September 13th, 2008


Obama vs McCain 2008

During this election year there has been a lot of arguements from both parties on a number of different topics.

However, one thing that I have not heard much about is the change that is coming with the supreme court. We currently have a fairly balanced supreme court. It is popularly accepted that Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito compose the Court's conservative wing. Justices Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg and Breyer are generally thought of as the Court's liberal wing. Justice Kennedy, generally thought of as a conservative who "occasionally vote with the liberals", is considered most likely to be the swing vote that determines the outcome of certain close cases. So for the most part, it's fairly balanced four on the right, four on the left, and one middle of the road guy.

What is scary to me is that three of the 4 left/liberal justices are rumored to be leaving within the next two years. It's been the tradition of the supreme court not to do so during an election year, so we probably won't see or hear about it in detail until '09.

So consider this. The next president will nominate the replacement justices. It would stand to reason that if you believe in the balance of power, and americas system of checks and balances that if four liberals leave, then they should be replaced with four new liberals. Maintaining the balance.

John McCain has openly stated (and it's on his website at that he believes Roe vs Wade should be overturned. If conservative justices are appointed the right will number the left, and you can almost gaurantee that reversal.

It's something to consider that we're not hearing a lot about on TV.

garage sale in tha tron.

hey DP homies.

my girlfriend's mom is super cool and is letting us sell her garage full of stuff and keep the money! such a sweetie. we're located at 16541 NW Graf St. in Beaverton. we've got high end furniture (at 1/4 original price), less fancy furniture, exercise equipment, a Nintendo Gamecube, tons of clothes (mostly young boys and teen girls stuff), some weird novelty Coke bottles, and soooooo muchhhh moreeeeee. we're selling today and tomorrow, 8am - 6pm. thanks! <3<3


Thanks guys!
Thank you to those of you that came early to the garage sale, there is still plenty more stuff!
Just informing you that my friend showed up with about 5 giant trash bags full of mens vintage clothing, flight bags, shoes, accessories and stuff. Most clothing items are $3 each and there are fill a bag for $1 and $1 bins and tons of other stuff too!

39th and Francis, right around the corner behind the town houses, visible from 39th. Thanks again you guys, I really appreciate all your support!! :)
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Purikura in Portland?

Hey guys, I've been wondering something. Is there a purikura/print club booth somewhere in Portland? An old website from 2001 said Finnegan's has one, but I've been there quite a few times and haven't seen it.
And if there isn't one in Portland, is there one in one of the areas around it? I know there's an old Sanrio-themed booth in a store in Cedar Hills Crossing/Beaverton Mall, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.

Enough about Palin

I'm tired of talking about Palin and McCain. Why are we even giving them any energy? The more energy you give something, the more it manifests! Stop focusing on what we DON'T WANT. Focus on what we DO WANT!

profile, pink

football R-tard

So I'm having people over for dinner tonight, and one of the guys asked me if I could put on the Ohio State - USC game on a muted TV during the evening. (I don't even own a TV, so sucks for him...) Then this morning I see mentions of this game all over my news sites / paper.

Question from the football nOOb: what is so special about the Ohio - USC football game that would warrant having the game on during a dinner party?

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stupid silly weddings

I'm getting married next summer and money is something my family and I do not have a lot of. I have a guest list under 50 and I want to have a very frugal potluck wedding. I'm seeking advice from anyone in the community who have had this type of wedding in Portland. I'm well aware of the fact that you can rent any park in Portland and have a good ol' fashioned pik'nik', but I would like to hear about people who actually pulled it off, and where. Also, PPR only allows 12 chairs to be brought to any site, so obviously, if you had more than 12 guests, how did you accommadate everyone?

It'll Be Like a Farmers Market for Music.

Today a friend of mine is hosting a Band Showcase in SE Portland.

It's a chance for all the local bands in SE to get together
play music and show the neighborhood what you're made of.



Hinson Annex
1315 SE 20th and Hawthorne
Portland Or



Ray Ottoboni 12:30-1:00
Babies Got Rabies 1:10 -1:40
John O'Mara 1:50 - 2:20
Mesomanos 2:40 - 3:00
Margins 3:30-4:00
Project Eldridge 4:20-4:50
Tiger House 5:00-5:30
Neon Culpa 5:45 to whenever.

Come Support Your Local Music Scene
and Listen to some great up and coming bands!


I have crossed into the ultimate geekdom: I have ditched Vista for Linux based OS Ubuntu. It's my first time crossing over into this territory and I was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips? Any fun add ons you can suggest for download? I've been reading about Rocket Dock and Beryl. Also Song Bird for my music. Thanks for your rants and snarks.

Carboard Wanted

Hey DPers,
My friends and I have a big project planned for Saturday and are in desperate need of as many med-large cardboard boxes as possible.  Do you

a) know anyone who's looking to get boxes off their hands?
b) know where we could get the boxes for free/super-duper cheap?

Preferably places close-in SE, but we'll drive in a pinch.  Unfortunately, Craigslist only has a few postings and they're a little bit on the far side.

Many thanks!
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The swifts - fun and free! My answer to another post reminded me:

Every heard of the swifts? No, sorry to disapoint, but they are not a new local mopey electr-reggae-operatic band blending kitschy poltical messages with clever puns, life experiences, and tales of woefullly lost loves that all the underground indie blogsters are digging.

