August 22nd, 2008


Two things:

Stores with good selection of eyeglasses? Decent prices? I'm not looking for top of the line...affordable is key. Close-in a big plus. Did the google thing but they all say they have the best selection and prices- just wanted some personal opinions.

And would anyone happen to have a cable to connect a Canon S3IS digital camera to a computer to transfer photos that I can borrow?? I promise I won't steal it...I'd need it for a couple of hours at most, less if you live near a coffeeshop I can jet over to, make the transfer, and return the cable.

Any help appreciated!

thrift stores?

Any leads on really great thrift stores, i.e. clean & has nice clothes?

I'm thinking of hitting up stores in the richer suburbs, but if anyone knows of any particularly good ones do tell :)

Oh yea, and I already know about buffalo exchange. I'm looking to pay a bit less than they offer.

Thanks DPers :)

Guess this Aussie Expression - Friday

As mentioned before, I thought maybe it would be fun if I posted a word or expression that we use back home (Australia) and see who of my fellow DPs can guess it's meaning (no google fu help tho).  Just a fun way to share a bit of my culture with folks.  

Portland related bc I'm an Aussie living in Portland? :oD 

Here's today's:

Word:    Fairy Floss

Answer will be posted later today unless it's guessed first.

P.S. If you are an Aussie or a Brit and know straight away (or if you google it) could you hold off on posting your answer so those folks who are guessing can have fun for a few wee hours first?  Much appreciated. :o)


Trimet and C-Tran.

I'm considering taking a job in Vancouver, to which I would need to commute from NE each day. There is an express bus (#105) that goes from downtown to downtown, where I would then utilize the C-Tran system.

Can anyone who does this commute tell me the ins-and-outs of the fare exchange? From what I understand, Trimet is accepted for C-Tran so long as it is all zone, but doesn't count for the express bus fare.

The C-Tran website pales in comparison to Trimet and I just seem to be going in circles.

Thanks in advance.

Fundraiser auction and drinks for a good cause

Recently, a friend’s partner, Don, was hospitalized with Stage IV Melanoma (skin cancer). A rather large metastatic tumor was discovered in the right side of his brain. Successfully, the tumor was removed last Thursday. However, he is only at the beginning of a long journey toward the fight against this disease. His Radiation & Chemotherapy treatment should last over a year.

Here is where you can help.

On August 24th, C.C. Slaughters will be holding a fundraiser / silent auction to help raise money to assist with paying his medical bills. Don recently started a new job which only has limited benefits.

If you or anyone you know would be able to donate an item of value for the auction to help raise funds, it would be greatly appreciated. Regardless, please stop by on Sunday (August 24, 2008) between the hours of 4pm -8pm to show your support and have a drink (invite a friend or two or more...).

ETA: One of my masks will be fore sale as well as some of my handmade jewelry. Come take a look at the pretty! If you'd like to see some of my work before going to bid, it's at Masque-Exotique. You'll get a great deal on my work and this is a great opportunity for gift shopping before the holidays!


(no subject)

So, tomorrow is my husband's 33rd birthday (natch) and we are heading to Lincoln City with some friends. We have gleefully dumped our children with their Grammy and Poppy for the weekend, so I'd like to treat my dearest partner-in-crimelife to a lovely birthday dinner in a grown-up friendly establishment with tasty food.

Do you fine denizens of the community have any recommendations?
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Lego Castle Making
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I'm (weather permitting) likely taking a zoo trip this weekend. I know there's a dinosaur exhibit - and I have a major weakness for dinosaurs - but is it actually worth the extra couple of bucks? I probably sound cheap asking that but I'm also OK with that.


