August 19th, 2008

concert tickets

Hi everyone.
Going to be moving in to town and I need to know where online (and offline) I can buy concert tickets. Doing a search for ticket places does not do much good as it gives me random nonsense.
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I feel stupid. Is $2 Tuesday at the zoo on the second or third Tuesday of the month?

*prepares for a duhslap*
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PDX question

Hi guys.

Next Monday the 25th my son is arriving in the area for the first time ever (background, i just moved here a few months ago, and my son spends every summer with my parents).

I wasn't very thorough when I bought the ticket, like, I didn't know anything about Portland or the Max.

So he arrives at 11:10 PM

The last Max train leaves at 11:52 he DOES have baggage to claim.

I have been told by someone that it is doable to catch the train because PDX is laid out really well. So here is what I am looking for from you.

--Advice on how to catch it quickly (is there a shuttle or something that I don't know about? I will be researching the layout before I go).

-- what to do if I miss it. I already have a plan, and I want you to confirm/deny it's worth.

        plan: I saw no bus routes that would get me home to Beaverton. SO my goal is to get to downtown Portland and take a bus from there (I am being thrifty ok?) I will catch a shared ride van without booking in advance, is that possible here? At LAX they did it. I know because I always booked in advance and we had a bunch of people who did NOT in our van getting dropped off first. If it's not possible, do you have any other options for me? Obviously taking a cab would work, but what else?
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Meetup reminder!

Reminding ON TIME, via my cell phone, from an airport. So I don't want any whining (lookin' at you, bellybalt)!

Metup is one week from today! That's Tuesday, August 26th, at 7pm at the East Bank Saloon on SE Grand, just past the Morrison Bridge. The meetup faq is here. And I'll actually be there this month! Wowzers.

Seeya there!
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Hypothetically my friend needs a good 2nd date idea for this week and/or weekend in PDX.

We er these two datees both enjoy outdoor activities, live music and random acts of fun-ness. Affordable activities are ALWAYS nice.

So smitten kittens, what do you want to do with your suitor this week?
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  • ms_xeno

Free Bearded Iris Rhizomes, Anyone ?

I have almost three dozen of these things. They are dug up and wrapped in damp newspapers to prevent them from drying out. I have boxes and buckets for easy transport. Since there's been a little rain, now would be the perfect time for anyone interested to cart them off and plant them in a new home.

Here's what they looked like at Chez Xeno in early May:

Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris, or Iris Germanica, is very easy to grow. What it wants most is plenty of room, because it spreads like crazy after a couple of years. It tolerates windy conditions hereabouts, but the blooms will last longer with protection from same. Should be planted so the roots are well-submerged in the ground but the very top of the rhizome is above ground. Let the leaves yellow and die down before clipping them off. Lots of info online available for growing these.

As usual, dp gets first crack before I craigslist 'em. Send me a message if you want some. Thanks.
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Food poisoning

I woke up with food poisoning last night around 4am. It's been so long (Five? Ten years?) I forgot how bad it feels.

The prime suspects are an Italian Whole Sub and a premade Chef Salad both packed yesterday at Winco Foods Deli in Beaverton. I've had both of these foods numerous times before without problem, but something in this batch made me very sick. I'm going to call Winco and let them know (so if they get other complains they act on them).

Anyone else I should notify? Is there a local government food safety org? Thanks.

Screenprinting Supplies

Hi there people of Portland. I am on the search for a local screen printing supply store. I have heard rumors of ones close in to Portland but on the web I can only find ones out in Beaverton or beyond the Airport.

Does anyone know of any local screen printing shop that sells screen hinges? I know I can find most of the supplies at the art stores but some supplies only screen printing shops have.

Any help here? Anyone know of a local shop I can get some quality supplies from?

Also if anyone has any supplies they want to get rid of. I'm on the search for some hinges to make a one color press and table set-up. Anything else I can take off your hands would be cool as well.

Help a printer out yo?

2 Unrelated Questions (Trimet and Massage)

I didn't see anything in the memories but I'm sure this has been asked...

1) I really need a massage, beyond what my boyfriend can do. I have scoliosis and back issues from being rear ended so I really need someone to work out the knots. I may even go a few times rather than just once. Any recommendations for someone in SW Portland, or downtown? I live up by St. Vincents and work downtown. The people I used to go to were in Clackamas or in Eugene and gas is too expensive.

2) What is the course of action one should take if they plan on driving to the Sunset TC and see the "Lot Full" sign upon arrival? It was my first time commuting that way today and I luckily managed to find a spot, but besides getting there way earlier than I need to, is there somewhere nearby to park (maybe the hospital?). I feel like I am asking a stupid question, but really, this must happen to people every day!

Portland related becasue women all over the US use BC

Have any of you heard what Bush is trying to do know?? Well read this and then sign the Move On petition to help STOP BC being seen as an abortion and unlawful... I have to use BC everyday for the rest of my life due to a health issue that I have called Endometriosis, and many other women out there ALSO have to use BC for this reason. Or those of you our there who use it so that you do not have an unwated child, FIGHT for you rights, help fight for mine.... THanks.... Just wanted to share this....

Subject: Contraception is abortion?


I had to share something with you. Can you imagine living in a place where birth control is considered an "abortion" and health insurers won't cover it? Where even rape victims are denied emergency contraception?

