September 7th, 2008



Hey fellow Portlanders!

I'm trying to find a cheap three or four bedroom house and I've been using craigslist, but if anyone could comment me anymore good websites or know of any houses that size for rent I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Mini-snark about this evening.

Music Fest Northwest wristbands: Good if you don't have a preferrence for shows and are planning venue-hopping - Bad if you're using it as your ticket for a single show. We spent $25 each, rather stupidly, to stand in line outside the Crystal Ballroom for 2+ hours, while the friend we'd come to visit partied in the green room. The reason behind the wristband is that the wearer has paid admittance to any MFNW show in town for that night. It's well worth the money if that's what the buyer's anticipating. We'd bought it as an alternative ticket into the show, with real ticket-holders having space priority. So, we waited outside for hours after eating at Ringlers because, surprise, the place filled to capacity in our absence and we had to wait for people to leave to be let in. We hated ourselves when the exhaustion from standing in line made the appeal of the concert dwindle once we were finally there. Good thing I've seen Helio Sequence a ton already...we opted for bed thirty minutes into Menomena's set. Booze would have helped, but the waiting both kept us from beer and sobered us up from our previous drinking...

I'm sure it was a rockin night, cheers to whoever got to enjoy it :)
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Yesterday, my husband and I decided to check out this retro-ish mexican food place near our house in SE called the Original Taco House. A friend of ours had warned us that this place was mediocre, but we ignored him. What did he know?

I'm unhappy to report that it was worse than mediocre. Now, my husband and I LOVE mexican food, and we can easily tolerate "mediocre" tex-mex. But this was bad. Really, really bad.

A warning of sorts?

Slightly OT: How is Big Daddy's BBQ on Hawthorne? I love barbeque, and we usually go to Russell St. Barbeque for brisket, but it's a bit out of the way.
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portland geography

Where is the Tacoma Underpass where this started?

I hate when an article just says "SE Portland", where in SE Portland did this happen? Where in SE Portland is the water coming out all muddy?

May your breakfast be mud free. Unless, you know, you like that sort of thing.
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cheap car?

Dear DP

Where is the dirt-cheap-est place to rent a car from locally? For a week? Because mine is DEAD and he's working on another one for me but it won't be ready until the end of the week at best. And the buses near me don't run at night or on the weekend. Hell, they only run once an hour during the day as it is. (there are 2 lines, but they run 5 minutes apart, so if you miss 'em both, it's another hour wait) And I work at a birth center, and babies prefer to come in the middle of the night - I HAVE to have a car to get to work. And I can't afford to rent one. From which agency will it hurt the least?

My thanks.
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Tonight at the Aladdin!

On the way to breakfast this morning my husband and I drove by the Aladdin. We were rather surprised to see a line of people camped out all the way to the corner. I'm used to seeing lines around 4pm or later, but what band could have folks lined up at 11am? I looked a the marquee and did a double take. I asked my husband the date to confirm what I was seeing. The band they're lined up for?


Hanson?! The flash in the pan from how many years ago?! Seriously, to the 100 or so women and 3 men I saw out there this morning, why? For the love of music why?!

Football Sports Bars

Okay DPers,

   I know that buried in this city are huddled masses of football fans, particularly College and NFL Football fans.
I wondered if anyone has a favorite sports bar to watch games at? I'd be favoring bars that might show games in the Big Ten or NFL NFC North. Michigan Native, MSU alumni. I may be asking for too much, but I figured I'd take a shot.

  I exist without TV, so I'm looking for the occassional spot to catch a few games? Smoke free would be nice if possible simply because my football loving wife has asthma. :)

Here's hoping!

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power is out near the milwaukie & bybee intersection in southeast. anyone know what happened?

and to anyone else whose power is out right now, I just saw the power company's truck roll by on my street so I think they're starting to fix it. should be soon! hopefully. i've got salmon to grill. :D
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What do we do?

There is a black bird at my work. It has been hanging out every day for a month or so. It was a young bird as it had lots of downy feathers when it first started hanging out. I knew there was something odd about it because it always looked a little rugged around the edges and it is not afraid of people.

Last week a customer noticed something on its feet keeping it from walking. We checked it out and it has human hair tangled around its "toes." I got a closer look and it appears to be cutting off circulation to one in particular. It seems to be affecting the bird significantly as it will not stand for long and will choose instead to sit on the ground.

I grabbed it today in an attempt to cut the hair, but I realized that the hair is too tightly wound and would require four hands, and definitely hands less nervous than mine.

What should I do? Even if the bird is slightly retarded, I think it could survive at the shopping center where I work just fine as it receives plenty of food from customers. It just seems to me that this hair is hurting it. I'm afraid to call any county entity because I know they usually just kill injured fowl unless its population is notably limited.
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There's someone going through my and my neighbor's garbage right now and it's freaking me out and pissing off my dogs. They're probably looking for shit to recycle, but ffs, this is just creepy. Are there any laws in place to prevent this kind of thing?