September 9th, 2008

she blinded me with science!

Why I love it here

Smithsonian Magazine is my favorite bathroom reading material. This month's My Town column features an article about Seattle by author Charles Johnson. Much of what Johnson wrote about Seattle could be said about Portland as well. I particularly liked the way he tied a few other authors' ideas together to explain why the Pacific Northwest is what it is:

Former UW president William Gerberding once referred to the Northwest as "this little civilized corner of the world," and I think he was right. The "spirit of place" (to borrow a phrase from D. H. Lawrence) is civility, or at least the desire to appear civil in public, which is saying a great deal. The people—and especially artists—in this region tend to be highly independent and tolerant. My former student and native Northwesterner David Guterson, author of the best-selling novel Snow Falling on Cedars, recently told me that the people who first journeyed this far west—so far that if they kept going they'd fall into the Pacific Ocean—came mainly to escape other people. Their descendants are respectful of the individual and of different cultural backgrounds and at the same time protect their privacy. They acknowledge tradition but don't feel bound by it. As physically far removed as they are from cultural centers in New York, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles (the distance from those places is both physical and psychic), they are not inclined to pay much attention to fashions or the opinions of others and instead pursue their own singular visions.

Ah... home. :o)


Hey there,

I'm asking for a friend, who has done some cursory research and says she hasn't found any first hand reviews or info. You guys are pretty good about that so I thought I'd ask here.

Who knows where in town to take capoeira lessons (some web search results bring up old schools that aren't active anymore), where they are and approx. how much they cost?


From NY to Portland

My boyfriend and I have a plan.  This plan is to move to Portland in December, even though neither of us have ever been.  We're up for an adventure, this being it.

Since neither of us have been, I have questions regarding the area in general?

Can anyone suggest areas in Portland to live?  Are their sections of Portland that trump others?  What is the average rent for an apt?  Do many people have cars in the city?  Is it possible to be without a car?  

I basically just want the lowdown, any information at all would be helpful!  

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(no subject)

Any suggestions for where I could take a class on Adobe CS3 (specifically InDesign)? Ideally, I think I'm looking for a semester-length class, but maybe a short workshop is the way to go. PCC doesn't seem to have anything this fall. Any recommendations would be welcome. Thanks!

Corn syrup propaganda?

Have you seen with these new commercials about high fructose corn syrup? Now they're trying to convince us that high fructose corn syrup is no more unhealthy or higher in calories than honey or sugar. It's like the corn syrup mafia, or something. Next, they'll be trying to say that eating vast quantities of Sorbitol & Maltitol don't give you diarrhea .
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LHC party/End of the world Party

since the LHC is going to officially fire tomorrow and herald DOOMDOOMDOOM!!! FIRE BRIMSTONE AND SATAN! BLACKHOLES EVERYWHERE!!!, was wondering if anyone know of any end of the world type parties going tonight?
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Now that I'm here and settled, I want to get back into my yoga routine. Three weeks without = ouch! I live on the Northeast side (Halsey & 128th), and am only doing public transportation for now, so does anyone know of any yoga studios nearby? I tried googling, but the only responses I'm getting are like 45+ minute rides by bus.

I shouldn't be shocked I guess

This morning I was at Kinko's on NW 23rd. I parked in front of a fairly new black Land Cruiser. There was a woman standing near the car smoking a cigarette. As she finished her cigarette, I looked in my rearview mirror and watched her walk to the driver's side door. As she unlocks the door, I look out my window to see if it was clear to open my door and I notice: she looks PREGNANT. I had to do a double take. She is fairly slender/ maybe she just has a large stomach? Maybe she just had surgery? I mean...I seriously was shocked. But then I looked again...and sure enough, the round belly, protruding belly button.

I watch her get in her car, sort of sigh heavily, immediately put a piece of gum in her mouth and then pull away.

The tail end of her SUV has an Oregon state sticker, you know the ones with the green heart in the middle? Also her license plate says something hippie-ish (I actually remember, but not sure it is smart to post it here...) and the license plate holder says, get this:

Peace on Earth Begins at Birth.

