August 31st, 2008

Mr Yuk


Ok, fess up. Which one of you broke the weather?

Fess up to it now and you won't get grounded (as much).

I need to know what you did so I can FIX IT! I want my warm days and nights back!
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Watch yourself while driving this weekend. It seems the cops are trying to catch up on their ticket quota for the month and are a little eager. The boyfriend just got a $242 ticket for "failing to maintain safe distance from emergency vehicle" (he slowed but didn't change lanes when he passed the pulled over patrol car - apparently thats a no-no).
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I'm Queen of the Road (soon)

I'm taking my driving test on Friday at the NE 82nd Avenue DMV. Is there anything special I should know about specific to this location (stuff they focus more/less on than other locations, etc.) ? Portland-area DMV offices in general? General advice?

Also, has anyone ever passed on the first try?
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best friends

la communauté française à Portland

Salut. Je m'appelle Taylor et je suis une étudiante à PSU qui cherche l'occasion de garder mon français et rencontrer des Francophones à Portland. J'aimerais bien avoir des amis avec qui je peux parler en français et partager la culture française. J'habitais à Montréal pendant 2 ans et j'ai étudié français depuis 5 ans. Si vous êtes intéressé de me rencontrer, laisser une commentaire ou envoyer un email à


Bagby Questions

Hey does anyone have any experience taking a dog with you to Bagby? What did you do when you went to the springs? Are dogs allowed and did you take it with you on the hike to the springs? I'm just wondering because the BF has a pug named Otis and we wanted to go today. Thanks so much!
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Salvaged vintage construction materials in Portland ?

I'm trying to find a store or salvage yard that sells old salvaged moldings or shelves etc or planter boxes.  I picked up an old paned window the other day and want to put an old window box underneath it and display it as yard art on my fence but haven't had any luck on craigslist with what I want specifically and I'd rather just walk thru the store or yard and look at salvaged building materials and see what catches my eye.

Any suggestions on where to look? Bonus points if it's on the SE side of town. :o)

Thanks in advance.

illegal to poster?

I just came across this:

Portland, Oregon City Code

14.20.070 Advertising on Streets.
A. It is unlawful for any person to scatter notices or advertisements on any street
right-of-way or to post a notice or advertisement anywhere on a street right-of-way or
upon the exterior of a public building.

So why do I see all the band posters and yard sale signs? Are there designated poles? Street right of way? Hm?
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Streetcar lesson for the day

That buzzing sound means that the ramp is going down.

Crowding really close to the door and pushing the door open button numerous times just confuses the door. If everyone crowds really close and keeps pushing "door open," the ramp will probably retract and NOBODY will be able to get off until the next stop. This will probably happen when the person who pushed the ramp request is too tired and hungry to think entirely clearly, or to be able to be very polite.
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Is anyone else having issues with Comcast internet flaking out? Our connection keeps getting dropped anywhere from every five minutes to every 3 hours, just for a second. I can sit here and watch the modem blank out, then come back up. We've had two techs out, one who replaced the cables (which did nothing) and another who dug around a bit and said it was a neighborhood thing and they'll have someone come out on Tuesday to fix it. It's extremely annoying :\

ETA: I'm in Aloha/Elmonica...and apparently this has been going on to a less extreme extent since that big storm we had about two weeks ago :|
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she blinded me with science!

Uncle Thrall wants YOU... roll Horde on The Venture Co (RPPVP)!

Tired of chasing the elusive end game? Sick of PUGs? Want to play with local friends? Missed out on the 60 raid content? Not going to see all the 70 content before Wrath goes live? Never played WoW and have no idea what we're talking about? Join us!

My girlfriend and I are forming a guild of local players who want to give up their obsession with progression and loot, stop and smell the [Red Rose]s, and appreciate the game as an interactive work of art. I'm bankrolling the guild and providing game and technical assistance for any newbies. I'll also host a guild page and contribute a significant chunk of the cost of getting our own Vent if I can get small contributions from a few other people. And, once we get going, I'll organize meetups!

Email with your availability for the next week or two. I'd like to get the guild formed as early as tomorrow afternoon, and then I'll invest the time and money to flyer game stores and other likely locations. My goal is to recruit at least 50, and preferably over 100 local players.
Doctor Who?

Ballerina's fracture...

So I managed to break one of my metatarsals while running down the stairs today. This is, of course, three weeks to the day until I leave by my lonesome for a three-month internship in Cape Town, South Africa. I've never been out of commission, foot-wise, before, and now I'll be stuck on crutches or with a walking cast for the next six weeks.

I kind of don't even know where to start with this, but I feel like my fellow clumsy Portlanders might have been in similar situations before. Any tips, tricks? Ways to stop feeling so hobbled and useless?

And one always important question: does the old garbage bag + rubber band trick really work for moisture-free showering?
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