August 20th, 2008

Baron Von Goolo wants YOU!

 Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Or do you just get a huge kick out of
dressing up and scaring the holy h-e-double-hell out of people? Then you
might want to hang out at FrightTown this September and October.

The FrightTown haunted house is the biggest and scariest haunted house in
the whole Portland metro, and we'll be reopening our doors at the Portland
Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, October 4, for a whole new season of thrills
and screams. Not too many people realize that all that horror is actually a
non-profit production by the 1031 Community Theatre - and every year about
this time we look far and wide for the best and scariest new volunteers we
can find. We have positions for actors, set decorators, set builders, makeup
artists, costume designers and more, for every level of experience from rank
amateur to polished pro. And since we're a local non-profit arts collective,
if your school or company has some sort of community service requirement, we
can help you meet it by scaring the crap out of people. That's a good deal.

Preparations have already begun and we'll be starting Scare School training
soon. Go to or for more details, or if you
want to sign up, click on the banner below.

Happy Halloween! 


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Have any of you ever gotten travel health insurance? I'm about to leave the country for several months and need to look into it so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or words of wisdom in regards to travel medical insurance....
Marley upside-down

Guess this Aussie expression - Wednesday

I thought maybe it would be fun if I posted a word or expression that we use back home (Australia) and see who of my fellow DPs can guess it's meaning (no google fu help tho).  Just a fun way to share a bit of my culture with folks.  

Portland related bc I'm an Aussie living in Portland? :oD 

I posted one yesterday and was asked to do another today so here goes.

Expression:  Chuck a Wobbly

Note:  If you absolutely must google fu the definition could you please not tell everyone on the thread the answer until the end of the day so other folks can continue to guess? :o)


Dark Alice In Wonderland Ball V -Friday Aug 29th


                 with Djs

Mohawk Adam,       Machwave     and       NoN 

                 Costume contest and prizes at Midnight                   

                 with all proceeds and donations going to local animal shelters

Dementia 4 Year Anniversary Party
In The Bossanova Ballroom
9pm to 230am 
21 and up 8.00 @ the Door 
722 E Burnside PDX 

Dementia on Myspace 

looking for ideas...

I'm going to college! Yay! University of Portland to be exact. However, my future roommate isn't from Portland, she's from Hawaii! Since she's only been to portland once before, I wanted to give her some sort of "welcome to portland!" gift. But I can't think of what to give her! Any ideas from the wise DP?

Also, where should I take her when we go out so I can show her how awesome our fair city is? I've already promised the boys at Nicola's Pizza/Pasta we would go there first (I've eaten their pizza my whole life, which gives you an idea of where I live) but what else should she see? I have a vague idea but any suggestions would be totally awesome!


Odd, when you think about it:

I was just thinking how funny it was that of all the outdoor locations that are available in the Portland area, the Columbia River is hardly ever used. Or used much less than someone might think such a large river would be. Like, in the entire metro area, I can only think of two parks that have beaches on the river: on Sauvie Island, and Wintler Park in Vancouver.

There might be a technical reason for this...perhaps the hazards of swimming in such a large river?
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Shameless plug from a fellow Portlander...

If you're on or I will LOVE YOU FOREVER if you take my test that's part of the Language Contest.

It's called The Word Origin Test.

It's part of a contest so I hope you like it enough to rate it highly!!! You rate just by clicking on the little stars, but I think you have to be logged-in for the rating to count!

Edit: Warning, it's a really hard test and I know some people have been disappointed. So I do hope you take it, and it shouldn't take more than a couple minutes, but in fair warning it might not be worth your time :)

Going on a road trip, selling my groovy bicycle!

Hey neighbors!!!

I don't know about most of you, but I'm not digging this weather. Good thing I'm going on the road for a while! 2 of my friends just went in on a van, myself and another girl are coming along for the ride. We expect to hit up Colorado, then go down to New Mexico and Texas... our main goal- to see some really awesome musicians rock out and to sell our crafts.

Sounds like fun huh? :D

We leave Friday, I'm way too stoked!

I have a really rad vintage schwinn breeze. I've loved it for a little over a year, but I'm ready to part ways. I got it for free from a friend, but I have put a lot of love in to it.

Anyway, check out my CL ad... pass it along to anyone you think would be interested.

Also, if this doesn't get sold by tomorrow afternoon I might just take it to a shop and sell it to them...

Where can I go that will want to buy my lovely bicycle?

Oh, and if anyone has any camping gear or tools they want to lend/give to some really rad girls shoot me an email...
dottedcircles at gmail dot com.
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T21 scrap?

I have a Thinkpad T21 laptop that a friend didn't want anymore that has some hardware issues. I was going to take it to Free Geek but I have decided that I want to try to get it running pretty much just to see if I can. Does anyone have a dead T21 that I can take off there hands preferably for free? I have some stuff I could trade like a PS2 with plenty of games or random computer hardware.

Retro Fabrics?

I'm in the market for some hip fabrics. I don't want to go to Walmart but can't shell out that much because it's for something I'm going to be selling. So I'm looking for yardage at around $5.00-$3.00. I am trying to find a discount store either online or on etsy. Any recommendations? Any wholesaler shops?

Does anyone here buy fabric from etsy sellers and would recommend someone?

Here's what I have so far:
Repro Depot - - Sometimes a bit too expensive
Fabric Depot - going to check out their sales this weekend. LOVE THEM!
Knittn' Kitten - I'm heading over to Knittn' Kitten for the first time this weekend to see what they have.

Any local recommendations? I would love to re-use vintage fabrics too..

hmm.. what's a sewer to do?
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polaroid film

any idea where i can buy some polaroid film in PDX? maybe from you (have bike, will bicycle to polaroid film)? i need it by saturday. thanks! i understand that it is no longer manufactured.

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hey guys
i am a crazy exchange student and it is my first week in portland :) i dont know anyplace and am at home most of the time so i am pretty bored.
so tell me about it; where and how do you spend your time here?
hanks already :)

Chinook Book Coupons

Would anyone be interested in a coupon swap/give-away? I'd be happy if people just came without coupons and took all my extras. I'm not doing a house renovation, or in need of a new low flow toilet. Nor do I have a ton of space for gardening, or for grass with which I would mow with a brand new push mower, or newly sharpened one. But I have coupons for all these, and then some ice skating at Lloyd. If you interested in this kind of swap meet up, I'm up for it!
Xmas Socks

A Little Random...

What's one of the weirdest foods you that you like? Is it a dish, a fruit, a sandwich?

I just ate one of MY favorites; a peanut butter sandwich with potato chips inside. So that's white bread (preferably cold from the fridge), creamy Jif peanut butter and regular Lay's. I think I started this when I was about ten and there's something so tasty about it. Anyone else?
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nine hundred ninty nine billionth post about tattoos

So, I want to get some typographical tattoos and want to find one or two artists that are pretty good at it so that everything will eventually look like it's supposed to work together. I've seen the portfolios of Cheyenne from Oddball and D'Lacie McBride from Optic Nerve and they seem to have some respectable typographical stuff. Who else do you all recommend for typographical tattoos here in PDX? For reference on what it is I mean check this out, google Body Type by Ina Saltz or read about Ineradicable Stain.

EDIT: thanks so much to everybody that posted info about your textual tattoo experience. you guys rule!