August 18th, 2008

Hi! Portland food blog to make you hungry, and help you eat locally!

Hey there Portlanders, I'm not a big livejournal user - but I thought I'd join the Portland-y internets and share my blog - - I write about using local, seasonal ingredients from our (amazing) Portland farmers markets, with restaurant reviews and recipes.

Stop by and say hello - I'm known to whip up recipes on demand for nice requests - don't know what to do with that pile of carrots? Got too many apricots that are about to go bad? Let me know, I can probably help.

Plus, there is loads of food porn, so if you feel like making yourself hungry, come on over.

Shooting in NE (yes, again)

So, the news just informed me there was a shooting at 9th and Alberta, the suspect is still "at large" and they'll update in the morning.

Anyone have updated info?

*edited to add: the reason I ask is that I live very near the reported shooting, and although generally shootings in this 'hood are gang related (and therefore involvement is mostly limited to gang members), I'm not crazy about the shooter running around ad lib near my house.
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The Dark Knight

the lights raise. my eyes search the crowd for a look of approval or a simple smile, as the theater awakes from it's braced positions. some people blinking their eyes for the first time in an hour or two. some people stretching like cats after their nap in the sunlight. what just happened?
in my mind, there is nothing to say. i feel frustrated and emotional and shaking in my core.
The Dark Night ends and i don't want it to be over.
it's a world i want to live in, it's the world i can imagine. where we have a hero that is defenseless to emotions and pain. the sort of hero that anyone could be if they could take the weight and step up to the plate. inside i felt empowered thoroughly from this film and i blame every character and all the perfect lighting. i blame the right cadence in speaking and breathing, all the costumes and writing.
there is a beat and a power to this movie that cannot be ignored or rendered as pathetic, or just simply entertaining.

does anyone else feel the same?
please tell me what you thought of this film.

post-script: the "iMax" at the regal cinemas in tigard is no "iMax" at all. just a heads up.
hippie halloween

Summer Reading

So, since I head back to school next Monday (my last year of college!!! :O ), I think I have time to fit in one more book for summer reading before I start classes. Anyone have any suggestions? Have you read anything particularly good this summer? I generally stick to fiction, but I like biographies, too, if they're really good and well-written. Thanks!!

Say your last goodbyes to

Web radio is toast

RIAA and political cronies sink promising technology

IT NOW LOOKS CERTAIN that the RIAA and its tame political puppets will kill off Web radio.

Despite the fact it is incredibly popular, web radio stations, such as Pandora are about to be slammed with a royalty bill for music which is so crippling that the industry will never walk again.

Despite more than a million listeners daily, Pandora is coming close to pulling the plug because the RIAA and its cronies have ordered that the station pay more than double the per-song performance royalty that other Web radio stations pay to performers and record companies.

This means that Pandora will have to pay 70 per cent of its projected revenue of $25 million to keep the RIAA, or in this case its government-appointed monopoly enforcers Soundexchange, off its back. Small webcasters claim that the demanded dosh would be 100 to 300 per cent of annual revenue, which Soundexchange believes is fair.

( Full story )
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Non-profit seeks friendly electrician!

I volunteer with the Portland Radio Authority which is a non profit community radio (on the internet) station dedicated to giving a media outlet to local musicians and artists, and we are in the process of securing a space for a new studio.  We are looking for help making this happen and are trying to find any electricians who might be willing to donate time or give a good deal to a non profit with limited resources.  Any leads would be tremendously helpful.

Thanks so much!

sunshine dance gentleflower

(no subject)

i am looking for someone who can sew. i need one of these made :

anyone here that could do this? if so how much would it cost? this is of course for halloween so not immediate. i dont need the ribbing in it but i need it to be that style and basic color. anyone? if not suggestions on where to buy one or someone who could make one?
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isn't she lovely?

attention:  margaret cho has posted the first episode of her new series The Cho Show on her blog.  yes, people, the ENTIRE episode.  i thought i'd pass this on to those of you who don't have cable, like myself.  its a reality-type show, but that's okay.  i'll pretty much watch anything she does.  it is right to give her thanks and praise.

go watch!  then discuss.

oh, and you're welcome.

at long last...

i am planning a weekend visit to your fair city after far too long sister and i are hitching a ride with a co-worker  whose heading to a wedding in Salem.  we will be spending at least one wild night with the co-worker who has never been to PDX before...she is younger, in her mid 20's and wants to party.  can anyone give me some ideas for bars/clubs to try?  somewhere fun w/ or w/o live music....we'll be there the weekend of sept 5 and the 6th is my sis's birthday so we might want to go a little nutty...any other exciting happenings anyone knows of for that weekend are greatly appreciated...

oh and anyone who can tell me where to find the elusive portlandia statue get's bonus points!

