August 26th, 2008


Parking stickers.

So this has been a curiosity of my friends and i for quite some time. Why do some people leave the parking stickers on their car window for days? We are constantly seeing people driving around with those little downtown sticky guys, sometimes 3 or 4 of them, and can not figure out WHY they didn't at least remove the old ones before adding more! Personally, i always take them off as soon i get into my car. Any thoughts?


Thank you to everyone who volunteered stuff for me to sell at a garage sale and gave me well wishes and paypal tips.
It looks like my Mom's condition is taking a turn for the worse and I have to fly out to the East Coast tomorrow morning, to meet with the rest of my siblings and figure out what to do from there. The whole point is to get there now just to be with her and wait things out.
I still really want to try to sell some of my stuff, although unorganized and not ready, I have a bunch of VHS that I would like to get rid of to the tune of like $1 each or something. I have a huge wall mural of SPACE, I mean it's HUGE that I would like to sell (I really wouldn't but I totally need the $$) I think it's something like 15 feet or 30 feet I don't know, it's really big and it's really old and in sections. I'd say around $50 for that wall mural, obo.
I have a gamecube with games and memory sticks and controllers, best offer for that.
and I have a bunch of cameras, pentax and cannon, some work and some don't but they're old and neat, I have lenses and cases too.
Oh yeah I have a sprite 27 womans bike frame in my basement and a big concertmate 980 keyboard I'm willing to part with.
I also have the first 6 harry potter books hardback, make an offer.
Please let me know here and/or
thank you again

(oh and to donate go to my journal, thanks a million you guys, seriously.)
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[BST] Unofficial Post-DP Meetup Party Tonight!

I sincerely apologize for not posting this sooner, and for not posting this event at least five times during the past week. And I do profusely apologize for not having a 1200 x 800 cartoon flyer for promoting this event!

Unofficial Post-Damnportlanders Meetup Party Tonight!!!

Featuring DJ Chlamydio, DJ Syphilis, and DJ VD!!!

Come join us for the Unofficial Post-DP Meetup Party! There will be music, drinking, and all sorts of fun!
Where: La Merde!
When: 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Why: Because we love to celebrate the joys of spamming Damnportlanders!!!!!

[note: for those who are humor-impaired, this is a satire!]
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NE Hair Salon?

I'm looking to dye my hair blond (or at least add some blond highlights) and wondering if anyone can recommend a hair salon, preferably in the NE area.  A friend suggested I go to Leaping Lizard on NW 21st, but it seems just a bit too punk/edgy for me.  I just want a simple no-frills salon that does a job well done (oh, and not too expensive, of course). 
From the outside Sugar Lab on NE Broadway (NE 18th?) seemed nice but it is a little pricey.  Anyone been there?  Worth it?  If not, where else should I go?


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I know it's about 10 months away but I figure I can't be the only one excited about RENT coming to Keller next June, right?

How is Keller anyway? Assuming you've been to other auditoriums, how does it compare? I'm one of those jerks who moved here from another state and have yet to see it, though I do have Phantom tickets for this weekend. Has anyone seen that here yet? Opinions?

Ready, go.

Heading my way?

I've checked CL for rideshare but thought I'd toss this out there.

Anyone going to Bend tonight or tomorrow morning? Anyone want to let me fill your passenger seat?

Here's the deal. My dad's been in the hospital since April, I had him transfered to Portland for better care and his house is still in Bend. The person "caretaking" for me dropped the ball and failed to call me when the power company inexplicably cut the power. I need to get there so I can pick his car and a few things and check on the house.

Also, is there anyone here interested in small birds. Namely canaries and finches. My dad just wants them to go someplace where they can live a happy life. I have 3 cats, so the place is not here.

New to PDX!

Hey all! I just moved to Portland a week ago from LA and someone recommended this group to me so I wanted to say hi! Any suggestions on where to go to meet people or fun things to do? I'm pretty outgoing and always down to try new things so I'll take any suggestions at all!

Also, I'm (almost) done furnishing my apartment but I'm still looking for a cheap dining room set and bookshelves. Anyone looking to unload any furniture?

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(no subject)

New roommate fell through last minute, available as soon as your application clears. I get home at 8:30 M-F, available on weekends. email theamazingsondr at g mail for appointment and my phone number. Decent credit, no felonies or class A misdemeanors required to pass screening.

Room for rent, inner SE, available 8/18 $420.00

Sweet house on SE Ash and 25th. We need to fill one room in a three bedroom house. We are two guys in our early 30's and two cats. You would be renting one of the two downstairs bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom. I have my own bathroom situation upstairs.

Me: (Sondr): Work for a bank, snowboarder, video game player

Chris: Manages a pet store, Timbers fan, likes to ride his bike and garden his vegetables

We party occasionally, but not much at home, occasional barbeque. Smokers ok, cigarettes outside.

You: Dependable, employed, cool, not a drug addict or full time drunk. Have rent + one month rent as deposit.


- Lots of storage space, garage, basement, etc
- Washer/dryer
- Fireplace
- Hardwood floors
- Bright, sunny, clean house, big backyard, nice front yard with patio and grill
- Big flat screen TV multiple videogame systems
- Nice big kitchen, mudroom attached, with back door for easy bike storage.
- Awesome neighborhood, quiet street, short walking distance to Laurelhurst Theater, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, New Seasons.

Utilities include, gas, water, electric, shared cable.
little blue dog

HEROSCAPE game set for sale

Someone gave me this game and I've never actually opened up the box to figure out how to play it. However, it looks like you could wage a truly epic battle with wizards and shit. I mean look at the sick gleam in this kid's eyes as he summons primal sorcery to scorch the universe clean of the forces that oppose him:

Now imagine YOURSELF doing that. Flippin' sweet, right?

The box says "MASTER SET: RISE OF THE VALKYRIE," and here is a description of it from a game website.

The prices I'm finding are around $40 new, and $30 used. It's yours for $20. Please let me know via email if you're interested: littlebluedog[at]yahoo[dot]com.


I've mostly lurked in DP's election discussions, but I just had to say something this time.

Although it excited me to think about having a female for president, I haven't always agreed with Hillary Clinton's agenda. And she was never my choice.

But tonight, for 20 minutes, I forgot all that because she went above and beyond what other former candidates would do or have done.

If you didn't watch it, I encourage you to.

She fucking BROUGHT.IT.ON in support of Obama.