September 1st, 2008



Hey guys,

I'm thinking about taking a day trip to Bend sometime soon- no particular reason, I don't really know a thing about it. I've done some cursory research on tripadvisor, wikipedia, etc. and checked their weekly (not great), but perhaps some of you know better-

Is it worth a visit? Concentrated areas of neat coffeeshops/stores/etc.? Good hiking around there that you have firsthand experience with? Must-visit places?

If it's really lame, are there any other neat/unique towns in OR or WA (close enough for a day trip) that you might recommend for a visit?

thanks. you guys are quite possibly the most helpful lj community I've posted in! I can even take the snarking, because it's usually accompanied by some good info.

Ever wanted to get on to reality tv?


I'm currently working on a project for an internet based reality tv show.  This is not a "rock of love" or some other show that's meant to make you look like an ass- This show will be featuring some of the unique personalities of Portland and I am currently looking to find those people.  Do you think your life is interesting?  Are you an extreme vegan? addicted to WOW? religous zealot? a stripper? transgendered? punk rocker? larper? Perhaps you're just going through an interesting time in your life?  If you are interested in piloting this project that would allow you to tell your tale please email me at dalewoodruff at g mail. com for more details.

Also- I'd love to connect with anybody who has video editing skills and is looking to give me a hand in the project.  I'm certain your machinema skill beat the crap out of my windows movie maker skils.

I'm looking forward to sharing with you the fruit of this labor.

John Locke on Lost = John McCain

Am I the only one that sees this resemblance?? I've thought it for months now and it keeps seeming slightly more true. I only watch the show via DVD though, so I'm just now getting towards the end of Season 3. Maybe everything changes, maybe I'm smoking crack, or maybe there's an obvious parallel there. What do you think?

Metallica - Cyanide

There's still gotta be some Metallica love out there, right?

"Death Magnetic" comes out Sept. 12th

And no I'm not getting paid for this. "St. Anger" sucked so hard, I'm trying to convince myself that "Death Magnetic" wont.


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Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, and Nicole Salazar were arrested and charged with conspiracy to riot.

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These people are journalists for fuck's sake. They were covering the protests, and were arrested for it.

Please Call And Lodge Complaints

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman

Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak
(612) 673-2100
(612) 673-3000 outside Minneapolis

There is no democracy without a free media.

Please spread this far and wide.

edit: Amy Goodman has been released, her crew is still in custody