A variety of inquiries.

Hey there...

Question One: irst off, and this might be a super dumb question--how you do look things up in memories? I want to avoid being redundant, but I'm not the most brilliant with computers. : ) Thanks for whoever answers.

Question Two: Where are the best places to get plus size clothes in PDX? I'd prefer used stuff if possible.... I hit up Goodwills sometimes, which can be fun, but for the most part, it seems that the places that really cater to plus size folks carry some real ugly stuff. I know i could buy things online, but sizes run so strange with women's clothes that I know i would get stuff and have to return them all the time....also, i'm usually relatively broke, so stuff on the cheaper side of things would be nice too. I'm not one for going and spending 40-50 bucks on a pair of jeans.

Question Three: I'm getting into camping these days. Anyone have an extra sleeping bag I could buy off of you?

Question Four: After getting caught this morning in the sudden and torrential downpour.....its come to my attention that if i'm going to continue to bike to work year round, i'm in dire need of some wet-weather biking gear. So the first part of the question is 1) What do you think I need? and 2) Where should I get it for the best money? I am one broke girl. I'm all for buying things used but new works too, don't need top of the line, just need functional.

Lastly: Question Five: Anyone have a Timbuktu, Krome or other such wet-weather-friendly bag they want to sell me?

(no subject)

How can it possibly be time for my birthday fireworks again???

Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Waterfront Concert
Thursday, August 28, 2008
1020 Naito Pkwy

5 PM Portland Youth Philharmonic
7 PM Oregon Symphony

The annual tradition of launching the Oregon Symphony season with FREE parks concerts continues with the much anticipated Symphony performance at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

The concert will feature selections from the Oregon Symphony’s 2008-09 Classical and Pops Series line-up conducted by Music Director Carlos Kalmar and Resident Conductor Gregory Vajda, and will close with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture complete with cannons and fireworks!

Portland Youth Philharmonic Program - starts at 5 PM
David Hattner, conductor
Edward Elgar
Pomp and Circumstance March No. 4 in G Major
Emmanuel Chabrier
España, Rhapsody for Orchestra
Pablo de Sarasate
Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs)
Ardon Lee, violin
(Winner of the 2007-2008 PYP Soloist Competition)
Georges Bizet
Excerpts from Carmen
The Toreadors
Bohemian Dance

Oregon Symphony Program - starts at 7 PM
Carlos Kalmar, conductor
Gregory Vajda, conductor
Michael Allen Harrison, piano
Oregon Ballet Theatre
Portland Opera Studio Artists
Members Portland Youth Philharmonic
John Stafford Smith
(arr. Leyden)
The Star Spangled Banner
Aaron Copland
"Hoe Down" from Rodeo
Otto Nicolai
Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
White Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake
Oregon Ballet Theatre
Michael Torke
Michael Allen Harrison
Starry Night from The Rose Garden Suite
Gregory Vajda, conductor
Michael Allen Harrison, piano
Franz Liszt

Hungarian Rhapsody No.2, C minor
Gregory Vajda, conductor
José Pablo Moncayo
Franz Schubert
Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major
Giuseppe Verdi
Traviata Act I: Introduction and Libiamo ne'lieti calici
Maria Kanyova, soprano
Richard Troxell, tenor
Portland Opera Studio Artists
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
1812 Overture
with members of the Portland Youth Philharmonic

home workers

Does anyone else here work from home?

This is my 5th week and it's been totally sweet but i'm starting to get kind of bored and stir crazy.

It's also hard to find an excuse to leave my tiny apartment. I think I went a whole 5 days last week without leaving.

