August 30th, 2008


Where does Sarah Palin, the new GOP VP nominee, come from?

Until 2 years ago, all of her political experience came from being mayor of this town:

Wasilla, AK population 5500

Where the hell is that?

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Of course, she also has two years experience as Governor of Alaska. Here's a blog describing what she's done in her time there. (Which is where I took that picture from as well.)

Portland related because fuck the GOP.

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My mom just called me and told me she wants to go find a Wii for my dad's birthday in like an hour and she checked on best buy's website and they're sold out.
Are those things still selling out as soon as they get them in stock?
Is there any where you can find them?

Anybody have an extra room?

I suppose it never hurts to ask-

I moved down this way about a month ago and I have been staying with some friends in their very crowded house. I'd like to give them a little space- but I also need to save up some money for deposit and such - So I'm looking for an inexpensive (400$) room/basement/garage that I can rent for a month or two.

I'm mostly looking for homeowners in this because despite a long line of positive rental history - my most recent landlord is retaliating against me for insisting that she give me 24 hours notice before showing my place to perspective tenants. While this situation will likely need to go to court (she has threatened me over and over that she's going to leave me a large bill upon my move out) i am needing to save money for a larger deposit then I'm used too. While I've never been asked to pay a higher deposit than the minimum in the past, most recently I've been asked to pay larger deposits due to the references from this landlord.

who am I? I'm this guy (video taken a year ago- i have a job now a days)

and this guy :

oh- and I work on swan island, so hopefully something near there. Thanks for your consideration :)
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hey DPers who are college football fans!

happy labor day weekend. any Sooners fans here? are there any "sooners bars" in town? (i ask because i have been told there are "steelers bars"....)

Acoustic Everclear Concert 09/21 7pm

I am selling tickets!

Art Alexakis from Everclear is going to give an Acoustic Everclear Benefit Concert for Indigo Rescue" at the Wonder Ball Room on September 21st. If you're not familiar with Everclear, they're one of very few national acts who are from Portland. They regularly tour the country and will actually be flying in from a tour on Sunday morning and performing for us that night! This will be their first concert in Portland in over a year and the first time they have given an entirely acoustic performance. Opening for Everclear will be the rapidly up-and-coming Sneakin' Out. TWO GREAT BANDS in one night.

This is HUGE news and a HUGE opportunity for Indigo Rescue!

An auction will be held at the concert. Items include a Taylor Guitar donated by Art Alexakis and signed by the band, an Original 8X10 Photo of the legendary Andy Warhol, and our infamous $14,800 Diamond Ring.

General Admission Tickets for $30 (standing room only).

VIP Tickets for $50 include reserved seating, private bar, and a Meet and Greet with the band! VIP tickets are limited and selling quickly!
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drink me!

if you were a frou and you had the following.....

lime ade
triple sec

how would you make the most tastiest possbile beverage?

(oh, and you can't find your blender because you are packing to move to portland.)
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So, a while ago(like months, maybe years) someone posted a game that they loved to play on the internetz. The game in question involved blocks in space.
Obviously being vague is in vogue.