lost dog.

I got a call while I was at work from my roommate, that the back door was open and my dog was gone. It probably wasn't closed all the way and he pushed his way out. He's a red and white Siberian Husky (he's my avatar picture), named Kodiak. He responds to his name, or to whistling. He's friendly and quite vocal.

When he was younger he used to escape frequently, as Huskies tend to do, but always returned home. I'm afraid he's going to get run over, because of a busy street nearby. If you see him please email me at kumori dot kaze at gmail dot com. The location is near SW 48th and Taylor's Ferry, in Portland.

Any nerds with nothing to do tonight?

(this has me excited and even though by sharing this I might not get my front row seat i was hoping for! j/k ;)

Neal Stephenson: Anathem
When: Tue., Sept. 16, 7 p.m.
Phone: 503.225.5555
Price: $5
Tonight the Bagdad becomes an epicenter of nerdy as Neal Stephenson reads from his latest novel, Anathem, in which the Cryptonomicon has created another meticulously realized and obsessively detailed new world
(did the really forget to mention "SnowCrash"? still in my top 3 favorite books!)
Poe and Verne, Ala Beatonna


My google skills are at an utter fail point, and so I bring you some tidbits of information that maybe you can compile together with an answer, or maybe just a nice snark at how little information I have.

I'm looking for a school of Jewish Education that teaches Gentiles (and probably Jews) on the different sects of Judaism and their history. I feel like it comes from a Rabbi's society for education or something along those lines. I know this must exist as an old coworker of mine took classes last November from them for a six to eight week period and said it was pretty awesome. Maybe this rings a bell for you? I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what it is.

My thanks,

Nick Rhodes, vanity

[BST] Service Advisory: New Moon On Monday

Since there have been recent posts about the moon in the past day, here's a little heads-up. The service advisory is done in a format used by the New York subway system (MTA). ;)

New Moon on Monday

There will be a fire dance through the night.

Monday, September 29, 2008
All Day

How does this affect me?
You may notice individuals lighting torches and waving them.

Why is service being changed?
We are staying the cold day with a lonely satellite.

Not really sure how many Durannies are here on DP....
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garage sale organizer!

HEY DP! As some of you may remember, last week I held a garage sale at my girlfriend's mom's house. The experience taught me something: there's people out there who would pay to have someone organize a garage sale for them.

So, guess what! I'm hereby an official GARAGE SALE ORGANIZER!

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hire me!! <3<3
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lap pool! dun dun

Hey all,

I just moved to Portland. So I joined this community! What a trip.

Anyway, to ask a quick question. I'm looking for a lap pool. Maybe close to NW but it's not important, important. I've done a lot of searching but the most I've come across is either defunct pools when I've gone to explore, or pools connected to fitness clubs. Not so preferable because I probably won't use the other equipment and fitness clubs freak me out a bit.

Any tips would be swell.

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Hey Damnportlanders,

Do any of you play jazz or ragtime piano? My best friend and I are putting together a short vaudeville act for a Moulin Rouge-themed party, and have a couple of songs that we'd love to have played for us. There won't be a piano at the event, so what we're looking for is someone that we could meet up with and record them playing our tunes, which we could then put on a CD and bring to the event as our accompaniment. We would just be using the CD for the party, and wouldn't be selling it or anything of the sort.

It's just two songs, and we'd be willing to pay you in cookies. Your choice as to the type of cookies, though they'll certainly be homemade.