August 27th, 2008

Ok all your married folks

I am engaged and we are trying to find a place to have our special day. We are not looking to get married in a church and would prefer to get married out side. Like a winery or something. So fine folks of Portland Where did you get married????

On the topic of leafblowers

As I sit here and plug my ears because of the 2 leablowers pointlessly moving air and leaves around at the expense of our atmosphere, I ask you if we should start seriously thinking about banning gas powered blowers and introducing quiet and electric ones in our city.


Should we ban gas powered leafblowers in the city of Portland?

Yes! They are a nuisance and it would reduce pollutants in the air.
No! I enjoy being awakened in the morning to pointless noise and combustion!
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Serious need for assistance

I need suggestions for a good Portland area family law attorney to discuss non-parental visitation rights and possible custody of my 12 year old half brother. Our father died this weekend and his mother is starting to sound like I will not be allowed to see him again and I want to discuss my rights with a professional.

Thank you all in advance.

Edit -
Thanks for all your well wishes. The folks at 1800Divorce were able to assure me that I do have rights in this matter. I will pursue non litigious means of settling this but at least now I know that if push comes to shove that I would have a case. Again, thank you all.

Extra home phone?

Anyone have a cordless phone and answering machine laying around they no longer need? I need one for the house as an office line. I've been looking at CL but thought I'd throw it out there on DP. I can pick it up and pay cash.
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Car mechanic?

Hey guys,

A friend of mine is going to buy a car in the next few days and wants to get it checked out by a mechanic first. He spoke to some mechanic in Portland who said it would cost around $135, but that seems a bit steep to me. Taking into account the fact that it's a 1990 Lexus, does anyone have suggestions for a reputable mechanic that might not charge an arm and a leg? And, while we're at it - does anyone know legal policies regarding deposits put down on cars with dealers? This same friend was a bit hasty (and is new to car buying) and put a deposit down for 10% of the purchase price which was, in retrospect, not a smart move. Does he have any chance of getting the money back if he doesn't purchase the car?

Thanks in advance!
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First to say a lame joke!

In honor of our group's favorite DJ, I'll just say that Gustav really blows.

Thank you. I'll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

(Seriously, this is about the same track and strength as Katrina - and hitting on the first day of the Republican National Convention. If only people talking about Gustav have some sort of memory three years back, this is going to be nasty ugly.)
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It's mystery solvin' time!

HAY DeePee!

I gots a couple questions for you guys!

1. Does anyone in our wonderful city know where to get Panchos Cheese Dip?

2. Does anyone have an old Apple USB keyboard and mouse that you're not using that you'd be willing to part with?

I <3 you guys!
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(no subject)

So, who all's going to Kumoricon this weekend?

On an unrelated topic, I was in Canada last weekend and I absolutely fell in love with Canada Dry with Green Tea. Now, I know they sell Canada Dry in the states, but I've never seen that variety. Would this be acessable in this area or do I have to take a particularly long trip to obtain it?

And yes I know it won't taste the same what with American sodas using corn syrup and Canadian sodas using sugar, but I still want to try.
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Most random harebrained idea ever:

My friend and I would like to road trip to Salt Lake City to see Leathermouth play. The actual concert is about $15 and is all ages. We figured the gas cost and it'll be around $230. We really can't afford that so we decided to see if any Oregon fans would wanna go?

This is gonna be a slightly ghetto trip, i.e. Sleeping in the car and probably BEING in the car almost the entire time. (I'm bringing a sleeping bag.)

Anyone hardcore enough to hang with two, or more, strangers for two days to see the AMAZING LEATHERMOUTH?

We, me and my friend, are a 23 yr old gal(robot) and a 26 yr old dude(fagbot). Neither of us are threathening in anyway, we just have random crazy ideas that we try to make work.

The "plan" AKA CRAZYNESS will begin with our departure at 4am on Saturday morning, hopefully arriving around 3pm. The show starts at 6pm, we think, at Club Sound. Once the show is over we'll sleep in the car until morning then we'll drive back and arrive Sunday evening.


Sidenote: please be 18+, have your $58 up front, and not randomly kill us. I'll have mace! We could also look into splitting a hotel room if all folks involved are interested.



If anyone has any friends interested, send them my way!
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Anyone need a bed?

New to Portland? Need a bed set? I'm moving to Seattle (frowny face x 1000000) next week and need to get rid of mine and all that comes with it!

Bed is a high quality, Premier Plush, Stearns & Foster Queen made in Portland! Only a year old, perfectly firm, and great for normally sore backs. I've slept like a baby every night in this wonderful bed. I'm sad to see it go :(

With it comes a matching box-spring (also a year old), a white mattress cover, 2 sets of 400 count sheets in light blue and green, a light green/cream reversible comforter, a cream skirt, and a black ikea frame, all bought within the last 4 months.

The only thing that is not included are the pillows. Those are the only things coming with me. :)

Thanks DP :) I sold it.

All of the above is going for $200 and I live in inner SE.

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Borrowing camping equipment?

Does anyone have camping equipment they'd be willing to loan out for a month? I'm biking from Portland to Olympia and then on to Victoria and would love a tent, camping stove, or any kind of sleeping pad/air mattress. I'm sure lots of people have this stuff sitting in their basement and only use it twice a year...

Thanks in advance.
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digital scale,

where does one find a kitchen and or postal type scale, in digital form?

and no, its not for drugs.

i wanna make handmade soap, and measurements must be exact.

i didn't feel like ordering one online and i cant right now, because my bank effed up me getting my debit card! bastards.

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new book, another signing

I'll be signing my new little book-set down at Powell's on Hawthorne tomorrow night (at 8pm, I think). I hope some of you people will come say hello and maybe pick up a copy.

I'll also be doing a short reading...


Would anyone like a kombucha start? I have one very large one and one baby!

I am going on vacation and I would need someone to pick it up tomorrow.
I live around E Burnside and 50th.
You will need a big jar.