September 15th, 2008


can we borrow your....

mobile power inverter?

My lady and I are off on a week long camping adventure beginning next weekend. We will be needing to fill our air mattress almost every night and the air pump won't hold a charge for a week... So we're looking for one of these (or similar):

I don't foresee us having the need to use one of these beyond this roadtrip, therefore ideally we could borrow one from one of you lovelies. I'll bake you something in return??


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"And Washington Mutual (WM) seems to be in trouble as well -- its stock has lost 92% of its value in the last year and Moody's (MCO) cut it to junk Thursday after it announced it would add $4.5 billion to its reserves, according to Forbes."

I know we kinda went over this last week, but as it looks likelier daily that WaMu will tank, can I ask the econ geeks here: should you take money out if you have it in the bank? If it does tank and the gov has to take over those FDIC insured monies, will it affect my ability to access my accounts? I've never lived through a run on the bank, nor so many failures.
so we meet again trebek...


I am in need of a few new suits but I want to step outside my current traditional style box a bit. I do not dig on tapered pants and high waists (ahhh the classics) thus I am looking for some suits with a modern flare. Nothing too flashy or tacky but rather some tasteful lowish waisted pants with a flare or straight cut.

Any ideas on where I should look? I've hit a few of the more conventional places like Macy's but have not had much luck.

Something kind of like this:



PS Any Underdog kickball teams playing at Brooklyn Stadium, Mr Team is coming for you and there will be blood!
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Beep beep

They don't test your parallel parking skills when you take your driver's test here in Oregon, do they?

What about angle parking? (I've almost got that down)
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Alien Boy Film Benefit!

Dear Damn Portlanders,

Congratulations, you made it through the NWMF and TBA, but the fun isn't over! Join us this Wednesday, September 17th at the Wonder Ballroom for the Alien Boy Film Benefit featuring Tender Forever, Calvin Johnson and Ah Holly Fam'ly! We'll also be screening excerpts from the film, hearing from some of the filmmakers, and celebrating the release of the Alien Boy zine, edited by Erin Yanke and Icky Ciccone, printed by Eberhardt Press, and sponsored by Reading Frenzy and Yoga Shala.

Two years ago this Wednesday, Portland resident James Chasse -- who had not committed a crime -- was apprehended by Portland police, beaten and tased, and taken to jail. Although he had been cleared for transport by paramedics on the scene, the jail nurses refused to admit him due to the severity of his injuries. James needed to be taken to the closest emergency room, but instead the same officers who had beaten him chose to head to a psychiatric hospital. James died en route in the back of their squad car.

Written by Portland Mercury staffer, Matt Davis, and directed by local filmmaker Brian Lindstrom (Kicking, Finding Normal), Alien Boy sets out to tell the story of Chasse's life and death, and in the process examine how our community responds to the needs of individuals, who like James, experience mental illness.

Come pay tribute to James and help us pack the house and support this film! If you can't attend the event, please consider making a donation. If you have a website, blog, journal, announcement list, etc. please help spread the word by posting this announcement.

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

Your Faithful Proprietress,
Reading Frenzy

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Neighborhood info

I'm going to make another attempt at this question. Last time i didn't get the type of response i wanted. My husband and i are moving to Portland in Oct and we would like some advice on neighborhoods. we are looking for a neighborhood that is walker friendly, close to public transit and restaurants that we can walk to that are not yuppie and overpriced. We want a neighborhood that has old architecture, a neighborhood where we can find a vintage apartment with hardwood floors. We have a car but we prefer to walk more so we want a neighborhood that is close to a park and has stuff for us to do.

&amp; Daggers!
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And the Creative Emmy for Outstanding Moan goes to...

PREFACE: I HAVE NO INTEREST IN BECOMING A PHONE SEX-OPERATOR. (I already work in a hooker-y part of town; why telecommute when I can just cash in on the corner?)

How much $$$ do you think these gals make? I know, I know, Google it, but I suspect the only non-malware site I'll come across is something from Yahoo!. Come on, we're an eclectic group of people, I bet someone can speak from experience! :)

In other news:
domino--by chuchan

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This will seem strange, but what's my icon that accompanies this post?

My default is *supposed* to be a cartoon girl with curly yellow hair with the caption "It's enough to make your hair curl", but lately I've been seeing some photograph of a woman in a red top staring at the camera. I have no idea who this woman is or how I got her icon.

I've had switched icons before, but they only lasted a few hours. This has been going on for DAYS.

EDIT--something is messed up. Most of you are seeing the red shirt woman, but there's enough of you seeing Domino to make me think it switches back and forth.
What can I *do* about it? One of you mentioned this happening to you before; what did you do to solve it?

EDIT--Someone told me it has to do with this. Any thoughts or further news?

Weird sunlight

Did I miss an air quality advisory? The mid-day sun coming in my windows is positively orange, something atypical for this hour of the day. Is there a fire in SW Portland / Raleigh hills?

