September 5th, 2008

  • 836am

Broken rocking chair

Where would you go if you had a broken rocking chair to fix? It's a standard wooden rocking chair, and the "legs" have broken away from the seat, so they need to be completely remade and attached. Also, any ideas on how much this may cost? (The chair has sentimental value, so throwing it away/replacing it is not an option).

Thanks DPers!

Kittens available

My neighbor has 2 adorable 8 week old gray kittens that need forever homes.
They were spoken for but the homes fell through.
She has adopted the mom who is a stray...
One male and one female. Prospective homes will be confirmed since there are too many crazy people out there....
Message me! I can send you a pic.

Looking to commission a tailor

As I have no sewing ability myself, and after a searching online and not finding anything really matching what I was looking for, I have decided to ask around and possibly get some costumes custom made.

If you, or someone you know, does very nice work and has time to take on a few new projects, I would be greatful if you let me know or pointed them in my direction. Having samples of previous work would be a plus, but I realize that's not always possible. I also realize fabric and time can be expensive, but I really have no idea what some of these things would cost, so I am trying to get a ballpark figure.

One of the costumes I was looking for was something similar to Sebastian, the butler from the anime Kuroshitsuji. has a few decent pictures of a few variations on his costume.

If anyone has some ideas or suggestions, I am open to those as well.

However, I live in Junction City, so while I am not extremely far away, I'm not exactly local. But a friend suggested posting here anyway

Volunteer work

I know sometimes people post asking about volunteer work, well I am aways keeping my eye out for fun volunteer oppurtunity's and today since it's my day off and I am super relaxing I thought I would share a couple I found recently that are on-going and look really fun.
Here is the recent CL link

Also I was signed up for this for tomorrow but it has been postponed

the first is helping to build food gardens for low income people, and the second is harvesting fruit for the food banks (and you get to take some home too) and also a work shop on canning.

Both help the community and yourself! It's a WIN WIN
be still my little darling

dry cleaners?

Looking for inexpensive dry cleaners, preferably in Laurelhurst or Sunnyside, or near those neighborhoods... I already know about Tip Top on Burnside, but $6.20 for skirts and jackets, and $11 for a party dress is a bit too steep for me right now. Thanks, folks!
how I roll


Any you nerds out there play Magic? Or maybe just collect? What price guides, either online or in print, do you find reflect most accurately individual card prices, when cards are just sold from one person to another (i.e., not involving a card store)?

I am looking to move my collection of a few thousand cards and am currently inventorying and pricing. I've got mostly RV through Visions (plus a handful of older and newer ones), if anyone's interested.

buying a house

My partner and I are buying an house that is a foreclosure, so we're dealing with a bank. They've countered by offering us a "special warranty deed" rather than the usual warranty deed. I've googled and done what research I can but I'm mostly wondering in a practical sense, has anyone here been screwed by something like this before? How does this effect title conveyance?

Portland related because the house is in Portland...sort of.

Free futon frame in Sellwood

Walking home from the Acropolis tonight, I walked past a pile of free stuff. Just sitting on the sidewalk.

The biggest item was a metal futon frame, twin-sized. There were some other organizer-type crates and suchlike and whatnot.

It's on SE Umatilla between 19th and 21st (there is no 20th St. there) on the south side, in the darkness under a tree.

I love this damned community so much that I thought I'd share with y'all. I love you guys. Seriously. Go knock yourself out.

OK, not seriously. I'm just drunk. G'night.


So for the past ten or fifteen years I've been getting my haircuts at those low-end chain haircut places.. you know, Supercuts, Fantastic Sam's, McLawnmower, etc. Mostly, I'm okay with this. I'm an ordinary boy with a pretty ordinary hairstyle and I don't need to see some fancy stylist to get the job done.

Or so I thought.

I've been noticing that the nearby chain haircut place has been degrading in quality. They have managed to botch my haircut in subtle but effective (and irreparable, short-term) ways multiple times, and the problem is getting worse. It's gotten to the point where they do the opposite of what I tell them.

So, naturally, I'm going to bar the doors and pump flaming gasoline in through a vent through a hose. Or maybe not. We'll see. Meanwhile, I need to get a haircut about three weeks ago, and where can I go - preferably around Beaverton, wherein is my home - where I can get my hair cut by someone who doesn't have palsy, cataracts, or schizophrenia for a reasonable sum of gold?