September 10th, 2008


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I'm looking for martial arts recommendations. Rather, places to train in them.

I have a lot of experience (12+ years) and two black belts - one in hapkido and one in taekwondo. I've also done some training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, kung fu san shao, etc.

I'm looking for a place that's serious about their training. I used to train six days a week and I was happiest when I was doing that. I'd be interested in furthering my training in hapkido or potentially starting a new art (I'd love to do more kung fu or judo/Brazilian jiu-jitsu). I like ground fighting and I wouldn't mind going back to competing in it eventually.

Has anyone had especially positive experiences anywhere? If there are other practitioners - where do you train?



Looks very likely that WaMu is going to be on this Friday's list of bank failures. Anyone with less than 100k is covered by the FDIC insurance, but who needs to deal with that?
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Childcare Help!

So, wise Damn Portlanders. I come seeking your wisdom. I was going to post this in damnparents but no one every really uses it and there are not very many members.

My husband and I are looking for daycare for our soon to be born child. We are looking for something to start in November. We need it to be either downtown or Inner SE (We are off of 28th and Holgate) We will even take the pearl/ Inner NW too!

We have checked the KinderCare downtown (our last resort as they are $1300), the Market Street YMCA (Waiting List for 9 months), Alder Street CDC (wont take babies) and St. James CDC (Long wait as well)

We have also looked through craigslist daily but almost every place is in Gresham or in the triple digits street wise.

If anyone knows anyone or any help that would be awesome. We are not DHS qualified so the county really can't point us in the right direction. 

We are looking for full time 4-5 days for 800-1000 a month. That is a reasonable rate seeing as almost everyone except kindercare is that price.


seeking word!

does anyone have microsoft word (and maybe excel and ppt too? i'm not a computer nerd - i don't know if they come together) on discs that I could borrow and return once I've downloaded them? I just reformatted my computer b/c of viruses, and now it runs perfectly, but  I can't write on it, which sucks in a house with 2 grad students!

Or do you have other suggestions?

ETA: Thanks! I downloaded Open Office and it works! yay!
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iPod video

hey guys, i'm selling my 30gb black ipod video. it's in perfect working condition, and in great cosmetic condition too (very minor scratches in the chrome on the back... it's never been out of a case.) it still has applecare on it for another 6 months or so (march 20, 2009 is when it expires.)
basically, i just haven't used it in a long time becauese i have an iphone and i could use the extra money. as a bonus, you get the case i have on it just because i won't need it, but you also get all the basic stuff like the sync cable, and the manuals that came with it. you can have the box if you want, but it was the old cardboard ones and it's kinda smushed from my move. no headphones, though, because i lost them and frankly, who wants old used headphones?

i'm looking for around $150, and a picture of the case is Collapse )

I'm uncalibrated!

Hey there Damnportlanders,

I need buffer solutions to calibrate my digital pH meter.
Can anyone tell me where to find them on the east side?
I need 4.01 and 7.
Can anybody point me in the right direction?
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aged tofu

so i am by no means a professional vegetarian.  i am not a vegetarian at all, actually.  so i don't know these things..

so there are expiration dates on my unopened packages of raw tofu.  one of them expired august 16 and one expired august 29 (i have been dealing with a super messed up hand/wrist injury as well as pneumonia for the past month so i sort of gave up on the cooking thing momentarily).  but.... it's just soy.  and... soy MILK doesn't spoil if you don't open it, right?  we are not dealing with meat or dairy here, so is the expiration date that crucial?  can i get away with eating this stuff anyway?  i actually bought a package of soy chorizo that is good for 2 more months.  also made of tofu.  so it's gotta be safe, right?  but is it tasty, that is the question.

opinions, experiences, anyone?
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sorry about the huge post... put in a hyphen where there shouldn't have been one...

and it got auto-formatted, hence the super spacing.

Thanks to the folks who pointed this out to me in a polite manner.

The cross-posts will be fixed momentarily.


