August 29th, 2008

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Tank of Gas getaways

My sweetie and I just spent a couple of days planning a local holiday for my birthday--i.e., not more than an hour or three's drive, cheap, beautiful, low-key. It's Labor Day weekend, so I figured some other folks may also be looking for close-in trips.

Just thought I'd pass along the Tank of Gas trip planner. (Looks handy if you're seeking inspiration, or a neat, easy-to-use summary of what's within your local travel budget.)

Happy weekend!
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Blah blah vice president blah blah... THIS is important news.

They have rehab centers for sex addiction?

Even *I* want to have sex with David Duchovny. I can just see some poor housewife in the group, finally making a breakthrough, and Fox Mulder walks in and declares that all he wants to do is fuck all day.


If I'm in a sex addict group, I want Danny DeVito, Madeline Albright, Carrot Top, and maybe some chick who won a Bella Abzug look-alike contest. Oh, and Dr. Laura running the whole thing. I'd want my boner killed for good.


Beauty - HUH?

Jug support?

Hey Portland,

Where can a girl considered unsizeable (small ribcage, large cups) by most department stores and national lingerie chains find a great service and a wide selection of bras? I'm hoping to find a boutique where a friend and I can get sized by someone who knows what they're taking about, while avoiding paying out the nose. As a desperate but poor student, I'd like to keep it under $100 for a basic bra, nothing fancy.

Any recommendations? Bonus points for west side, but I'm just desperate enough to try anything at this point.

It's movin' time!

Hey Portlanders. It's time to leave our home way out by the airport and I am looking for information on rentals in the Laurelhurst area. It would seem everyone I know lives there and I really love the neighborhood. So, I am going to start walking the neighborhood this weekend looking for some for rent signs but figured I'd ask here if anyone comes across one. Please let me know if anyone spots a for rent sign in a window during their travels anywhere around that area. We are hoping for a 2 bedroom small house or apartment. Thanks in advance!

Ugh, monopolies.

So I just got an unpleasant surprise in my inbox--a Comcast bill that's $30 more than usual. I should've been expecting it since we just hit the 1-year mark and our promotional rate apparently expired, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

I seem to recall someone mentioning at some point that if you call them, they'll be able to offer you promotions even if you're a current customer...has anyone ever tried this and gotten a decent deal? (I tried using LJSeek to find the post, but to no avail.) If not, I'm seriously thinking of switching to Verizon since we can get the FiOS TV service, but I'm a little put off by the fact that you have to sign a contract.

Any advice is appreciated. Oh, and I already know Comcast is evil, kthxbye.
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Wolf Eat

Who's present?...

So, I'm bored now and it's not evening so I'm now opening the Friday Afternoon No-life Club, and we will slowly progress into the evening club..

Where is everyone? I bet you jerks are working, aren't you? Geez...

And, for some kind of conversation topic, I got a tattoo five days ago:

Thank you Manny at Hotrod Bettie's for my celtic Leo symbol.

I also got my tongue pierced, but it doesn't look as cool right now. =P

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Aladdin's view

Hi all, I've lived in Portland for a year and a half now and there's one thing I've yet to really, really find: a place with sacred city views.  The esplanade is cool for views of downtown, and the bridges are nice, but loud and there's no place to sit and read or watch the sunset.  Tabor is nice as well, but I'm after more of a panorama and a place more centrally located.  

The HUB on Powell has some decent views as well, but again... I want that sacred panorama.  I heard once that theres a way up to the 5th floor of the City Liquidators building... which would be amazing.  I'm after something like that.  Anyone care to share their discoveries?  I''m not after trouble, but I wouldnt mind pushing through some if-y doors and risking getting kicked out.  Remember the Disney cartoon Aladdin? When our hero takes Jasmine to his abode and shares his view of the city?  Thats what I'm after. Minus the princess.  Minus the monkey.  Minus the potential violence.
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Hello everyone,
I know there are some good dancing joints like soul squeeze down at goodfoot, and 80's dancing over at Lolas room and the Fez. But I was hoping someone could enlighten me to some new dancing venues that aren't so meat market prone. I really appreciate the info!

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Swedish Chef
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Good news, bad news

Bike riding down Hawthorne tonight, I was thrilled to see the new branch of Por Que No? had opened. Best damn taqueria in Portland IMHO, and the crowd stretching out on the sidewalk must have agreed.

However, I also noticed Big Daddy BBQ was closed for good. Terribly sad. They were the second best pulled pork barbeque I've found in Stumptown. I will miss it. :-(
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Labor Day?

So hey, I know that the point of Labor Day is to not do anything, but it's the last day both my girlfriend and I get off of work before school starts, and since it's her birthday too, I want to show her a good time.  Does Portland do anything cool for Labor Day?
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looking for a stylist

i am a curly girl and am looking for a stylist to help me get this wildness in check.  there is a "curly girl" following that all started with a book.  it has to do with no shampoo.  i am all for it and will happily get on board as soon as the book shows up and gives me the details.  now i just need someone else who is on board with this also a curly girl...and won't charge me lots of money to cut my hair. 
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Kumoricon DP meet-up?

As per the discussion in the previous thread, I think for those attending Kumoricon, a mini DP meet-up sort of thing is in order, me thinks. As discussed in this thread and suggested by blackjackrocket....

Kumoricon Meet up! At 1:00, pm, on Saturday!


At Holladay park, which is right across from the hotel/Lloyd Center. I'm sure there will be Con goers scattered about anyways. We can freak out the locals :)

Sound good? Yes. Be there, or be square! C'mon, don'tcha want to meet some of the local DP anime freaks?

I figured it couldn't hurt to toss this out there or try to orchestrate such a thing. And if not, I'm sure we'll all somehow stumble across eachother at the Con anyways....

See ya then?