September 4th, 2008

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So I'm trying to load a large picture (400/2500) onto Photobucket and when I did...well...
I got this. It's so tiny it's unreadable. Yet the image on my computer is 400/2500 still. What the hell is going on? It's only 281 K, nothing prohibitably large. I have larger pictures in memory saved on my account, so is it just the size? And why would it make it SO damn small?
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Thinking Virtuous Thoughts

In my quote of the day widget:

No one gossips about other people's secret virtues.
- Bertrand Russell

Let's prove ol' Bert wrong.

My honey feeds stray cats when no one is looking.
My friend Claire tries to make strangers smile by smiling at them on the street.
My buddy Doug has been known to prop found walking sticks up at trailhead signs "for the next guy"

Got any?
flowers in palm


good morning, DPers.

anyone else having killer allergies the past several days? what the hell are they from!? what's blooming now, or what is in the air that is plaguing us?

ETA: ragweed, maybe.
dont care

cheap furniture

Remember me? Well, I'm on the last leg of the four day drive from Orlando, set to arrive in Portland late this evening. My problem is, I won't have any furniture when I arrive! I'll be in NE Portland, and will only have my rental car for two days before I go car-less (car broke down and required $1700 repairs two days before I made the trip, I decided to say screw it and rent a car- I have dogs- to come up anyway). I'm on a tight budget for the next two weeks as this trip has been insanely expensive, so I want CHEAP furniture. I'm browsing craigslist of course, but if anyone knows of any other sources (other than IKEA), such as Goodwills that are close to the NE, or used furniture stores, please point me in that direction.


protesting against vapid, conservative Republicans

I had to pull this out from the Oregonian's online databank of archived articles:



Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) - September 30, 1990
Author: RANDY GRAGG - of the Oregonian Staff
Summary: The group's regurgitation of red, white and blue leaves a splashy statement for others to smell and dwell on

Was it protest? Was it political art?

Or was it just disgusting?

A group of more than 20 artists unveiled a bold new medium for artistic and political expression Monday -- vomit.

Calling themselves the Reverse Peristalsis Painters, the group upchucked in red, white and blue (or green, in some cases) to protest Vice President Dan Quayle's visit to Portland.

Describing the action as ``a work of public art,'' a flier the Painters distributed read, ``Look at the medium. Think about why it was chosen over conventional paint. Think about why Dan Quayle is visiting Portland. Look at our painting. Think about your government. Throw up your values.''

A random, bizarre event? Hardly. If you look closely at the flier distributed by the Painters, it bears a strong similarity to one distributed May 2 when an organization calling itself ``Group X'' changed many of Southwest Front Avenue's street signs to ``Malcolm X Avenue.''

Group X called its project a work of ``public sculpture'' and suggested viewers should consider why Front Avenue wasn't changed to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., rather than using that name for the east side's old Union Avenue .

``Think about Malcolm X,'' it read. ``Think about action. Think about means.''

Indeed, both projects were organized by the same core group of artists, according to John Doe, the group's spokesman who only agreed to be interviewed if his real name was not published. (Doe could face misdemeanor charges for the street sign change.)

Doe sees himself and his colleagues as part of a lineage of 20th-century avant-garde artists who combined revolutionary artistic spirits and political goals. ``What we're doing is part of a general postmodern trend, what the historian Peter Berger calls the undivorceable social aspect of art,'' Doe said. ``We're using art as a tool to elucidate issues.''

Yelling open-ended slogans like ``Scream and shout, U.S. out'' and ``Two, four, six, eight, we don't want your fascist state,'' the rally seemed more an uneasy alliance of anarchists than a concentrated resistance to the policies symbolized by J. Danforth Quayle.

The sight of the 20 Reverse Peristalsis Painters, lined up and clad in three-piece suits, stopped the demonstration cold. Their vomiting the colors of Old Glory was somewhere between active spectacle and passive resistance, baffling police and protesters alike.

Doe said that as the Painters formed their line among the demonstrators, police backups swarmed in, obviously not knowing what to make of 20 surly looking artists clad in suits.

``But when we started vomiting,'' Doe said, ``they just stood there confused. And among the crowd, all these mini-debates started raging over what it all meant and whether it was effective.''
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HELP, gotta stash my cat

so i have a wonderful 6-7 month old cat.  i just, er.... am not allowed to have her.  in my apartment, i mean.  because i already have a small dog (they know about the dog).  it is never an issue cuz she's quiet and she never leaves the apartment.  my lease is up in a couple of months, at which time we will be moving to a house, and she will no longer be an illegal kitty.  but we are having an inspection tomorrow and, uh, she can't be here. 

soooo, my options are the following:  i have the whole day free so i could, in theory, just take her around town with me.  i just don't know where we would go or how much she would like that (i'm guessing not so much).  also, i don't have a car.  option 2 is kitty daycare.  does this even exist?  anyone know of one that is reasonably priced?  i just need her to be out of the apartment from 9-5.  we are downtown/nw.  third option.... by any chance would any DPer like to house her for the day?  she is super affectionate and sweet, loves to be held, loves to curl up on your lap, she only scratches her post and has never scratched my furniture, she has never had a potty accident, she loves to play with other cats (she is pretty ridiculously energetic), and she is awesome with my 10 lb dog (i imagine she would be fine with bigger dogs as well, she is pretty fearless).  i will bake you cookies!  or give you beer!  whatever you would like.

help please?