Portland related because OMG! APOCALYPSE!!!oneoneone

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So I had my most memorable experience on MAX this morning.

teenage punk + can of aerosol spray = him puking all over the place...MAX kicking us all off and him running away like the little prick he is.

Just wanted to share with people who have seen similar things.

People are just awesome.

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Welcome to Portland, where renting is actually the smarter thing to do... at least for now.

The housing market in Portland is Royally fucked up right now. There is a two year surplus and that number is expected to rise. The projected equity in 2012 for Portland is estimated to be -$72,330 on a 6% loan, meaning technically Portland (and certain other west coast cities, SF for example) is a better place to rent in than to own in. On average, Portland homeowners can expect to lose a whopping $72k over the next 4 years. That's not to say prices won't eventually recover. But you could be courting disaster if you need to sell before they do recover. Vacancies are hitting record levels, financiers and developers are going bankrupt and all those apt-to-condo conversions are now reverting back to condos. Portland has been flooded with a glut of overpriced houses and condos, and buyers aren't buying.

With Oregon's unemployment rate on the rise, a crumbling economy, vacancies on the rise, Portland banruptcies up a whopping 27.5%, foreclosures up (get this) 121% in May 2008 compared to one year ago, and experts seeing no signs of a second half recovery in the Portland housing market, things are pretty much fucked. Of course, the natural reaction to these facts is "psh, you're blowing it out of proportion. Everything is just fine!" Real estate brokers, an expectedly optimistic bunch, will tell you that now is a great time to buy because interest rates are low, selection is high and prices have fallen.. but prices are still unreasonably high for a city like Portland, and with the state of the economy people are counting every penny. The prices sellers are asking for are garnering very little interest from potential buyers. Those who stalk will see some houses that have been on there for over a year and the prices have dropped between $50k and $100k. Still no buyers. The problem is that naysayers actually think Portland is bucking the trend because national publications have said so. That was true, to a degree, but paying closer attention to the local economic trends show that Portland is now going through what everyone else is going through. The only difference is we're about 12-18 months lagged

Using a rule of thumb that truly affordable homes cost no more than 15 times their annual market rent, this study found that prices in 34 of the largest 100 metro areas still have a lot of room to fall and would leave their owners with negative equity were they to sell in four years.
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gobs of clothes.

blackrose books and infoshop has TONS OF FREE CLOTHESSSSS. please take some. we're drowning. we've got a particularly large volume of kids clothes right now. lots of good stuff.

we're at 4038 N. Mississippi and open from noon - 8pm every day!
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Oh wise and wonderful DP, I am at work and have a frustrating problem that I haven't had any luck googling.

I am trying to print from a website, but my printer will only seem to print the source code of the page, not the page itself. I figure there most be some setting that someone messed with before I came to work here, but how do I fix it? It just printed out 11 pages of raw html code and it's making me very sad.

da moon

i saw a couple posts about the moon and the reason why it's so big and orange/yellow is that it's the time for the autumn moon fesitval in chinese culture. before the beginning of autumn, there is a week when the moon gets bigger and during one of those days, the moon is at it's biggest. this is why moon cakes are eaten this time of year and this is why they're called moon cakes.

the one millionth sick kitty post

I just got my cat back after being out of town for a week, and she's not in good shape. Her left eye is all goopy and closing, there is green crud coming out of the corner. She had two bald patches on the back of her neck and the front. She had the patches when we took her to her catsitters, I thought they were from fighting with a kitten we briefly took in and have since passed on to a different family. This kitten also had a goopy eye when we got her and it went away in a few days.
Basically, I really need to take my cat to the vet, but I am in between jobs right now. Is there a low cost place that I can pay on a plan? Does anyone have any personal recommendations when it comes to cheap veterinary care? I want the best for her but I don't have a lot of money right now, especially with school starting this week.

PS - She doesn't have fleas, she has been treated with Advantage and so was the kitten we took in. The bald spots are VERY irritated and bloody because she keeps scratching them.

Where to buy....

I broke one of the USB ports on my laptop, and since that happened the sound doesn't work. I had a friend strip the computer apart and everything looks okay and the computer is still recognizing the sound card, I just can't get any sound, either from the computer or with external speakers. So a friend recommended that I buy USB speakers, like this: So, I know I can order them from that website, but does anyone know where in town to buy them? I don't get paid until later this week and I need sound on the computer by Monday when school starts.

Also, my last desktop died and I need to transfer the stuff from the ATA (or is it IDE? Is that the same thing?) hard drive to the laptop, like this: Again, I want to get my old stuff over before Monday and I couldn't see anyone locally that had it.

Any suggestions?

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Always on the lookout for cheap deals.

If anyone is lookin' for a super cheap computer (that's not too bad).
Or even a second computer to play with Linux on (or other hobby box).

*Sold Out* :(

I'm tempted just to put a computer in the living room or something.