September 14th, 2008

eye doctors

So, my eyes seem to be getting progressively worse these days, and lately I've been getting some pretty blinding headaches.  I'm overdue for eye exam, but seeing as I don't currently have insurance, it's looking like a visit to the eye doctor is going to hit my pocketbook pretty hard.   I'm in need of an eye exam, contacts, and new lenses for my glasses.  Any ideas for cheap, but reliable eye care in the area.  You'll get extra special brownie points if it's in NE.

Bugs buggin'

Can anybody tell me what this is? It started buzzing my head yesterday while tearing down an old woodshed. It wouldn't have made me pay too much notice if that thing on it's backside didn't look like a 1" stinger while buzzing my face. (The body is about 1.75" long and the tail/stinger is about 1".)

Thanks DP!

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House Numbers

Dear DP'ers,
I'm tried of the faded old brass numbers on the outside of my house. I'm looking for some place in town (I want to see in person, not mail order) that has cool designs. Ceramic, metal, whatever, just not the boring black, brass, or silver ones you get at Home Depot/Lowes. Can you point me to any places that have them?

Fall Hap

Looking for something to do on September 23rd?

Go to a fake wedding!
This looked silly and fun so I am passing it on to you all.  There is no afterparty or ambiance ruining as far as I know.

From the people putting it on:
What’s a fake wedding? Just what it sounds like. We’re going to pretend to put on a wedding. It’s sort of a role-playing game; everyone plays a part, and together we’ll throw the worst wedding of all time. Should be fun.

More information here.

(no subject)

Hey all,

I've been looking around for an LJ community specifically for discussing Oregon politics - state, local.  Two months to the election and I'm feeling the need for some opinions and education other than what the Stupegorian serves up..  I searched for 'oregon politics' and all it came up with is the Oregon GOP - hoping for something a bit more bipartisan.  Is there one?  If not, is anyone interested in one?

Chinook book race to Nov. 30!

Ack - just realized the expiration date of Nov. 30th looms and I've used like 2% of my Chinook Book.

Any Eugene folk here want me to mail them the Eugene section?

ETA: Eugene section CLAIMED! But I got more responses than I had coupons, so if you are a DamnPortlander in possession of a Eugene Chinook Book section that you aren't going to use, please feel free to send to the mailbox at: D. Miller, 1631 NE Broadway, Portland 97232 and I will forward on to the remaining Eugenites hoping to get their mitts on some coupons.

Make the trek to see Bad Religion in Seattle?

Did any other Damned Portlanders make the trek north to see Bad Religion play at El Corazon in Seattle last night?

I did. I moshed. Was awesome. The place was packed (as I was warned it would be) and it was hot as hell in there but security was spraying cold water (hope it was water - looked like Aquafina bottles) on the pit. I didn't mind - eventually.

I'd never seen BR live before. Unlike a lot of bands that seem embarassed by their biggest hit, BR started right off with "21st Century Digital Boy". Acknowledge it and get it out of the way? The crowd knew all the words to all the songs. Sadly, even though I'm a huge fan, there were some songs I have not heard nor are in my collection but seem iconic; "Los Angeles is Burning" or "Come Join Us", for example, and one that I swore had a chorus that said "It's fun to f*ck". Can't seem to find that one via "teh google" so feel free to put my googling to shame and let me know where to find that one...

I fell down in the pit, but the crowd parted and a giant of a man helped me to my feet. Moshing is exhilarating.

The best part was, when Greg Graffin trash-talked Seattle for losing their basketball team, I got to laugh along with him, rather than the crowd. Although I thought it was interesting that Graffin would care about corporate sports considering what I thought was his ideology about culture as expressed in his songs. I'm probably just overthinking things, though. Maybe Graffin just enjoys being a dick. That's also consistent with his songs.

And the final song during the encore was one of my all-time favorites: "Sorrow".

Anyway, great show, and the train is definitely the way to go. I'll do that next time I need to be in Seattle.

Anyone get pics of the show? iPhone doesn't like dark damp caves so I got none.
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come show how smart you are

so after weeks of bad circumstances such as torn ligaments and pneumonia and scheduling snafus, i will FINALLY  be hosting my first night of trivia tonight at slim's in st johns.  so if you are looking for something to do tonight, this here trivia night would be my completely unbiased yet fervent suggestion.  get there early, eat some of the most delicious bar food in town!  play some pool or pinball!  win the lottery!  enjoy that dive bar ambience that we all love so very much!  flirt with the extremely hot (single) bartender!  have a super awesome $3 drink!

questions are gonna be slightly on the easier side tonight as we let our wonderful patrons take baby steps into the extremely competitive and cerebral world of bar trivia.  just slightly.  prizes include booze and booze and booze.  and if you don't like booze you can win credit towards the aforementioned best bar food in town.

trivia starts at 8!  slims is located at 8635 n. lombard.  be there or be bored.

***edited cuz i sort of forgot to say it was tonight.  and every sunday except first sundays.  yeah.
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Dyatlov Pass Accident

Is the topic of the Dyatlov Pass Accident old news in the internet world? If so - what was your hypothesis? I've been amusedly chatting about it with my guy and we've plotted out our own assessment. Explanations largely aren't hard to come by with this story. If you haven't read it, the story is fun and worth speculating about if you like that sort of thing.

(no subject)

Sup DP.

I'm taking the second term of A&P with a very very difficult professor. Can you share  any studying tips? You might ask why I'm asking for studying tips even though I've passed the first course. Well, I passed with a C and it's the same professor. This guy is mega hard. What I usually did was read the material, take notes, and read the material over and over. However, I still managed to get a C. Thanks!
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Ortho recommendations?

Hello fellow DPers, I'm looking for recommendations for a great Orthopedist.

I was recently rear-ended and need to transfer my care to a highly competent doctor who is familiar with whiplash and spine injuries.

Have any of you worked with anyone that you think is great?

And while I'm at it, any of you care to recommend an attorney you love who handles personal injury cases?

Thank you!
Xmas Socks

Am I the Only Five Year Old Here?

So I have lots of shirts that are "button up". Some are dressy, some are more casual. I even have some work uniform type shirts that have several buttons. It wasn't until recently when I've had others who *ahem* have tried to unbutton my shirt that I realized that I just don't deal with buttons myself. The shirt gets pulled on over my head and pulled off in the same way. Am I the only one does this? Yes, this poll is pointless, but it's Sunday night and I'm not ready for bed!

Poll #1259762 Button, Button, who's got the button?

Button-down shirt, how do you put it on?

Button it - top to bottom
Button it - bottom to top
Pull it on over my head
I don't wear shirts with buttons, Silly