ETA:  thanks for the suggestions!  turns out her vet will board her during business hours for free as long as she gets some sort of medical treatment done to her at some point during that time.  and she needs her last set of kitten shots, so....  yay!  problem solved.


does anyone know if the swifts are here yet?  i have missed them the last couple years and i don't want to miss them this year!

UPDATE: we went and it was totally awesome and definitely happening.  highly recommended if you have time this month!
Sticky Mr. Blimp!

LOST : Purse

My purse was taken from the front of my house yesterday (Wed 3rd) located
at Lombard/Mckenna.

It is a smaller purse, hot pink, with a single shoulder strap -
it has a pink splatter pin located in the lower right corner.

Inside :

*my hello kitty wallet w/ my Washington State ID
*my cell phone : virgin mobile make- that is thin and black
*my calender

No questions asked, just want these items back.
Keep the cash - don't care.

Feel free to return purse to The Sundown Pub - located
at 5903 N. Lombard
Portland, OR 97203
Alone in the Dark

Dear DamnPortlanders

I need your penny-pinching advices again!
I have a little boy kitty who badly needs his newly acquired testosterone producing balls snipped off. And, as per usual, I'm broke.
Where is the cheapest place to go when seeking to spay/neuter a cat? Aside from DIY or scary guy with a pair of scissors and a sadistic grin.
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Sesh Wind


Hio... So, after years of plotting, I am finally attempting to make the trip to Portland in a couple of weeks to see if it really is the city of my dreams (as told by numerous quizzes and

Will anyone recommend a place to stay? Preferably by OHSU (I am not too familiar with the geography of the city... Sorry!). I would prefer not to spend too much money, more than 120 a nightx2. Amenities do not really bother me as I hope to explore the city and not spend too much time at the place.

Domo arigato!


Hawthorne Hostel: Yay or Nay?

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So I've got a friend whose birthday is tomorrow. Problem is he lives in Indiana. So I want to get him something suitably Oregonian, but it's got to be easy to mail (he won't mind if the present is a little late, btw, since overnight mailing is ungodly expensive).

What should we get him to give a taste of the Pacific Northwest (and possibly convince him to come out here)?
My strings have been cut and now here i

all right DP... Party time?? i hope...

so whats a girl to do in Portland for her 25th birthday? I turn 25 tomorrow and i want something grand to do for my birthday... and i drink, so i am pretty much open for any bar suggestions or great clubs... oh yeah and i have a car (which i WONT be driving, i reserve that for my d.d.) so i don't have to worry about travel...
catherine tate- sqeezed my boobs

Senior Project

Hey guys! I am a senior in high school this year, and I have to do a year long senior project (known as Capstone). As part of my research for this, I would love to survey a few of you. If you consider yourself to have a 'career', you are who I need!

I am especially looking for those in any sort of medical field, but all are welcome. If you are interested, just reply with your email address. There should only be about 5-10 questions, and any input and all would be great. If you know of anyone else outside this community who might be able to help, please forward on the link. I would greatly appreciate it. =)

Thank you in advanced.

contraceptive sponges

I'm interested in trying contraceptive sponges. The only brand I've really seen is the Today sponge, so I looked on Amazon and they want $50 for a box of three! I was floored.

Does anyone have experience buying these locally? Where are they sold, and what did you pay for them?

Alternatively, I know that some women have trouble using these. If you bought some and are no longer using them, maybe we can talk about some kind of swap or monetary exchange.

Lobster Love

Ladies, are you currently taking Lutera?

I got three months worth today and realized this evening that I am unwilling to switch to an estrogen based pill. If you are currently taking Lutera and are in need, please contact me here or at my email:

sun_smiling (a) me (.) com

If you have any comments about HBC's and want to hijack my post, feel free!
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en route to the science library

tenant lawyers?

Hey DP -

I'm living in a house in Happy Valley right now, and - surprise! - found out three weeks ago that our landlords are being foreclosed on. The house goes on auction in January, and our lease extends until June, so I'm pretty sure that our lease is voided.

My roommate talked to one of the two landlords today, and he indicated that they have zero intention of freeing us from our lease (or changing it to month-to-month) and intend for us to continue living here and paying rent until the property goes on auction. Obviously, we're eager to get out of here and away from this situation as quickly as possible. In the meantime we're continuing to pay our rent and otherwise being good tenants until we know we can legally leave.

Our next step appears to be finding a tenant lawyer, and I have zero experience in this area and have no idea where to start.

Given the current economic circumstances, I figure I am not the only DPer who has gone through this recently. Any advice or tips, anyone?

Much thanks in advance!