September 2nd, 2008

street of excess, i mean, dreams

okay, maybe i am behind the times here but it seems as if portlanders are paying $17.50 a person to visit uber expensive  and excessive homes at the street of dreams. 
and i just read that you can bring your kids, ages 6+ for another $6, and that little kids get in for free...but you can't carry them in your baby backpack. ridiculous.

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The downtown library is currently displaying a bunch of letters relating to its longstanding literary arts lecture series. I rather enjoyed this one:
16 February 1989
Dear Ms. Mancini,
I regret the trouble and cost you endured in writing to invite me to Portland, but the sad truth is that I do not travel.
I am so fortunate as to live on a small island in peace and serenity and I never willingly leave it, except, in emergencies, for short distances over short periods of time.
There is absolutely no chance that I will ever be in Oregon under any circumstances.
Please forgive me.
Isaac Asimov
burn it down

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Someone has stolen come to the conclusion that they could put my bike to better use than I. It was last seen near Couch park, NW 19th and Hoyt on September 1st.
I would like to waterboard them discuss this theory with them over a cup of tea. If you see this bike around, could you be a dear and punch them in the face as hard as you can let me know? Either a description/location here, or my landline @ 503,two 4 three, fourteen 50.
Thank you all.

2001 Gary Fisher KaiTai mountain bike, black w/ red & yellow accents. Pretty much all stock, looks just like the pic. (yes, even the toe clips)

Come work with me!!!!

My work is hiring! Since damnportlanders has the best damn people in Portland I figure one of you might want this job!

I work at Mt. Scott Animal Clinic in SE Portland (84th and Foster) and we are currently hiring for a full time receptionist. Starting pay is DOE but somewhere around $10/hour.
The catch is you MUST have prior office experience and prior vet experience is even better!

We're looking to fill this position ASAP as one of our receptionists just put in her 2 weeks notice :(

We're a pretty fun group to work for. There's a grand total of 12 of us on staff, including you. You will enjoy health care benefits, dental benefits, and AMAZING pet discounts. Seriously if you have a pet it is almost worth working here JUST for the discount.
If you want more info you can email me ( or drop off a resume at our clinic. No phone calls please :)

Oh yeah, we have a website too!

carpooling or something like it

Ok. I arrive to Portland (well Beaverton) September 22 and start at my job the 29. My problem is that it is all the way in Troutdale....
Does anyone commute from Beaverton (or really near there) to Troutdale? If so, and our work times are comparative would it be possible to commute with you? I will gladly help with gas money.
emails would be awesome.

DP birthdays of September say hey!

Which one are you?

DP Virgos & Libras of September!

The day of...
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18) Internal Mystery - praenomenal, golden_nights
19) Fine Appearance - folkhero aka mad_sketcher aka "cinnamon guy" :P
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Comment below and I'll just look up the "meditation." :)
and to know more comment in my Birthdays post w/ your September bday and I'll quote a paragraph from your 2 pages from Secret Language of Birthdays; Goldschneider & Elffers. That way I can keep up easier. :)

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The Sarah Palin game:

There seems to be so much rumor swirling around Sarah Palin, that I think we should create more. After all, the more stuff we make up, the more likely it is to be true.
Of course, they shouldn't be scandalous rumors.

More along the lines of

"Sarah Palin tried to plant the world's northernmost palm tree in the Wasili town square, but it died"


Denizens of Portland!

Should you come across a black ipod in your craigslist perusing with the words "Leeloo and the mouse" engraved on the back, please contact me.

My car was broken into last night in the so called secure parking garage within which it regularly resides.
The bike wielding bandit was seen leaving the garage around 1am, sporting a very blue small duffle bag, also previously within my possession. I am not terribly broken up over this loss, but have very little faith in this system.

Thank you for your time.

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Cuil was a massive failure consisting of smaller "fail particles" that were constructed of 100% USDA grade A Fail, and Knol was an embarrassing alternative to Wikipedia that seemed appealing only to a microscopic demographic that thinks authorship and profits trump collective neutrality. But whatevz, today the news is Chrome, Google's new browser (

Anyone checked it out? I'm guessing the thrill is in the actual framework because to my eyes it looks like Opera coded by craigslist... not that I have a problem with minimalism, but I'm an cynical elitist who assumed everyone else required bulky add-ons and flashy, blinky, schizo buttons adorning every pixel of real estate to find a browser remotely worthy of use.

Will Chrome last? Or is this the next Safari for Windows?

Also, from Chrome's TOS:

"By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the services and may be revoked for certain services as defined in the additional terms of those services."

Does this mean if you're The Sartorialist, bikesnobnyc, or any other relatively well known blogger, and you just so happen to post content using Chrome, that Google can then transmit your shit anywhere since they now have a worldwide license to reproduce and even modify that content? As a precautionary measure, I'm submitting this with Firefox lest I come back in 15 minutes to find a post with my name next to it... singing the praises of Chrome.
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LOLPalin continuez~!

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) – Republican National Committee co-chair Jo
Anne Davidson mistakenly referred to the party's presumptive vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, as "Sarah Pawlenty" at the Republican National Convention Tuesday.
London Calling
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Rock Band 2 Preview Night at Ground Kontrol

Tonight at 8:00PM, Ground Kontrol's Rock Band Tuesdays will be hosting a Rock Band 2 Preview Night with Rock Band 2 Lead Designer Dan Teasdale and Harmonix Audio Producer Heather Wilson. The new instrument peripherals should be available to preview and every song in Rock Band 2 available to play (except for Guns N Roses' "Shackler's Revenge" which Harmonix isn't allowed to be made available to the public until RB2's release on Sept. 14th).

If you didn't go to PAX and want to check RB2 out this will be a great opportunity, as well as a rare chance to talk face to face with some developers of the game.

Espresso machine repair?

I'm new to the SE Portland area and wondered if anyone knows of any (good) espresso machine repair shops here in town? I have a vintage la Pavoni that my great aunt purchased in Italy in the 1950's, but hasn't been touched since the mid 70's. I'd love to have it checked out and rewired if needed.

Many thanks for any suggestions!

Public service anouncement

Those of you who are going to the Mogwai show tomorrow, and value your hearing might want to consider bringing earplugs. I saw them last time they were in town, and it was seriously the loudest show I've ever been to. seriously, they brought all their own speakers and amps because they wanted the extra power.

If you're desperate and you see me, I just bought a ten pack of ear plugs so I might have extras on me. That is all.


Anybody on here (or have recommendations for) a lawyer that deals with unsafe work environment stuff?

Husband has issues with things at various levels - one individual as well as work areas and management. So across the board.


Foodie request.

Would any of you be able to reccomend a good place, where one might find a decent won ton soup, Udon, and or some where one can find authentic Chinese food.  If at all possible I am looking for the non-standard (if you can find it at a Panda Express i don't want it) stuff.

Mad props for locations in SE


So Kumoricon was crazy fun as always but now that I am a dealer and panelist the con was so very different.  I am going to be up loading some pics of the con but most of my photos will be up on and kumoricon as I was their photographer this year.  I am still so happy and excited about that.

Did any one else go to Kumoricon??

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