August 24th, 2008

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Lights, please!

I'm housesitting at two places tonight in Irvington - I'm staying at a house on 27th, but popped over to the house on 10th a few times to check on things (both homeowners know and have no problem with it, but anyway).

I almost turned into/in front of two cyclists - neither of which had any lights or reflectors on.

Please, for the love of continuing to live and breathe in an unparalyzed fashion, at least get some reflectors. Most bike shops have a box of them and will give them to you for free. Better yet, get some lights! I hear they give them away on bridges sometimes.

I don't want to literally kill a cyclist because they weren't willing to mar their achingly hip fixie with a front and rear reflector D:
Running Fox

Hand truck needed

Hey DP:

Does anyone have a hand truck/two wheeler I could borrow for a day or so? I need to trcuk some stuff from the Expo Center to Downtown and it would make things a lot easier if I could do it with a hand truck. I can go anywhere TriMet goes to pick it up and bring it back.

I'll need it on Monday and/or Tuesday.

Conjure Oils

thexplodingboys - a review of last night's show.

Last night, I went out and saw theXploding boys - Portland's own Cure cover band.

In my heart of hearts, I really thought that they would suck. I mean, really, how good can a cover band be? Well, if it's any indication, we started at a table, but by the end of the show, we were up and dancing!

TheXplodingboys really bring something of their own to the Cure's music - a fresh, driving, more modern arrangement to the songs - something very daring (it takes guts to tinker with the Cure's catalog, IMHO), creative and definitely something I really enjoyed. They played all of the types of Cure songs that I adore - the dark, heavy and dreary dirges and then balanced them out with some shimmering pop gems.

Here are the ones that I remember: shake dog shake, play for today, charlotte sometimes, just like heaven, the figurehead,. fascination st., prayers for rain, a foolish arrangement, a night like this, a strange day, lovesong, inbetween days, 10:15 saturday night, 100 years, killing an arab, a forest (that was mixed with Interpol's PDA - brilliant!)

Wearing black pants, vest and a red shirt, his hair and makeup all Robert Smith'd out, the singer's stage presence is huge - physically imposing at least, I'd guess, six feet two. He towers over the audience and adds a real gravity to the songs. He channels the visage of Robert Smith so successfully that I honestly wondered what he'd do without a Cure cover band to release that energy.

With the singer's RS mannerisms so dialed in, and the musicianship and energy being as good as it is, it really created a very authentic Cure vibe for me.

If you closed your eyes and swayed your arms and pretended that they were really the Cure, it didn't take much energy for the illusion to manifest. Bravo! I'm going back to shout every word to every song, like I did last night.
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Sale Spam Again

North Overlook Neighborhood Sale. Begin in the backyard of 5037 N Concord and pick up a map.
9 am - 4 pm or later. Free stuff, too!

tons of books, old and modern
paper ephemera
Nightmare Before Christmas collection - make an offer on the lot, if you like!
Living Dead dolls
kitchen gadgets galore
christmas and halloween stuff
stuffed animals galore
washer & dryer
storm windows

Need tickets for 2 of MFNW's shows

I'm looking for 1 or 2 tickets to the following 2 shows on Musicfest NW's bill

1) Friday, Sept 5, at Roseland - TV On The Radio is headlining
2) Satruday, Sept 6, at Roseland - Bouncing Souls and Hot Water Music are headlining

If have a ticket to either of these shows you're willing to sell me, please contact me. Thank you.
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Anybody know where in Portland/Vancouver I might be able to take classes or something to learn Poi? Or just someone willing to help me learn? TIA!!

Cool picture to encourage help ;)
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Lloyd Athletic Club?

Anyone have an opinion/experience with this facility? I would really like to play some racquetball in addition to the regular workout center and this seems like the only place in inner SE/NE. So, if you are/have been a member, do you have any advice/thoughts, etc?


Silent auction today

Hey, don't forget, today at C.C. Slaughters there's a fundraiser/silent auction of some really neat stuff (I saw some gorgeous artwork, including a stunning quilt, dinners and even a huge doggie gift basket, as well as my masks) to benefit Donald Summerow's cancer treatment bills.

Please stop by between 4-8 for drinkies and the auction!

C.C. Slaughters is at 219 NW Davis, between 2nd and 3rd. 

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talking walrus

so apparently, people have been able to get cell phone chargers from other people on this community. well mine inexplicably broke sometime this weekend and my phone is almost dead. it's a nokia 6133 for t-mobile (it looks like this). does anyone have an extra charger that i can have?
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Shoji screens?

Anybody know where I can pick some up? I thought maybe Cost Plus but their website doesn't show that they have them...Import Plaza is closed, right? Any advice is appreciated!
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Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

Does anyone have a tattoo experience with Austin at Adorn Tattoo in SE Belmont they want to share? He's doing mine and my friends' tattoos next Saturday. I'm just looking for personal experiences and stories :)

And hey, if you just want to share any tattoo experience w/ any artist, go right ahead. I like reading about tattoos and whatnot.

Thanks in advance! :)
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Goodbye Beijing

One more Olympic post from me, and then you can wait two years for more. :)

When I posted the link to these awesome Olympic photos the other day, I was trying to put my finger on why they captured me like they did.

It dawned on me that the romance and power of the images, the frozen-time feeling, "shrunk" the games and altered the individual performances and once-in-a-lifetime efforts from being part of the bombastic media Olympics to the intensely personalized struggles of each athlete. I grew up with the Olympics of John Carlos and Tommie Smith's Black Power signs in Mexico City, of Olga Korbut and Mark Spitz and terrorist attacks in Munich and so much more. The Olympics used to feel a lot more important, and those pictures made them feel a little more important to me again.

And then I read this - a fitting farewell to the 2008 Olympics.
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An update on the walking.

As I have discussed a few times over the past months or so, I have set myself a goal of walking pretty much all around the Portland area...a goal that I have pretty much accomplished...although of course, there are questions about what "the Portland Area" is, and the like. Anyway, for those who want to see where I have walked to so far, and who want to give me suggestions of places to go, here is the map:
(it is kind of big, both in file size and dimensions, so cut)

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