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Looking for free tv

My poor room mate is about to be bored out of his skull. With the Warhammer MMO coming out I will be hooking my computer up to the big screen tv which means he will not be able to watch dvd's on either the computer or my TV which is the only one in the apartment. I am hoping that someone here has a TV they want to get rid of in the 20" - 30" range so he can hook up my PS2 to it and watch dvd's and I don't have to feel as guilty while I hog all of the electronics in the house. I have been looking on CraigsList but everything I see there is broken.

Thanks in advance folks.

(no subject)

McCain People, Obama People, this isn't directed at you. You're probably not changing your minds at this point.

In the most recent survey, eight percent of respondents said they were still unsure about who they were going to vote for.

You guys, you undecided ones. What's making you fence-sit? Are you unsure of which of them you're voting for, really, or are you hoping someone better comes along, or are you going to go for Nader or write in Gore or something?

What more information do you need to be Decided?

Looking for a good place for piercing jewelry

Hey folks. I have been trying to find a good place with a wide selection of earrings and other body piercing jewelry. Trying to find some  really nice 0 and 00 gauge accessories. Anyone have any places they know of with a huge selection? Back in NYC I used to shop a piercing supply store and it blew me away how much they had, so, something like that would be perfect. Thanks in advance!

PS3 Home

How many Portlanders are looking forward to Home for the Playstation 3? It's like The Sims, but much better. We should all add each other once it's out. I'll probably post about it again when it is officially released. :)
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Nikon D200


Ok, so I'd like to get some of my photo work into Last Thursday...but I am completely unsure on how to do this.

Any help, oh wise DP'ers?

Do I need to walk into Galleries and "Audition" any of my work, or find a spot and just set up?

Any advice would be great, and muchly appreciated.




Beer Doggies

Hi! I am looking for personal recommendations here, as I have checked a bunch of websites, but none of them really cover what I want to know. I have been going to breweries on Saturdays with friends and my 2 dogs, which we all really love. We have tried Roots, Lucky Lab, Amnesia and Old Lompoc and love them all, but we are looking to shake things up a bit. This is where I need help, none of the "dog friendly places" websites really include if their dog friendly areas are covered , or even if the tables have decent umbrellas. Being Portland at this time of year, sitting outside can involve sunburn or being pummeled by rain, possibly even both.

What I am asking, I guess is if you guys know of any breweries or bars even that have a dog friendly policy and have a cover or at least umbrellas at the tables in the designated area.

The closer to downtown the better, but better if they are just close in.

Thanks in advance!!

Yeah, I hate me for asking this too.

So, I'm looking for some advice from DamnBakers.

I used to live in Portland, when I was going to school at the dubiously prestigious Western Culinary Institute. Then I moved back to California, where all my relatives are. A couple years later, I miss PDX so very, very much, and want to move back.

What's the job market like, food-wise? I've heard horror stories, but I'm a professional baker/pastry cook and Portland has such a great food scene that it's hard to get a grasp on who's hiring. What sort of wages should I expect? Are there any beloved bakeries that I should bomb with resumes? Is craigslist the go-to for employers or do you have to, like, know a guy?

Movie Pass

Remember when I was saying I needed money earlier like a week ago? Well I need $7 more.

I am coming to DP again because I have a movie pass good for any Regal Cinemas that is valid til October 16th of this year. I was wondering if some kind soul on DP would take it off my hands for said $7. That's less than a normal ticket so I think it's fair.

I need this by tomorrow. My lesson that the money is going to is tomorrow at 7:30 so if anyone would please help me out with this I would be most appreciative! :) THANKS DP!
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Geeky question

I have a new iPhone. My reception on my old phone was good. I live on not far out from downtown. Today, at the Apple store when I asked about it to a helpful guy, he said there'd be an iPhone upgrade on Friday or Saturday that would help this and help with the functionality of the Applications that were downloaded. But, the guy at the "Genuis" desk seemed to imply it was an AT&T problem with 3G reception instead of Edge reception. Anyone know what's up?  