I'm in need of a rehabilitation/acute care clinic for my Dad. Someplace that will take care of him and his tracheotomy while getting him strong enough to sit up in a chair and walk again. He needs a place with 24 hour care, a good physical/occupational therapist, a staff with a semi-decent attitude and an average age below 80. Extra points for decent food, wi-fi for his laptop and cable tv.

He's 54 and has spent the last 5 months in the hospital, 4 of those in an ICU. He has PT and OT working on his upper body at the hospital but only a few times a week (he had a massive incision, that's healing, in his abdomen that made it impossible to work anything else). The rest of the time he does the exercises on his own. He is insured and I know I can get a list of clinics in the area, which I plan on but I'm looking for "hey take him here" or "Stay the hell away from this place."

Trimet question

Hey all, sorry if this is a very elementary question. Twice a week I'm going to be working in Hillsboro and I live off the yellow line in NoPo.  Trimet's trip planner is confusing me on one issue....

Is it fair to say that the yellow line continues west as the blue line during rush hour, and then stops doing that? 

Basically Trimet's website says that if I take the 7:11 am yellow line from the Interstate station, that train will continue on into Hillsboro as the blue line. However, it says if I take the 7:20 am train from the same station, I will have to disembark at Pioneer Square and board the blue line in order to get to Hillsboro.

Help. I'm new in town and confused. I don't understand this....I just managed to navigate around Venice, Rome, Athens and NYC all in one summer using public transportation with no discernible problem, and yet I return to the state I've lived in for over 4 years (albeit to a new town in that state) and already I'm stymied. Is it possible that the summer has melted my brain? 

PS, I tried to tag this entry "annoying newbie questions" but it wouldn't let me. Just a little note to let you know that I realize this community is sick of newbie questions and hate to add to the mass.
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expensive restaurants, bad experiences, flying camels, etc.

so my birthday is coming up. and since my parents will be visiting from out of town, i'm going to try to milk it for all it's worth by getting them to take me to a really nice restaurant that i normally wouldn't be able to afford. so my question to you, damnportlandia, is what nicer restaurants have you had bad experiences at, felt were really overrated, etc.? of course, if you have an experience that was absolutely stellar that you'd like to relate, definitely do that too.

secondly, because these places are typically off my mental radar for the aforementioned cashmoney reasons, i forget about a lot of them. is there a website or some other such resource that has a good deal of these places grouped together? like a portland blahblah restaurant association something or other?


Looking for clear rain boots. Has anyone seen any around Portland? Location isn't an issue, I'll drive to go and get them. They don't have to be vegan, free range or locally made. Internet vendors are also an option; I'm currently searching.
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Mission: Damn good haircut

I'm in search of a new hairstylist and salon in Portland or Beaverton (w/o fuss, "hip"pery, and facade).
I'm also willing to pay 50 or so bucks for an excellent cut.
*please leave name of stylist, too*
Thanks for you help.
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Tri-Met pass on Seattle Metro Bus?

I poked around both websites but didn't find a definitive answer.

Anyone know if my Tri-Met pass will be honored on the Seattle city bus system?

I'm thinking "no" but figured someone here might know. 'Cause Damned Portlanders are made of awesome.

I'll go looking for Damned Seattlites and try posting there, too.

Hot Tub, Spa repair people recommendations?

Looks like the pump in our spa is leaking a bit and we need to have it replaced. Doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to do it myself.

Can anyone recommend a pool / spa repair company that they've had good experiences with? Angie's List is now charging money and I don't want to pay $16 to get a rec.

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Electric Bike

A few weeks ago someone posted about their bike shop having a sale on electric bikes.
Anyone know which shop that might be?
I can't find the post and every shop I call seems bewildered by the question.

medium format film

hey there everyone!

i'm directing this at the photographers: where do you get your medium format film for cheap that has variety and is regularly stocked up? i have a holga that i love to shoot with, but lately i've been lax about ordering new film online because i feel i could cut out the postage and figure portland must have a trove of supplies for a photographer.

i've been to blue moon camera and machine out in st. johns to develop, but never really asked about their stock of film. are they a good source with stocked supplies? i visited their site and they have a pretty extensive list, but are all of these usually stocked?