September 12th, 2008

Metallica Death Magnetic

Thoughts? Reviews?

You can listed to it here without Lars chasing you down:

Their current single "The Day that Never Comes" seems to be the worst track on the album.

My review: James' singing is super distracting, but most of the tracks are pretty crunchy and fast. Actually being able to hear Robert Trujillo is super awesome. Still, probably too little too late for most people.

If you're a fan, you might like it.
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Green tape on your back windshield wiper?

So my coworker has a pressing issue that couldn't wait, so I am posting this in haste!!

She has seen, for at least 6 months back, some sort of green tape holding people's windshield wipers down on their back windows. Now, at first I told her that it was probably to prevent them from breaking off by way of tree branches, etc. However, she is mostly perturbed by the green part. And she has seen it on several different cars, in various parts of town. So we got to thinking, is this some sort of political statement? A social network?

Input please! I want to solve this mystery! :)

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(no subject)

Maybe you all can explain this to me.

In the past two days, I've seen at least three rats in public areas, in the daylight. Just scurrying from one bush to another.

On my bike ride home from work, too, I saw a dead rat on the curb.

What's the deal with this? I can't remember ever seeing multiple rats out during the day. Rarely at night, too, actually. A friend of mine said that it's not uncommon to see them in the winter because the sewers get flooded, but weird during the summer.

Is this just another Portland idiosyncrasy?
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(no subject)

I need the 105,000 mile maintenance done on my '98 Honda CR-V. Is there a good place in NE I can take it? I don't need the oil changed, tires rotated, or levels topped off. I've got the print-out from Honda's website of what exactly should be done for the mileage maintenance. I just got a quote from one place and it would be almost $700. I'd rather take it to someone independent who I know will do a good job rather than some big place that is going to charge me for unneccessary things to be done (yeah, no thanks on lubing the door hinges for me...yet another thing I can do myself). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Cthulhu movie starts tonight

Just a quick reminder of this limited engagement and times the movie plays down below. Again, this is an independent production filmed in Astoria and Seattle, hence the production company's name of Arkham NW Productions.

Collapse )

September 12-18
Showtimes: Fri 9:30 • Sat - Sun 2:45 / 7:00 • Mon - Thurs 7:00
@ Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Blvd • 503.281.4215

to purchase tickets, visit the Hollywood Theatre/Film Action Oregon
Cost: $6.50 / $4 Monday nights

“Fabulous – the essence of Lovecraft…maybe the best Lovecraft adaptation I have seen to date.“
-—S.T. Joshi

Cthulhu the Movie on MySpace
Cthulhu the movie's official website
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Quick Question...

There are stickers that one can buy for their keyboard to use with the cyrillic alphabet... does anyone know where I can purchase those in town, or am I stuck with buying them online? Thanks!
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$5 bicycle helmets

I was asked to repost this before the next date. Can't believe I remembered.

August 14, 2008

I was making calls today at Legacy Emanuel and they had bicycle helmets for a measley $5; road and mountain styles. I snagged one and they handed me a flier with upcoming dates. It's sponsored by grants from the Legacy Foundation and Trauma Nurses Talk Tough.

Saturday, September 13, 10a-2p @ Legacy Mt Hood Hospital in Gresham. 24900 SE Stark St.

Saturday, September 27, 10a-2p @ Legacy Meridian Park in Tualatin. 19300 SW 65th Ave.

Friday, November 21, 3p-5p @ Good Sam in NW. 1015 NW 22nd Ave.

Sizes ranged from toddlers to adult XL. They also had tail and front bike lights for $5. Mark the date and get one in every color =)
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crumbled bacon

Anyone know where I can get crumbled bacon?

NOT bacon bits or similar imitation bacon particles. I'm talking real bacon that has been cooked, then crumbled.


Edit 1: folks, I know I can make it. I don't want to make it. I want to buy it. This is why I am asking where I can buy it.

Edit 2: I also know that most grocery stores might have it. I would rather not drive around to several to check. This is why I am asking if anyone knows where I can buy it.

Dinner date!

I usually go to the Japanese place near 28th (next to Ken's Artisan Pizza or whatever that is), Pho Van on Hawthorne, or Peem Kaew downtown. I heard there was a place on Taylor near the Q Center that was good but I don't know what the name of it is.

So... dinner dates on the inner east side, yo! (I'm in SE, date is in NE) Nothing too expensive or fancy, bonus points for good veg places (date doesn't care). Triple points for kittens!
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(no subject)

i thought some of you might enjoy this.

i was at a pizza place in the pearl earlier this week when i overheard this woman say "things were so much easier when i was single and in college"

it made me laugh. (i am single and in college). some of you who are out of school and married may agree with this woman but im betting some people here, like myself, dont find the single and in college life to be that easy really. i dunno.
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Alaskan sourdough starter?

Anyone know where I can get a genuine Alaskan sourdough starter from? (Aside from Alaska, you smart asses) I want to surprise my (Alaskan) hubby as he's been whining far too long about not being able to get really good sourdough bread like back home and I know his mom used to make it.

I also need to get one of those Alaskan starter crock things I guess.  Bonus tips if you have any idea where I would find that locally too.

I know there are quite a few Alaskans in Portland so I hope one of you can help me out. I'd be very grateful (and will pay for the starter).

Edited to add: I'll be just happy with a starter. :o)
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Last Minute Coastal Fun

If I wanted to, at the very last minute, book a hotel/motel on the coast for a Saturday evening stay and keep myself within a two and a half to three hour drive from Portland, whom should I be calling? Bonus points for non-chains and either near-ish the actual coast or surrounded by the nature. The less touristy the better (NO SEASIDE)

Also, a second Pony.

housing needed

hey there all

i'm looking for an appartment or room in the portland area, preferably close to downtown or in beaverton, close to a busline or max, one bedroom for me and my partner, it needs to be under $600 a month, the lower the better, roommates would be fine as long as they're clean and it's not too crowded, we'd need to move in by the end of october, preferably sooner

about us, queer friendly happy girls, aged 19 and 20, pretty stable, not looking for anything special, just someplace to call home, we like to cook and tend to keep to ourselves most of the time, but are very friendly and sociable once we're comfortable, i work in the theater and she's on a fixed income

any leads help, even if it seems a little out of our way, if it's transit accessable it'll probably be okay
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I need a recordable tape deck.

Hey guys,

So, my special lady friend has a tape deck in her car, rather than a CD player, and though I used to make mix-tapes ALL the time, I've advanced my technology since then....I think you can probably see where I'm going here.

Anyone got a tape deck which I can run a line out of my computer to, so I can put a mix tape together?
I'd be happy to work out a trade for it, or come up with a reasonable price.

Drop me a message.
l i n s e l at gmail dot com
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(no subject)

a friend mentioned a place to get lots of homeopathic remedies that's on hawthorne, east of 39th. anyone have any clue what she's talking about? it's not the daily grind...

thanks for any info. google isn't being very helpful!