No more celebrations... Or, at least this one.

So, I saw recently on the news that the fireworks for the 4th of July in Vancover ( "the biggest this side of the Mississippi") are now no longer in existance due to money issues.


I think so.

Also: Anyone else have the plague, or am I the only one? It's my fault for having two new piercings, a new tattoo then starting school again. But, I believe I got it from my non-blood related little sister. Is anyone else suffering with me?

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(no subject)

I am unsure of how to phrase clearly and without fitting the nature of the predicament, but I'll try and put it out there anyway.  The more I talk to people of a young age, the more it seems that they hold a certain contempt for the concept of "uniqueness".  In a city like Portland, with various people holding various beliefs generally pursuing creative and unique artistic outlets, it seems like on an interpersonal level people have a strong disliking of anyone who professes to be unique, or behaves in a manner which connotates uniqueness.  This is somewhat understandable as we certainly do have a group of unremarkable people claiming to be remarkably different, but what I'm getting at is a spiteful nihilism to unique qualities.  If a person is genuinely upset about the Government and world issues to a greater extent than most people, expressing this sentiment in a town like Portland would probably lead to group groans and head shaking.  Is there anyway to truly be seen as "unique" in Portland anymore?  In a town like Portland, in issues of love and friendship, is anyone really "special"?  Can we be excited to meet people who are apparently different than ourselves, or are we to dismiss them as copy-cat attention seekers?

Naturally I expect a series of posts chastizing me and this post for being so average that reflect the point I'm making here....


beaverton and wrestling

after browsing the dp-land of info, i get the general idea that people think beaverton is lame.
why is that?
are there any pro-beaverton dp'ers?

also, where in pdx can you go to watch wwe pay-per view events? 
(naturally, it would be a plus if they serve alcoholic beverages.)
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So, in these glorious, sun-filled days, I managed to get myself some sun poisoning. Fantastic.

Does anyone know any tricks or tips to help speed the healing of said sun poisoning?
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Momma needs a job

Ok folks I know many of us are in the same position. I am looking for a part time job nights and weekends. I have already applied at Trader Joes and New Seasons with no luck. Does anyone work for Starbucks? If so how did you apply? the web sight is a joke. If anyone knows of anything that doesn't require a pole and being naked please let me know. I was hoping for a natural health food store or coffee shop or something like that.
thank you!
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(no subject)

today i was on the max. a man became very upset. he threw his bag, yelled, there was much profanity. he said some very lewd things to my friend. we notified the driver. when we stopped she came back and told him he had to go. he came back on. my friend grabbed him and he got upset. but he left. got on the other car, yelled over there. some passengers dragged him off the train and tackled him to the ground. the cops came. fire truck, ambulance, cop cars. we were sitting there for like half an hour. the trains backed up, ect. finally started moving again. poor man, obviously mentally ill, was in the ambulance when we left. just another trimet adventure. yeah i know im going to hell for taking pictures.



My house in SW used to have internet, and then some roommate business switched, and it didn't anymore.  We cancelled service about 3 weeks ago, and hadn't set it back up yet.  Today when we called to set it up again, and they told us that a comcast person would have to come out and set it up, which costs $50, even though service has been interrupted for a grand total of 21 days.  Seriously, we never even unplugged the wireless router.

Is this necessary?  We used to have comcast internet, so is there really anything to do that we can't do ourselves? 
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book 'em, dano

I needs to film a movie in a book store, but the story requires that the bookshelves can be seen through between the rows of books, like at the Portland library.

The problem is they won't let me film there without paying for the space, and an hourly rate for all the employees who would be working while I shoot. I'd rather avoid that and just find a more charitable place instead... this is a low-budget student thing and I can't afford to spend $1,200 on the location alone.

Does anyone know of any book stores or city/campus libraries that fit the requirement of seein' through the rows o' books? I haven't checked PSU yet, but just thought I'd throw this question out before I start the hunt m'self.