September 3rd, 2008


Dannybear in the woods

Portland you are my friend. So please, friend and friends, let me know what your *very favorite* camping locations are in the 1-2 hour drive range from here. The boyfriend and I are planning a romantical getaway this weekend and I would absolutely love to hear your suggestions, gripes, and raves/rants about campsites you know about. We already did Bagby last week so someplace else would be rad to check out. We love water*** and we want to have Brokeback Mountain sex without being lynched plz. Thanks!


update: Any campfire recipes ya'll got? I grew up in a Megalopolis of 13 million people and camping to me was waiting at the bus stop for too long, and homeless folks did it much better than I did. So any recipes are welcomed and a twist on the classic s'more would be fun to know too!
Xmas Socks

Game Night!

Have you thought to yourself, "Gee. I'm single and in my 20s or 30s and I would LOVE to go and meet some new, fun people and/or eat some food and/or drink some beer? And maybe even play some card or board games like Uno, Bullshit, Jenga, etc?" Well then Sir/Madam, today's your lucky day! Today, being the first Wednesday of the month (We also meet on the third Wednesday), is game night at the Lucky Lab!

Come and join us at 1945 NW Quimby starting at about 700pm and going until about 1000 or whenever everyone starts to leave. Bring a friend and/or a game or two. We'd love to have you!
little blue dog


I live in NoPo, work downtown, and spend most of my spare time within city limits ... mostly in N, NE, or SE Portland. Road trips usually take me along the I-5 corridor, and recent travels out of state usually find me in metropolitan areas.

I'm telling you all this because currently I'm a T-Mobile subscriber looking to switch to AT&T, and I'd like to try to predict what kind of reception I can expect. If any AT&T subscribers out there in DP-land regularly skulk around in the areas I listed above, can you give me your impression of any dead spots you've encountered, and whether or not you think it's your model of phone?


Dear People

I was wondering if any of you have used synthetic urine to pass a U/A? Did it work? Do any of the rest of you have any other ways you have passed (aside from not smoking it in the first place)?
  • marykae

Super Nice Desks, Cheap

"We can't get rid of our desks and we need them gone by tomorrow! Do you have any creative ideas in that brain of yours"

So my office is trying to get rid of a couple desks. They are listed at $200 each, but We pretty much need them gone by tomorrow and no one is biting on our ads (well they are, but the desks are rather large, and that changes their minds).

So if you are interested, just reply to the Craigslist ad and let us know you read my post (my irl name is Marykae too) on LJ and I am pretty sure you can get a good deal from the people handling it.

We're advertising them within the building as well as "make an offer."

(office stuff not included!)

edit: You CAN reply to me if you'd like, I will just forward your reply to the appropriate party for an answer and it may take longer.
at the end of the rainbow is me

a slight variation on the usual theme.

Hi Damn Portlanders,

I have a couple of damn questions:

1. Do you guys volunteer with any local service or non-profit organizations? Where? How do you like it? I'm doing one day a week with Habitat but am looking for other good, well-run, worthwhile groups.

2. I am also, like everyone, it seems, looking for work. I'm going back to graduate school next year for architecture, so ideally I would love to find an admin-type position at a Portland architecture or interior design firm to gain exposure to the profession. I know it's a longshot, but if anyone has any leads, they would be much appreciated.

3. Let the snarking commence. :)


Personal shopper? Tailor?

I've fallen into a rut with my wardrobe, and now that I'm losing some weight I'd like to climb out of my rut. So I turn to the Best Damn Community on LJ for help.

Anyone recommend (or is) a personal shopper? Someone who can help me dress better-er and suchlike and whatnot? I'd like a look that's casual but not cheap looking, and fits my short 'n' stocky frame, and maybe makes me look ten feet tall. I'm hoping for a miracle, here.

And in the same vein, how about a tailor to make off-the-rack clothes fit? I asked about this before and people suggested The Duchess, so perhaps I'll finally follow up on that recommendation. But if anyone's got any other tailor-iffic suggestions I'm all ears.

spontaneous vacation

My husband and I want to celebrate our anniversary somewhere exciting - maybe even somewhere that we would have to fly to.  It has snuck up on us and is in just a couple weeks.  We are not rich by any means, so are looking for some amazing last-minute vacation deal to...pretty much anywhere.  What are your favorite sites to find this kind of thing?  I figure we might be able to find some great deal since we're so flexible, but am not sure how to find one - every site I find requires you to know your destination.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

(no subject)

I know this is Portland so what I'm about to say is sacrilege, but Sarah Palin just fuckin' KILLED it. Witty, funny (her barbs on Obama were straight up Tina Fey style) and a milf and a half. Yeah yeah sure she's a baby-killa hata' and a gun toting, moose burger eatin Jesus freak, BUT STILL! People really underestimated her, regardless of how much you disagree with her.

Worried Rodney

Anybody in North Portland missing a dog?

Specifically, the St. Johns/University Park area. Medium size, brown and white, looks like a spaniel. I saw him (or her) running down Portsmouth towards Lombard, tried to get close to it, but it ran away before I could grab him. Eventually ran into three other people trying to catch the same dog at the Hodge and Harvard intersection, but he took off down Hodge heading towards Lombard.

He didn't look like he had a collar, and he wouldn't let people get any closer than five or six feet before it ran off. One of the other people was on the phone with somebody talking about the dog, but I didn't get to ask if it was Animal Control.

If it is your dog (or you know whose dog it is), hope this helped narrow down the search a little and good luck finding him!