The swifts ARE a type of bird that have a really specific migration pattern. Every year they return to the same places to stay. They've stayed in the old chimney at Chapmen Elementary here in Portland every year for a while. This is pretty cool in and of itself in that they remember where all these places are, but what's REALLY cool is that every night when they come home to roost near sunset these particular birds have this crazy beautiful ritualistic pattern that they engage in while coming in for the night. They swirl and swirl around the entrance like a tornado and swoop down and do this over and over and over again to protect themselves from predators. We're talking TONS of birds - like thousands. So everyone comes out and sits on this huge hill and brings picnics and the kids who slide down the hill on cardboard and they all watch the swifts come in at nightfall. I swear, it's like Portland's answer to Monday Night Football in the rest of the country, haha.

Chapman elementary is located at around 26th and Raleigh in NW. If you get there between 6 and 7 p.m. you'll get the total show. They start going in at about 7:15/7:30 p.m. It's AMAZING. Plus both times I've gone a hawk has appeared trying to get one and all the swifts join together to drive it off and the whole crowd cheers for the birds! Crazy awesome silly Portland-esque fun. Everyone from gothy homeless kids to richy rich couples to avid bird watchers are there. We've brought wine and beer both times and seen many other people do the same and it seemed totally fine. I think they'll probably be in the area for another week or so before moving on in their migration.

Just figured you guys might want to know about a lovely, free, easy, smile-inducing activity that everyone can enjoy!

P.S. For those with a physical disability, you don't HAVE to sit on the hill. You can chill out on the sidewalk that's right behind the hill, or if you enter the grounds on the northern side of the school, you can go across flat ground and hang out on the flat part of the grounds at the bottom of the hill. Tons of people sit here and still have a great view.

Yet another job post

However, this one isn't for me. A good friend of mine is literally stuck in Vancouver and can't get out. He's worked construction pretty much forever but now his body won't let him. Being injured to the point you can barely walk, well, kinda makes it hard to do manual labor. He's put up his resume on every job site there is, he's picked up odd jobs here and there, and his parents are wonderful enough to help when they can. But really, the boy is going crazy.

I know there are several call centers in the area and I'm sure there has to be at least one DP'r who works at one.

He is willing to do call center work until he can start school in the winter. (yes, he wants to find a real career again!) :) And it seems like it's the most viable option right now considering his physical state.

Anyway, just contact info or application  web site for a call center would be stellar. Of course, other job leads are welcome, but I know how ridiculous the job market is right now in Oregon, so I'm not really expecting much.

Thanks guys!

Let the snarking begin!!

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car help?

Does anyone on this list know anything about cars? I know that even if you're a full mechanic you can't actually tell me what's wrong without seeing the car (and charging for it), but it's scaring me to death and I can't reach my mechanic (who is willing to let me pay when I can, and I currently have $5.33 so I can't exactly see a different mechanic) and I just need to know if it sounds like it's something that's going to leave me stranded on the side of the road any time soon.

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For the Migrant Portlanders

So, I was treated to a dinner with my brother in law, out of state aunt visiting a friend who lives in Portland, and the Portlanders who've lived here 30 years plus. Enjoyed a meal at Nuestra Cocina and Pix Pasteries in the SE side. There was discussion on places people have eaten, travelled to, or meant to travel to in the Portland area.
  My wife and I are happy hear and my brother in law is enjoying the area as well, and we've all been here about a year, we moved from Michigan to here. I began to wonder for those of us who migrated to PDX, when did you know, this was your town?
  For myself, I'd have to target Stumptown Comics Fest, being a comic book writer and being able to show off my product to people who understood what myself and the other artists did, wasn't just a kids' hobby, and two, Beavers baseball at PGE Park -- mostly because having been raised watching baseball in the midwest, it's a comfort zone.

  So migrants, feel free to share , what your defining moment might have been? Perhaps, when you stumbled into Powell's and collapsed onto you knees to worship the god Thoth (Merccury)? Or Saturday Market where artists hocking their wares wasn't simply a seasonal event, meant to draw tourists? Perhpas Stumptown coffee and Voodoo Donuts lured you in?  Or maybe it's when you cussed at your first bicyclist, driver, pedestrian, for not watching where they're going...all in one day.

So, have at, have fun.

(no subject)

Hellooo. I know there's a lot of people in this community that just moved to the Portland area a few weeks or months ago, so I have a question for all of you. When you first moved here, what did you enjoy the most about the city? What were some of the first places you visited and why were they so cool? My friend and I are expecting an out of town visitor in mid-October and we want to know where we should take him so that he won't be bored out of his mind. We're a little jaded. =P

I suppose this question could be applied to anyone that wasn't born here. Not necessarily people that just moved here. Thanks guys!

**I haven't been looking at past posts, so I apologize if this has been asked recently.**

ALSO: We're all 18, so we can't exactly go to any bars or anything lol.
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There's a bunch of you on here that I think are really intelligent and have a good grasp of world events.
Why did the USA really invade Iraq?
Oil, duh. But what's the bigger picture?
I never did believe the bullshit we got fed prior to the invasion. I also don't believe Bush believed Iraq was preparing a WMD attack on us. But then, I also don't believe it was his idea.
Who really started that horrible mess?