DVD Burner for Sale

EDIT: No longer available

I am selling a Lite-on external DVD burner, model DX-20A3H. Not only does it do double layer DVDs (and DVD+/-R, CD-R, CD-RW, etc), it also has LightScribe. It's pretty reliable; I've only had it a few months but I just got a new computer with a DVD burner built-in so I don't need this one. DVD burning speed is 20X; dunno the rest. It's USB 2.0

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1.20 boys don't cry

(no subject)

theXplodingboys @ Berbati's Pan
08/23/08 9:00pm-11:45pm 21+
10$ cover
if you want to destroy my sweater, put on some hairspray

WHAT: Weezer vs. The Cure Tribute Night
WHO: Say It Ain’t Weezer, theXplodinbgoys
WHEN: Saturday, August 23rd, 2008. Doors at 8pm. theXplodingboys begin at 9pm.
WHERE: Berbati’s Pan
More info:,,

Put on your hair and destroy your sweater in the same night! An Emo kid’s delight, and if you don’t know what Emo is, you’ll like it too because you’re old. Yay old!

Say It Ain’t... Weezer is the archetypal and premier Weezer tribute band. Featuring over 3 hours of Weezer classics, the boys take everyone on a time-warp back to the good ol' year of 1994 with a Starting out with a blistering romp through the entire "Blue Album". All the hits from new Red Album, Make Believe, The Green Album, Pinkerton, and Maladroit are included. The boys also cover B-side hits, imports and SS2k material for the discerning Weezer fan.

Formed in 1999, theXplodingboys brings the music and the love of The Cure into the spotlight. Uniquely branding their version of the live Cure experience, they both stay true to the style of the Cure while diverging enough to make the songs truly their own. Now a six piece composed of hardcore Cure fanatics, fans will not be let down by the attention to detail and the feelings evoked by their sounds.

Next Friday Aug 29th - The Dark Alice In Wonderland Ball Fundraiser


with Djs

Mohawk Adam,       Machwave     and       NoN 

 Costume contest and prizes at Midnight with MC Adam Mohawk             

 All proceeds and donations going to local animal shelters

Dementia 4 Year Anniversary Party
In The Bossanova Ballroom
9pm to 230am 
21 and up 8.00 @ the Door 
722 E Burnside PDX 

attn attn

Attention fellow SW Portlanders of the Multnomah Village/Hillsdale/Garden Home variety! Laughing Planet just opened their new location across from Gabriel Park this week in the old P.B. & Ellies location. This one is huge and has outdoor seating in the front and back. Come get some noms noms!!!

Now we don't have to got to NW 21st or across the river to get our delicious burrito needs fulfilled.
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Breaking News!

What: The Oregon Zoo's Asian elephant Rose-Tu has gone into labor and is
expected to give birth within the next 24 hours. Media are invited to watch
events unfold on closed-circuit TV in the zoo's Elephant Museum. For the
health and safety of Rose-Tu, there will be no direct access to the elephant
birth area.

Mattox Estates Yard Sale!

Taken from my Aunt Sarah's Myspace bulletin, I'm not selling anything at the yard sale because the stuff I'm getting rid of from fall cleaning is NOT sellable. No one wants a teddy bear t-shirt that's been stuffed under the cough for six months.

But you should go and look at the yard sale, because Sarah is awesome, and so is Dani (5brokenfingers) who is selling her things at the sale as well.

Jesus I have a lot of stuff to put out. It is pretty interesting stuff too. Lots of goth/alternative stuff. And your every day mundane stuff. Come and at least check it out.

Here is the repost of information:

This weekend the Mattox Estate will be hosting a group yard sale.

There will be furniture, clothing, housewares, books, art, kitsch, knick-knacks, antiques, toys, appliances, sarcasm, and much more.

It is all an incredibly random combination of goods from several different families.

Please come and take a look this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am to 4pm @
The Mattox Estate
7511 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland Oregon

Come on!

OK. This is just getting ridiculous. If Obama doesn't announce his running mate's name--right now!--I'm voting for Nader.

I know the campaign wants to harvest as many email addresses and cell numbers as possible, but people have enough stress in their lives to play this "Yes I've picked...wouldn't you like to know?" game for two days.

That is all.
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Car Advice

 My mom just came here from Wisconsin last week to help me out durring the end of my pregnancy and she just called me at work to tell me that her mini-van won't start.

