August 17th, 2008

For Sale: AccountEdge 2008 - accounting software for Mac OS X

AccountEdge 2008 software from MYOB. Still sealed in box.

From the box:

"Premium Small Business Management & Accounting
  • Sales & Receivables
  • Purchases & Payables
  • Banking & Checkbooks
  • Contact Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Professional Time Billing
  • 200+ Reports
  • Jobs Management
  • Inventory Management"

This is for Mac OS X, 10.3 or greater.

I won this yesterday, along with a bunch of other stuff I'll likely keep, from local Macintosh retailers MacForce. This one, though, I have no real use for. It retails for $299. Make me an offer and if I don't die laughing at you, it's yours.
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One lousy waiter spoils the bunch

Overall, I love Mississippi Station! Great live music, a good menu. I've been there many times and had some great evenings there.

But last month I had one of the worst servers I can remember. He ignored us for 45 minutes, argued with me when he delivered the wrong drinks, never brought flatware, and generally ignored us so he could sit and laugh with his friends on the patio. The experience was so bad, I stiffed him on the tip; I can't remember ever doing that before.

And then, on my latest credit card statement, I see where someone corrected my "oversight" by adding 20+% tip to the bill. Sheesh!

So, beware of the waiter "Joshua P", and consider paying with cash instead of credit card.

(Edit: Yep, got the "tip" refunded by the credit card, and sent a rather pointed letter to the MS manager.)
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best eggs benedict you've have in town (no pref on part of town)? i've enjoyed Screen Door and sadly my favorite used to be at Cameo Cafe in NW (they shut dowwnnnnnn!).

never been to Mothers cause the wait always seems unbearable. worth the wait though?

i love breakfast in general, but the benedict makes me most excited.

Edit: we chose to go to Screen Door and i had the eggs benedict. super super good as i had remembered. the placed was pretty packed, but we got there somewhat late and got a seat right away. rad.

a million thanks for all the good suggestions!
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(no subject)

I made a post similar to this one (months ago) but forgot to bookmark it. I'm looking for stores that sell action figures/toys. One prominent store that I remember from the old post I made was someone suggesting Things From Another World.

Are there more of these types of places in the Beaverton/Portland area?  Not Toys R' Us and KB toys.

The Human Canvas Project is almost here... THURSDAY August 21st!!!

Tonight is our last rehearsal before the day of, and things are going GREAT!

We've all put a lot of time, effort and yes, even money into making this happen. It happens at the Fez Ballroom (316 sw 11th) THIS THURSDAY August 21st, and only costs 7 bucks.

This, of course, being many girls nude/semi nude onstage painted white, with video/images/etc projected onto them from 5 or so sources while my musical outfit, Sad Music for Happy Humans, makes thick mindfuck music that builds to utilizing dubstep/dnb/electro/live sampled drum beats. Since this is happening

Afterwards will be some sweet IDM/breakbeat music by the esteemed DJ Tan't, and longtime Portland music makers Ryze + Fall and DJ Harp will be giving us all some great LIVE Drum and Bass and Dubstep to dance the night away with.

I do hope you'll all attend, there is a great buzz going on about this show and I think it's going to end up being fabulous! But it will be moreso if YOU are there.... come say hi!

More info can be found at

Jess would be and Awesome roomate!

Hi I'm Jess, i just moved to portland from working on boats all over the world. I'm starting a job downtown in september and i need a place to live asap. i'm 22, i'm a veggie (but i don't mind meat consumption) I don't smoke or drink (but i'm not uptight about it) I like hiking, flowers, gardens and sail boats. I like to cook, i'm decently clean and tidy, and i love cats. In my spare time i knit, study german, read anything and everything, paint things, write or stare off into space day dreaming. I'm pretty handy, i've spent a lot of time traveling a, so i like to fix things myself rather then paying some one else to do it. I'm all around a very relaxed and mellow person.
I'd like friendly roomates, communal dinners once in a while and more then just a place to sleep. recycling would be awesome, and composting would be great too. $450 is the most i can afford in rent.
Cheers!! :)
jlohudgins at gmail dot com
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I'm getting married in the Portland area sometime next year. I'd like to have a cupcake tower instead of a cake. Since I haven't lived in Portland in about 4 years, I don't really know which cupcakes places are the best. I've been looking at Saint Cupcake and they look pretty delicious. Are they? Are there any better cupcake places that I should look into?