It seems unbelievable, but the Bush Administration is quietly trying to redefine "abortion" to include birth control. The Houston Chronicle says this could wipe out dozens of state laws that protect women's reproductive freedom and protect rape victims. And this proposed "rule change" doesn't need congressional approval.

I just signed a message to Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, whose department is considering this rule change, telling him: "Contraception is NOT abortion." Can you add your voice to this cause? Click here to sign the message:

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And now for a post in my offical capacity

Reversed Lens Photography LLC is looking for a freelance web designer in the Portland area who can do a complete redesign on our current website. The current site has served us well for the last year, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things. I'd do it all myself, but we're just too busy right now to add that on top of everything else.

I'm looking for everything, here: referrals, resumes, portfolios, whatever. We're thinking something flash-based, ideally. Post your stuff in a comment or e-mail it to will (at) reversedlensphotography (dot) com. If we like the stuff you post, we'll get in touch and talk about specific ideas.

Pay is negotiable depending on your experience and how much we like your work.
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Public Service Announcement

From anthrocubsf:

Wendy Curran – AKA “Randy”

Missing Since July 17, 2008

Wendy Curran – AKA “Randy” of Oakland, CA

LAST SEEN IN: Eugene, Oregon

Height: 5’6” Weight: 150 Sex: F

Birthdate: 9/28/68 Age: 39

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Physical Description:
∑ Short brown hair (may have shaved head)
∑ Slight to average build
∑ Often wears glasses
∑ Tattoos:
o Dagger on chest
o Angel carrying banner that says “Elizabeth” on back

Car (also missing): Black 2005 Volkswagen Jetta - CA License Plate: 5NFX356

Background: Randy drove from Oakland and visited friends in Eugene in mid-July. She then left in her car headed for Newport, OR. She called her friends from around Newport and planned to return to Eugene the following day, but never showed up. She has not been heard from since. ***She is most likely NOT carrying identification.***


Newport, OR Police Dept. Joan:
Officer Macy
(541) 265-4853 Sue:
Case No. 08N-02-96


Marley upside-down

Guess this Aussie expression

I thought maybe it would be fun if I posted a word or expressiion that we use back home (Australia) and see who of my fellow DPs can guess it's meaning (no google fu help tho).  Just a fun way to share a bit of my culture with folks.

Portland related bc I'm an Aussie living in Portland? :oD

Expression:  Crack a fat



Any takers?

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Chicken Phone


Where can I take a Sony Ericsson W600i to be unlocked in this city?

How much can I expect to pay for such a service?

Thank you for your time.

P.S.: Proximity to the airport is A+.

Edit: I already called Airlink and they are having software issues unlocking this phone right now.

Where to buy good bike shoes?

Where the heck to people find decent bike shoes in this town?

I've been digging around and it seems like most places have crap for selection (e.g., REI) or are ridiculously overpriced (River City Bikes is mostly $300 shoes... wtf?).

I just need something cheap that I can drill some cleats into. Is there a decent place around town or is shopping online the best bet? If online, does anyone recommend a specific site?

doggie door

hey - I'm wondering if you guys know the best place (online or off) to get a doggie door? I need one for our 70lbs rescue doggie and I feel like the Petco $100 was a little spendy.

Let me know your experiences with doggie doors and what you recommend, I'm all ears!
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Quit abusing my groceries

I'm not the "greenest" woman in Portland but I love my reuseable shopping bags. They're easy to carry, they save my apartment from filling up with plastic bags, and they don't break like disposable bags.

So why do the cashiers at Fred Meyer act so put out when I bring them in? It isn't like I keep them hidden until they've already bagged everything only to whip them out and start screeching like a harpy. I even keep my mouth shut and re-bag away from the check stand hen they don't bother putting cold foods in the insulated bag.

I know cashiering can be a really shitty job, but the way the cashier today started tossing my food and bags around you'd think I'd just killed a puppy in front of him.
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(no subject)

i have been looking at craigslist and ebay for a sewing machine.  i am looking for something easy to use for a beginner.  i have been looking on those sites because i was trying to find something for 65 of less which means most likely used.

tips on good places to look besides those sites?  machines you recommend or ones i should avoid?  have one you want to get rid of that works well?

EDIT: lokidecat came to the rescue.  i can always count on him.  also he is strangely domestic.
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(no subject)

---Where in portland can i buy some cool lingerie? (esp. vintage)

I'm a 40 DD and I'm not rolling in the dough.

---also, what's the deal with sex shops here? which places are best?

I'm specifically looking for somewhere with a good collection of dildos of the strap-onnable variety.

  • rekre8

Sheepshead, anyone?

Okay, I'm really looking for this for a friend. I have spent the last 17 years refusing to learn to play sheepshead with him. It's a card game. Get your minds out of the . . .whatever it was in. Also known as "shopskoff" or something phonetically similar in german.

Scott is looking for a gang to play this with, including bluffing and snarkiness to non partners during a rubber or whatever a round is called. (I said I've refused to learn it). Need 3 to 5 people, betting for low stakes money ok, m&m bets okay, just points fine. Would also need a public local for this group to meet and be obnoxious - preferably near SE.

If you already know a) the rules and b) how to bluff, please post. Chime in if you're interested in one game or a series - once we get y'all in touch, you can work it out.

I'll likely be dragging Scott to the Meetup next week: should he have a deck in his pocket?