Does anyone know of good resources in SE that won't break the bank? We are pretty broke right now.

Im going to try to get my friend to jump the car and see that its not the battery but after than we might need to get it to someone to see whats happening. 

Last night the "Check Engine Soon" light turned on.

I dont drive here and we don't have AAA or anything. 

Any advice would be appreciated.

The Flies P. II

So, just an update on my downstairs neighbors with the flies.

Apparently it's just one of those weird things. The manager entered the dwelling (about 15 minutes ago) and there was nothing going on that was unusual. Apparently, they're even cleaner than most tenants. Not even dishes in the sink. The flies are just a weird, random summer fluke they guessed. No bad smell. Nothing.

spa day for the mrs?

My wife is in need of a Sunday of sleeping in, eating french toast, and a little pampering at a spa.
Any recommendations for somewhere we could get in for a massage and maybe a facial, or som'n girlie for her, on Sunday? (all I know is Dosha and even though I want to do this for her we can't actually afford it - so less expensive is good.)
Don't care where but the closer to the West Side the better.
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[MODPOST] Oh boy, new rule!

You guys LOVE new rules, don'tcha?

Per the complaints addressed in this post, the new rule is as follows:

"For event advertising, you are henceforth only permitted to post an image to advertise the event ONCE PER EVENT. Any subsequent posts advertising the event must be text-only, at least on the friends page level (i.e. you can put an image if it's under an LJ-cut)."

In other words, from now on decadent_events or anyone else CAN use an image to advertise a single event, but only once-- after that first post they can post more ads/reminders, but they have to be image-less or only have images under a cut. (See, it was tricky to set up a rule that would handle these complaints without getting me in trouble for my 3 reminders per meetup.)

I know it's not exactly the INSTA-BANHAMMER some of you requested (*cough*), but I think it will address the issue. I have also made a note to keep said images reasonably-sized, with a suggestion of smaller than 500x500px (although that's just a rough guideline and ultimate decision on what's "too big" will remain with the mods-- there weren't many complaints about the SIZE of the ads, which was 414x640px, for example).

Any questions? Hit me up with a comment or an e-mail.

Guess what time it is now?

Guess what time it is now?

Yep, time for the FNNLC to commence!

Normally, I would let our brave founder and captain start the thread, but he has already proved himself a traitor to lifelesness, and therefore untrustworthy.

Although I myself am a little suspect...since right now I am finishing up my contribution to the Zine symposium, and then planning on going for a walk. But don't worry, I will have lots of time to have my face bathed in the loving glow of a CRT tonight!
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Democratic VP candidate chosen!

Multiple Democratic sources confirm to CNN that Sen. Barack Obama has selected Sen. Joseph Biden

Sen. Barack Obama has picked Delaware Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate. The longtime Democratic senator was long considered a likely choice for vice president, but the buzz surrounding him intensified after he returned earlier this week from a two-day trip to the Republic of Georgia after Russian troops invaded. Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, brings years of experience that could help counter GOP arguments that an Obama administration would be inexperienced on foreign policy. Biden abandoned his own White House run after a poor showing in Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses. He also ran for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination but dropped out after charges of plagiarism in a stump speech.

The 65-year-old was first elected to the Senate in 1972. Shortly afterwards, his first wife and daughter were killed in a car accident. He considered resigning, but decided to continue with his political career. Biden is currently serving out his sixth term, making him Delaware's longest-serving senator. Biden is married and has three children. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware and got a law degree from Syracuse. In 1988, Biden suffered an aneurysm and nearly died but has recovered fully. One of Biden's grandfathers was a Pennsylvania state senator, according to the Almanac of American Politics.

Biden will make his first big speech as the VP candidate on Wednesday, August 27 -- the third night of the Democratic convention.

Collapse ) reports that AP confirms Joe Biden as Obama's VP pick.

FOX News Channel Confirms Delaware Senator Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s VP Choice

Edit: I didn't sign up for texts from the Obama campaign. I signed up for text alerts from So I scooped the Obama texters AND their campaign still doesn't have my phone number!