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(no subject)

Am I crazy to voluntarily leave this city for 8 months? I'm beginning to think I am.

Also: Festa Italiana started yesterday. Worth it? I have a great aunt who volunteers and is big on "Well in Italy they :enter positive action here:..." statements, so I can only go to her for a severely biased opinion.
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AhhHHHhhhhh! (that's an excited scream)

Remember me? I got a job as a vet tech/groomer!
I'm putting my two weeks in on Monday and leaving around Sept 1st.  All my previous housing prospects were in Beaverton but where I'm working is in NE Portland. My new  boss said Beaverton will be too far/traffic-y in the mornings and evenings. Are there names for the areas around the N-NE that I should be searching for?

I won't know anyone. I hope some of you are up for some guided tours of my new hometown.

Also.. anyone made the drive cross country? Central Florida to Portland. 3100 miles! Aiiieeeee..

EDIT: Here is the address so you can give better recommendations:
3345 NE 82nd
Portland, Oregon 97220
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De La Soul

Has anyone been to De La Soul on north side--8139 N Denver? Any good? ANY thoughts? I don't even know if they're open for dinner, neither number I saw posted works.
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Skin tag removal

I've just started developing skin tags for some reason and have been considering having them removed. Have any of you done this before? I'd like recommendations on where to go and an idea of how much I'll be spending (I have a few big ones and a few more smaller ones). Thanks!
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Serious Question

I'm moving to Portland in a few weeks and would like some recommendations on a good area to live in.  Also, I'm looking for a job and need some recommendations there!

Nah...just couldn't resist.

I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my nephew this weekend and wondered...what would be your first stop in the candy garden.  This is the Gene Wilder version and the scene right before Augustus Gloop gets made into fudge. 

The two foot gummy bears?  The chocolate pudding balls?   The frosting covered mushrooms?   A dip in the choco-river?  I've thought about it a couple of times while in various meditations over the weekend and decided that I would have to hit the sugar teacups with the liquid inside.  I've always been curious as to what was in there. 

My nephew (4) said he'd take great pleasure in biting the ear off the gummy bears.

So what say you?
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trivia tonight: ahhh sorry!

my first trivia night at slim's in st. johns tonight was cancelled and i am super late amending my last post to tell you that!  so i am writing a new post.  i was out of town all weekend charging rapids where i fractured my hand and spent all afternoon and evening getting saddled with a cast.  there is a very talented bluegrass band from alabama playing tonight instead.  i'm so sorry about the late notice!!!

so the first trivia night will now be next sunday.  hooray trivia!

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dear bikey portlanders,

my bike helmet is getting really old and i'm also realizing how poorly-fitting it is. i'm looking for a good selection of helmets to try on instead of buying the first one i find. i like the smooth kind like this rather than the super-aerodynamic ones. where should i go to try a few different brands at once?



Has anyone here been to Urban Fondue for dinner?
Was it good? Is there some place better to have fondue in Portland (particularly cheese and dessert fondue)?

Unrelated: My dog and I met Sam Adams today. He was super nice. Funny photo after the cut.

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Movin' and sellin' stuff.

So i'm moving this weekend and need to get rid of some furniture. If any of you need a really awesome bookcase (i'm a book fiend and need a bigger one) i'm selling one here. Also on the list is a small computer desk here, and i know this is a long shot, but a really great snake cage for a large snake here. Thanks guys!
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