September 11th, 2008


Register to vote!!!!

This is really a response to another post, but worthwhile that it deserves its own post, methinks.

Deadline to register is October 14!!!!

You can call and find out if you are registered at 503-988-3720.

If you were already registered to vote within Multnomah County and have moved and just need to file a change of address, you can do an online change of address registration here. Click the submit button, and you're done.

If you have moved into or out of Multnomah County, or were not previously registered to vote, you need to fill out a new registration form. You can download it and print it out from this pdf or get a copy from the phonebook, library, post office, DMV office or school (I know Psu has them in neuberger), and mail it to:

Multnomah County Elections
1040 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97214

You have to provide your Oregon ID/DL number OR last four digits of your Social OR some other proof of identity such as copy of other license, utility bill, pay stub, bank statement or government document.

If you have a disability you can call the elections office for help.

Everything you need to know and more at:

Please matter who you are voting for, the fact that we all have the right to vote is not one to be taken lightly and one of the greatest civil liberties we have. disenfranchisement is happening all over the country, thousands of people lost their votes in 2000 and 2004 and are going to lose them in 2008.
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(no subject)

I know The Decemberists are OMGSOFIVEYEARSAGO, but I was wondering if anyone knew what was the deal with the presale tickets for the upcoming November show. I know they sell out fast so I want to try to swoop on them if I can. The fan page says the presale's already over with, but the TicketBastard site says it starts tomorrow at 10am. What's the dilly?

'nother odd question

Is there somewhere you can go and pay someone to just shave your legs?
I'm still recovering from back surgery so I can't really do it myself yet, but I'd really like to have it done. I don't particularly want waxing, just a shave.
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salvage grocery?

is there a salvage grocery store here in portland? there was one in asheville NC (where i lived for a little over a year) that sold mostly natural and organic foods. the only difference was that sometimes the packaging for the foods was slightly damaged. like a little smashed in corner of a box of cereal or a small dent on a can, or foods approaching their so-called 'expiration date'. i'd buy the same stuff i could get at the larger (and ridiculously expensive) natural foods stores, but it just wasn't as "pretty"... and i could care less about a scratch or dent on a package. any places like that in PDX?


I am FINALLY having the garage sale, it's actually looking pretty grand!
I have tons of stuff, lots of furniture, clothing, accessories, books, VHS, electronics, computer stuff, bike stuff, creepy things, knick knacks, cameras, magazines, kids stuff, mens stuff and all really cheap!
8am-4pm Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th
SE 39th and Francis
Franstone townhouses, in the BACK! Visible from 39th ! :)
You all have been such a great help to me, if there is anything you are interested in or want to know more about, let me know and I might be able to set something aside! Also, if you have anything you'd like to donate to the garage sale, I'll be home the next couple of days, just let me know!! THANKS!!

Oh and here is the CL ad!

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new default icon cute

yes this is a halloween post.

WHERE can I find semi-cheap cowgirl/cowboy stuff?!

Man alive. All I want is like a super cheap fake leather/suede vest or something, and all I can find is either the genuine thing for wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much money, or "SEXY COWGIRL!!!"

My friends vote "sexy cowgirl", but I'd rather just be, uh, a cute one. With pigtails. Cute.

Also, along those same lines. I have a wonderful pair of cowboy boots already, but they don't fit quite right. Can I take them somewhere and have them stretched a bit, or is that just a pipedream? Cost?