Tips for survival/having a life?
me as harley

i need my music!

I need new headphones. I have no idea what to get though, what's good, etc. I assume that more money = better headphones, but beyond that... I can't spend a huge amount on them, but I am willing to shell out a little bit of cash for a decent pair since I've been wasting money on continually buying crappy ones over the past few years that break/don't fit well. I don't like earbuds; they're uncomfortable and don't stay in my ears. I've been using these from Fry's, which are okay. They promised to stay in my ears better, which they kind of did, and I liked that they were small. But because I have multiple piercings in and around my ears, they don't fit in well, and especially when I'm being active they just fall out. (mmm, sweat) Where should I go to get decent headphones for a decent price, what brand, etc? I know that Fry's is a good place to look, but more localized suggestions are welcome because I'd like to not drive out there.

Or anyone selling some? ...not the kind that go in your ear, because I'm done with those little bastards, plus there's the ear wax ick factor.

Portland – exhausted?

I had to run an errand this afternoon and decided to walk.  While I was out I noticed everything seems… muted. Not like the typical Portland with the noise of chatter, car stereos and cell phone conversations from hither to non but… empty.  Silent, yet with a strange energy under the surface, like the air just before a storm.  Granted, we had lightning and thunder so perhaps it’s the hyper-polarized particles racing through me or some surge in electro-magnetic ranges but it just felt odd.


No one was talking. Large herds of people moved as they always do, taking up as much sidewalk as possible, but not one of them were talking to one another. I walked six entire blocks before I heard the first utterance from anyone, and even then it was like a whisper!  I kept waiting for something to happen, like when you’re watching a horror flick, the killer is dead (or so we think) and the happy music starts, lulling us into a false sense of security before the final GAH! moment… but it never came (thankfully).  The  it struck me… Portland just feels exhausted today.


Perhaps it is because of the hot weather we had this weekend, or the usual gray, wet weather we have now or a combination of both but energy levels seem to be running near critical failure today.  It is an odd feeling to step out into the city and experience this. Unnerving, really.


Has anyone else noticed this today?


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"L.A. could learn a thing or two from Portland"

Portland in the LA Times:,0,1196877.story

"L.A. could learn a thing or two from Portland
The city is a veritable transit utopia where light rail goes to the airport, parking restrictions increase public transit use and free streetcar service benefits downtown businesses. It also has a 20-year head start on planning."

(link received thanks to Kyle Mortensen of AiMusic Inc.)
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Kerr Properties

Does anyone have any experience with Kerr Properties? My husband and I currently live in Eugene and are interested in at least one of their properties, but we're having issues with their policies already. I'm thinking that this doesn't bode particularly well for their services. They're saying that we need to find someone to drive by the property before we call them to set up a viewing of the interior. My husband is going to be in the area for job interviews on Thursday, so we were obviously hoping to set up a viewing for that day, but this puts a bit of a damper on that. So are these people really as bitchy as they seem on the phone? I've never been required to drive by a property before the viewing, but is this a typical request in Portland? Clearly, living two hours away makes this a tad difficult. (Plus, I'm two weeks past my due date and am really just not up for driving that far away at this point. This also might make me a bit more irrational than I might usually be.) In short, WTF is their deal?


Amélie is playing tonight at the Broadway Metroplex at 1000 SW 1000 Broadway. $5 to see it! 7:30 is show time!

It'll be fun! There are prizes!

I will probably be handing them out.

portland discordians! (and others of much ilk)

This Saturday is the International Day of Discord, not that the world needs much help lately. What it amounts to is discordians leaving the house and meeting each other. Crazy, huh?

The Portland version is a potluck barbecue in the park, hosted by me and telarus.

PDX Day of Discord
Saturday, August 23, 2008

Laurelhurst Park
Potluck barbecue-
bring something to share

Check the site for more details.

Reply here or email johnnybrainwash at hotmail if you're going to come or have any questions.

Remember, sticking apart is more fun when we do it together.

