August 21st, 2008

The Human Canvas Project happens tonight

At the Fez ballroom downtown, 316 sw 11th ave. 7$

The Human Canvas Project is multiple women painted white with video being projected on them from multiple sources. This portion of the show occurs from 10ish to 11ish, and they will be moving to the music of Sad Music for Happy Humans.

Previous to this, at 9pm, will be ambient music from Vortex Tulip (featuring long time Portland musician Julian Tulip).

Afterwards, from 11ish to midnightish, will be the splendid dance music of DJ Tan't.

From midnightish on we'll all be dancing to the live dubstep/dnb of Ryze + Fall and DJ Harp.

This is a night not to be missed, and we do hope you'll come.

Nevyn Nowhere
Sad Music for Happy Humans

Bathroom Buddy vs. Leave Me Alone, I'm Poopin

So uh...I know that there is, allegedly, an unspoken rule for men that you don't chat at the urinal. I assume the same goes for being inside the stall, with the rare occassion of MAYBE having to ask for TP. But what about the ladies?

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I had someone directly address me while in a stall a work. Her exact words were "So, who's my bathroom buddy"? Now...usually it's hard to ruffle me, but this really threw me off. I didn't know how to respond, so I mumbled "Uh...Jennifer" and tried to get out as soon as possible. Ironically, 10 minutes later I find myself seated with the woman at a staff luncheon and she was kind enough to announce our previous Bathroom Buddy status to the rest of the table. Ok...fine, it was weird but it's rare that it happen. So I thought. 

Happened again this morning...differen woman, different bathroom. This one annoyed me for several reasons. First, the woman took the stall directly next to me (I was against a wall) and there were only 10 other stalls and nobody in them. Then she starts with the chatting. Asking how I am, am I having a good week. I work for a non-profit which is "gifted" office space in a giant I really don't want to be rude, but damn. 

Anyone else have this problem?
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Guess this Aussie Expression - Thursday

As mentioned before, I thought maybe it would be fun if I posted a word or expression that we use back home (Australia) and see who of my fellow DPs can guess it's meaning (no google fu help tho).  Just a fun way to share a bit of my culture with folks.  

Portland related bc I'm an Aussie living in Portland? :oD 

Here's today's:

EXPRESSION:  To bung some snags in the Eski.

Calling all local artists

As i am a big art lover and like to support the local artists....

A friend of mine contacted me and wanted me to pass this on....

A new cafe opened up off of broadway and wants to have roving art in the place every month.

So if you are a local artist or know someone who is and would like a chance at showing and selling your work, feel free to drop off your artist statement at the location tues - sunday 10 - 6.... i would advice trying to get it in to them before the end of august!

addy is julia's cafe
2130 ne broadway
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finger lickin good

so i fractured my right hand.  my thumb area to be exact.  i am right-handed.  my right hand and arm are encased in vast amounts of plaster and i can pretty much only use it as a blunt object (weapon).  i am a terrible lefty.  i mean terrible.

so i owe my friend a nice meal in exchange for her watching my cat while i was away breaking my hand, but i am pretty much limited to finger foods myself (my left-handed fork-wielding is shameful).  where can we go today that is close-in, of the i-am-not-rich-at-all-but-i-want-to-show-you-my-appreciation price range, and has a nice selection of finger foods (like not the average mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers kind of fare)?  we are not vegetarians.  and if it is close to a decent happy hour, that wouldn't hurt either.

thanks!  2 thumbs up!


Have any of you had luck selling a car with a salvage title? Cuz that's what I have. The car is totally fine- it's been fixed and I've been driving it for 5 years. It seems to be a deal breaker for most used car dealers I've called. I'm leaning more towards Craigslist these days and pricing it near what other similar cars are priced at. It's still a great car and has extremely low miles for how old it is, so I'd like to get a good amount of money out of this deal. So get it to a dealer to sell or try on my own with Craigslist?

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What the hell is this thing...

Found: in a warehouse off of Marine Drive.

Subject: Uknown insect.

Seeking: Identification.

**UPDATE: Apparently this is classified as a "common" House Centipede. However there is nothing common about it. Also, I don't have proof, but I think it ate an entire baby.

Chinese food SW

Chinese food in SW Portland

Inexpensive preferred.

I like Orange chicken, sweet and sour pork or Kung Pao Chicken

...and go


Thanks Loki and Ambi I am headed to silver palace

** Edit
My boyfriend insisted on that Teriyaki place by Matzatlan... we always go there, really good, but I wouldn't even consider it a chinese food place. More like Teriyaki and more
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Suddenly caring a lot more about health care...

Today I had some lovely chest pain which turned into stomach pain. It hurt a lot at first, but it's subsided a bit, but it won't go away. We don't know what's going on here. I'd like to see a doctor but I have no health insurance or, um, money. What are my best options, if there are any? (I live in inner SE near Hawthorne.) Should I just hitchhike to Canada?
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Mattress/Boxspring Removal

First of all I want to thank everyone for their help with finding a doctor. I'll be calling up options tomorrow after researching some of these on the web, and I'm feeling more confident about finding a doctor here I'm comfortable with and accepts my insurance...