Thanks! :D
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because my computer is lame

So my car is dead. This is a distressingly common occurrance in my world. This used to culminate in me going to a car lot with my parents and trading the hunk'o'junk in for a new hunk'o'junk, with all associated paperwork handled by the lot. Now we are not speaking and I needs help. So it's being swapped out by my mechanic for another one (VERY LONG STORY, and no, the details are not important). The one I will be driving home today is NOT titled in my name, and the tags are overdue. And I have a grand total of... just under $30. So title transfer and tags are NOT in the budget. Now he says that I can get a temporary registration without having the title in my name OR current DEQ - is this so? (because I suck at DMVs website) Any idea how much that costs? I REALLY don't want to wind up with a pile of tickets that I can't afford just because I couldn't afford to get the title in my name, with all associated "late tag" and suchlike fees. >:p

ETA answer is had! Many thanks guys. :)
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Questions about temping - NOT asking where/which ones to use

So a little less than a month ago I found out A WEEK before I was supposed to start a wonderful new job that due to the economy being le suck I could not be hired. After a seriously soul-crushing year this was just about the last straw for my sanity. Nevertheless I picked myself back up and got out there looking for jobs. Unfortunately b/c I've been lucky (and hard working) enough to make my living in theatre (backstage, not acting) since graduating college people are very reluctant to hire based on this factor (it looks odd on a resume and I don't think people, for the most part, understand how difficult and multi-faceted theatre, particularly the backstage aspect, really is) or anything I've applied or interviewed for is necessarily entry level and I wind up being deemed 'over-qualified.' So I haven't had any luck going this route. This is all fine and dandy though, as I've now decided to try temping for a while, which I've never done but am really excited to try.

I've already been searching the memories and found wonderful recommendations for which ones to go with and which have the most success rates, so thank you. What I AM wondering is how does the process works? Some have places to apply online (I'm filling out one for NW staffing right now) but do I still need to go in and meet with someone? If I do, how does that go? Do you dress business-like or will that be weird and I should expect to go in jeans? FWIW I grew up where people dressed very nicely every day in general and especially in the business world and when I go into my interviews in the standard white button down business shirt, a respectable black skirt and heels people tend to look at me like I'm crazy and note that the offices are business casual. In general I'm just looking for some more info as I'm an info freak and like to know what I should be prepared for and what to expect.

P.S. Thanks for letting me explain myself out in the first part even though it was sort of unnecessary. I think I've needed to vent about the situation for a while. :) Thanks in advance for any info, pointers, advice, etc. You guys are always amazing!

Suggestions for massage therapist?

I'm looking for a suggestion of someone who gives really good massages; I typically like a simple muscle relaxation massage. My old therapist moved and my back is killing me! I will go anywhere in the city.

Bonus for cheap(ish). Extra bonus for North-NorthEast Area.

Wolf Eat

Art Institute of Portland...

I was recently contacted by the Art Institute of Portland. And after some speaking on the phone we scheduled an interview for the 30th.

Now, I'm not 100% sure on 1. What all they have to offer (I get that it's art, I've got that much, yes) and 2. If I want to make art my career or my hobby. Art is my passion and I love and enjoy every aspect of it from the creativity to the frustration.

For those of you who did or are attending what made you decide to make art a career choice? When I started highschool I was unsure about how far my art could really get me, etc. (I don't always trust my talent) and I broke it to my dad that I "didn't need a professor to teach me how to be broke". Well, now I might be thinking differently.

And, for those of you who have gone, are, etc. Or have been interviewed: What was the interview like? This will be my first actual college interview (I've taken college art classes before, but I was recommended and it was a bit less important). I'm bringing a portfolio, what did you include in yours (different mediums, a sort of "time line" of your prgoression, how many pieces, etc?). What did they ask you? Who all attended the interview other than, of course, you? What kind of questions should I be asking (I have a few in mind, but some more could never hurt!)?

Thanks guys, you are always insanely helpful.

Oh, and while I'm posting...

I'm also doing a senior project. I'm hoping to do it on Body Modification. Mostly illegal tattoos (no-no, etc), cheap tattoos, piercings, tattoos people regret, etc. So, I may post, when I get more into my project and have my mentor(s) down asking any of you for some horror stories you have on piercings and/or tattoos. And if you have tattoos you regret (or had) would you be willing to share a little story and a picture? I plan to present this to a freshman class, and possibly sophmores as well.

Thanks again!

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