Computer repair question

Hey, I need a bit of advice. I have a dell inspiron 2200 laptop. The keyboard is totally messed up and is missing keys and full of dirt and crumbs and weird sticky crap from never cleaning it ever. Also, the power cord needs to be physically held in the socket in order for it to charge the battery. The last time I had to get repairs, dealing with the people at Dell was a huge pain involving waiting on hold for 40 minutes at a time just to talk to a person, and then mailing my computer somewhere distant for a really long time. The warranty is expired and I am wondering if there is a quicker more convenient place to take it for fixing. I assume it just needs new parts ordered and installed.

Does anyone know anywhere cheapish who could do this for me? Southeast Portland is best. I have been putting this off forever, but it is a giant pain and I could really use some advice.
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"When the going gets dark..."
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Alberta Co-Op Job Opening ?

It's not exactly a king's ransom in wages, but there are benefits. Maybe somebody will be interested:

We're seeking applicants for the Perishables Buyer position. Applications and resumes are due Thursday, August 21st.

You can view the job description and download an application here.


* experience with buying for a natural foods store
* experience with margins and budgets
* excellent customer service skills
* experiences with consensus decision making
* clear communication skills and a desire to prioritize the development of these skills
* willingness to help create a positive work environment
* hours: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 6:30am-1pm plus additional time for meetings and projects.

$8/hour training wage - $9.60 after 80 hours. Benefits include health & dental insurance and paid vacation after 3 months, grocery discounts and amazing co-workers in a dynamic and awesome environment.

Yes, I am a volunteer at ACG. No, I don't get a prize if you get hired. :p

Property History Research

I was wondering if anyone knows of how to pull up the history on a certin property or address. The building I work in is rumored to have been a funeral home many years ago and I want to try and find some more information on this.  Google is not cutting it.


Anybody lose a chug?

A little tan dog just followed Delta and me home from the dog park at Brentwood park, around SE 62nd and Flavel. None of the neighbors I found had any idea where he belonged. He looks like he's probably a chih/pug mix, all tan, no collar, very sweet and very overweight. I filed a found dog report with Multnomah County Animal Services, posted him on CL, and knocked on a bunch of doors. I'm searching now for a vet that's still open so I can have him scanned for a chip. Any other ideas for how I can get this guy home? It's pretty obvious somebody loves him (and feeds him) a lot.

Bulk Groceries

So, I need to stock up on some food staples. Anyone have an opinion on the Winco vs Food4Less debate? (I don't have a Costco card.) Mainly curious in terms of price, selection, and tastiness.
Aww Fuck, Aubrey

(no subject)

I love Portland, but at the end of this week I'm going to be moving to NYC to go to art school. Before I go, I'd like to stock up on some Portland/Oregon related merchandise (like t-shirts, stickers, posters...) so I can show off some Portland pride while living in New York. What should I get? I do already have some stuff, but I'd really like to hear your suggestions.

damnit damnit damnit

Forgive me. I know for a fact this request has been posted before. Either I'm an idiot for not seeing any posts in the memories or tags regarding this or I'm delusional, but where are some reasonably priced bars I could throw an impromptu birthday gathering at for, oh say 15-20 people? I live in NE and would prefer not to drive. Although, Trimet will get me a lot of places so it doesn't really matter.

And of course I would have the etiquette to call ahead ect, ect :)
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Support your local Bard

As you may have seen posted before, Alexander James Adams (formerly Heather Alexander), local entertainer and Bard extraordinaire needs our help. He and wife Kore (and assorted animals, some rescued and emotionally damaged, there for healing and love) are being threatened with eviction from their lovely property near Portland. The easiest way to support them is to order CDs, the songbook (compilation of all of Heather's songs, complete with original artwork and I believe notes about the songs - not sure about that last part, mine arrives later this week) from The Heatherlands. Or head over to the newer site and use the PayPal donation button.
However, if his music isn't quite your thing but you are a good-hearted person who wants to support a noble cause, there is another option! Over here you've got art, music, and other merchandise for sale. These gracious folks have chosen to donate proceeds from the sale of their products to help save Fae Hollow from the dread foreclosure people.
According to Alec's announcement at tonight's concert, they have about 50% of what they need to save their property. The month is drawing to a close folks - please help save one of our wonderful local musicians, storytellers, entertainers, and keepers of the magic!
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