Anyway, I got a new mattress/boxspring recently and need to get rid of my old ones in the next week (before the 28th). They're really old and in deplorable condition so I'm just looking to throw it away, but the garbage pickup service we have won't pick it up. I'm sure if we paid extra they would, but money's a little tight at the moment. I can probably get transportation to bring it somewhere, but I have no idea where to bring it to, or how much it would cost for them to take it.

If it helps I'm in SE.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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Who goes to Portland to escape the rain?

I do, apparently.

Portland's average yearly rainfall: 40 in
Orlando's average yearly rainfall: 60 in
Rainfall in Orlando in the last 48 hours: 11 in (nearby, in Melbourne, it's 35 inches)

I wish I didn't have to wait out a two week's notice at work, otherwise I'd be on the road for Portland tomorrow!
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"One lousy waiter" update

I feel obliged to provide followup to this post where I complained about a really lousy waiter at Mississippi Station, and a bogus "tip" that was added to my credit card slip.

Today I got (snail)mail from the manager at Mississippi Station. There were apologies, assurances that the waiter is no longer employed at MS, gratitude for bringing the matter to their attention and a gift cert for my next visit. This makes me pretty darn happy!

So, yay and stuff! All the more reason for me to attend the next Monday Movies!

Graphic Design? Vector? TEACH ME? Or I pay you?

So DP, I come to you with yet another plea, oh DamnPortlanders.

I have an art website. I do way more drawing than...vector or flash or whatever amazing graphical thing the kids are doing nowadays. I wouldn't mind learning, but I'm havinging a hell of a time trying to learn from tutorials.

What am I actually asking?

1. Is there anyone around who would be willing to meet me some place and teach me how to use Illustrator to make a really simple completely geometric logo? I'm completely willing to learn, but I need one on one teaching.


2. Is there anyone who would want to make me a easy ass vector logo? Infinite scaleability for all of my sinister purposes? I'm willing to pay you in money, or food, or something. Not sexual favors though, TOO BAD.

ok thanks i love you

Ok, here's the sketch of what I want behind the cut. yay i love that people responded :D If you wanna throw something together for me, my emails princessbunny99 at gmail dot com. Whoever does something, I'll find someway to get you back something cute and give you total props on my site :D

Oh and the websites

its gonna be awexome.

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Lord of the Flies

I've got a disgusting predicament and if anyone has any additional suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Today I noticed the creepiest thing about my new downstairs neighbors. (They moved in at the beginning of the month) They never open their blinds so you can't see into their apartment but on the insides on their windows are hundreds of huge black flies. In the bedroom window and the living room. I can't imagine what the rest of the apartment looks like but to eat and sleep with that many flies... ewwwwwww. (shudder)

They were seen leaving this morning, presumably to go to work so I know they aren't dead in there. And they haave no children that we've seen or heard.

So I complained. Two of the maintenance people came and saw the flies so they know I'm not making it up. They are going to 'look into it'. They are usually pretty sharp about that stuff but if they don't do something by 3:00 tomorrow I was thinking I'd call the health department. Ya? Does anyone know if that's the right thing to do?

It reeks. Right now I can smell it. It smells like rotting Chinese food.

I'm worried that their filth is going to attract roaches. That would really piss me off. For low-income housing this is a pretty nice place. It even has washers and dryers in the units.

Related to Portland because I'm dealing with our landlord/tenant policies and possibly our housing standards. Or whatever.
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Xmas Socks


I'm sure that there are other Myspace users on DPers myself. My question to you is, is anyone else kinda disgusted by the wallpaper on today's homepage? (Lots and lots of bacon for a Wendy's ad). I'm not really a bacon fan anyway so for some reason my stomach feels queasy when I look a this picture. Who knows, it probably makes others hungry!
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radiohead in auburn....

anyone else here catch radiohead last night up in auburn?

i went with a bunch of friends and loved it overall. i could be picky and point out things i didn't like, but i'd rather not(well, excepting the horrendous parking situation).

if you went, did you have any favorite parts of the show? get any good pictures? i forgot my camera, and loved hearing "everything in its right place" at the end and seeing thom mess up "faust arp". twice.
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The existence of Laurelwood Brewery branch at the PDX airport: after a cross-country flight back to Portland, it is really nice and convenient to be able to enjoy a pint of the local microbrew. I just wish more airports around the country had those amenities....

2. The staff at Bike Gallery in Hollywood (NE Portland). They were extremely attentive and helpful when I made an unexpected bicycle purchase earlier this evening. Not only did they have the bicycle that I wanted, but they had put together all of the accessories for the bike in just a few minutes!

3. The Portland Century bike ride event on Sunday. I suppose I will be using this event as an excuse to get acquainted with my new ride.

4. Realization that idiot bicycle riders in Portland are less idiotic than those in NYC, at least from my observations.

5. The Weather Goddess for unleashing the extreme heat during my out-of-town vacation. ;)
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I know I'm opening myself up to all sorts of snark here, but- FREE STUFF!

I'm hosting a give away on my Etsy Shop Blog- FaeriedTreasures, and I just wanted to get the word out to as many people as I could. Damnportlanders, you're a creative bunch, so all you have to do is write a little poem for me in the comment section on my blog, and my husband will pick the winner on Monday.

Dudes I'm sure frilly jewelry might not be your Thang, but think of the women in your lives. Everyone loves a surprise gift! And the free part will be our secret.

So please, go here and enter! *smile*