August 23rd, 2008

Farm Concert Thursday with Jackstraw

Thursdays are the new fridays, and if you don't want to do an art walk in the pearl, or meet the masses downtown, (or if you are looking for something to do that is kid friendly)

Thursday August 28th at Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island.

This is the last farm concert of the year. If you haven't been, you are really missing out!
-6:30 pm the music starts, and typically goes for about two hours.
-The market is open with fresh fruits and veggies. (Bring a pic-nick to share with your friends on the lawn)
-The corn roaster will be fired up, roasting fresh-from-the-farm corn
-Island BBQ (Not hawaiian BBQ. Salmon burgers, brisket sandwiches, lemonade, yes, veggie burgers too)
-Fresh salad and sandwiches made to order by a pretty cute girl.
- U-pick berries and flowers
-Hay rides for kids
-Chickens and pigs on the farm

BEER. Many many kegs.

I might sound like a big hippie here; but being on the farm at twilight with a live band playing as the sun sets over the hills, and the sky is all shades of red, orange, blue and purple is one of the most beautiful things ever.

Note: I am not meaning this as a huge advertisement, although, well, that pretty much is what it is. I've lived near the island all my life and never knew about the farm concerts till recently. Since I'll be there I wanted to share with all you DPers.
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What would YOU do?

I have this, uh, friend who is a couple weeks from turning 50, and this friend is getting somewhat reflective as the milestone nears.

I know this is coming a few decades early for a lot of you, but... what would you want to do with the second half of your life? Yes, I am planning on living to 100. Or, I mean, my friend is.

I mean, other than three solid days of strippers and drinking. That's already in the works.

Computer help?

Hey DP,

I've got an eee pc, and my wireless card stopped working after I updated my install of ubuntu eee. (and maybe because of my lack of knowledge on playing with xorg, but yeah) At this point, I just want to get windows up and running on the damn thing until I actually take some linux classes and know how not to screw things up.

So, anyone have a windows CD I could use? I've got a key, just not the damn install cd. I'm in SW Portland, near Multnomah Village, and Gabriel Park, if anyone's around who'd be willing to help me out.

I wish I was experienced enough with linux to fix the install of ubuntu I have, but none of the tutorials I've spent hours working through seem to be helping me get my wireless back on board, even after a fresh install.
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Streetcar reminder

When you see someone with a walker waiting at the stop & the doors start to close, please do not hold them. I very much appreciate that you want to help, but the ramp cant come down with the door open & I get tired of lifting my front wheels. My walker is heavy.

please help me portland!

Dearest Portland,

I need a place to live. I've been craigslisting, but hear me out.

After a month-long verbal agreement to move in with a friend of mine, she calls me and tells me she doesn't want me moving in the day before my planned move. The space is too small for two people, or so she thinks starting a few days ago.

So here I am, all boxed up in my old room, waiting for the new tenant to come fill my room today. I have places to sleep and places to store my belongings from now through september. But truth be told, I would really love to find a place to live as soon as possible so I don't have to live in limbo for over a month.

I am looking for a good, safe, gay-friendly home in inner portland. I have a friend who is moving here in october and would be interested if I found a good two bedroom, but if something comes up for me sooner, I'll take it.

So Portland, do you have any good ideas? Buildings I should check out? Friend looking for a roomie(s)? I'll be driving around town looking these next few days, but any assistance I can get will be very appreciated.

Thank you, Sincerely,
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Chinese or Ayurvedic Medicine

I'm getting a sinus infection, and I've had good luck in the past in killing them with Chinese herbal meds and a neti pot. Does anyone know where I can pick up some Chinese/Ayurvedic medicines? I don't really need to see a doctor, I just need the herbs. Thanks in advance.

I'm in the NW, but I have access to a car if needed.

Oh, also, if anyone modly is around, could you drop your email or journal name here? I'd be willing to help tag or memory all these 'moving' and 'where is it?' posts so we'd have a little less repetition.

Question re: connection resets and the Obama site

Has anyone else experienced problems accessing parts of Barack Obama's website in the past couple days? I'm having connection resets and failed downloads when I try to get the issue factsheets and stuff in the sites media section, and only in this section. The problem happens 90-95% of the time when I'm trying to connect to that portion of his site.

I would be surprised if there really was genuinely a server-side problem since he's certainly got the technical expertise on staff to keep it from happening. It would also surprise me if my fully-updated laptop (dual-booting with Ubuntu Linux and Win XP Pro) was the source of the problem, so it seems best to ask around.
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Student Loan Advice

Hello friends... If you have any experience with student loans, I need your input, please.

The short story is this: My boyfriend's daughter received a scholarship to Pacific Lutheran University (in Tacoma) and is supposed to start school in less than 2 weeks. We have just learned that she received a letter stating that she owes approx. $5K that the scholarship didn't cover and it has to be paid before she can start school.

She lives out of town with her mom away and her mother has been helping her with all of her admissions stuff. The details of how this glaringly huge ball got dropped are sketchy at this point (and believe me, we are infuriated), but right now we just need to find a way to get a student loan as quickly as possible so that she can start school on the 4th, if possible. FYI - Personal loans are not an option at this point.

So, if any of you have gone the gov't student loan route and have any input, I would appreciate it, because I'm starting from scratch with my research.

A couple notes:
- Yes, we will be calling PLU Admissions on Monday. We're just trying to do some legwork beforehand.
- We realize that she may have to wait until later to start because of the time that processing the loan may take. We're just trying to think positive. The kid is absolutely gutted over this.

Thanks so much for your help!


So, oh wise, worldly DP' that absinthe is legal again, has anyone tried it? Does it live up to the hype? Or is it just another expensive drunk? I'm intrigued but not enough to pay the high price if it isn't some sort of unique experience. Thanks in advance. Danke.

Another Oregon bug identification challenge!

What are these things? They appeared rather suddenly on the top outside of our front door molding.

Some facts:

Some have wings, but the tiny ones don't.
They look like ants
The move like ants
They seem to come out only in the evening. There were none out this morning but last night and tonight they're out.
They are about 3/16" long or so

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I know some restaurants deliver food in Beaverton, but I'm not sure whereabouts to look. My boy and I are pretty hungry but carless and not really in the mood to walk to fast food.. Besides pizza, is there anything else you suggest? Chinese food? Thai food? Italian? Etc? I suck at this. >>;

Harold and Maude!

Harold and Maude is being played at the Broadway Metroplex this Monday!

7:30pm is start time! $5!

1000 SW Broadway!

There is a raffle and a dumb intro by myself and the fabulous Riley.

Part of the Independent Film Revival.
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i am selling one of my computers and i cant figure out how to delete windows from the machine. i wanted a fresh install with none of my stuff on it. there is a copy of windows on there that is my moms from when it was hers, there is the one i was using, and now instead of writing over those there is a third fresh one. i just one one on there. i dont want to give a stranger one that might have some info of mine or my moms on it somewhere. help? he is coming in the morning.