August 16th, 2008


Advice:Shitty neighbor

So, I share a wall with this asshole who thinks it's okay to do projects all hours of the night. Hammering, drill guns, and so forth. I have talked to him, I pound on his door and he doesn't answer, he'll just sit there real quiet until I leave, I have talked to the managers and they said they talked to him.

I'm about ready to take a hammer to the wall we share and show him I'm not fucking around. When it is okay to like, get someone else involved besides the management?

Also, I don't want to confront him on my own again. He's the type of crazy person that would sneak into my apartment and kill me when I (finally) am sleeping.

I also just left him a very angry post it which said "I am requesting that you stop pounding/hammering after 10:00pm. I wake up @ 6:00am for work. I don't care what you're doing, just keep it down. This is not the first time i've asked this"

Yes, i'm very passive-aggressive

*I'm on probation for getting a DUI a year and a half ago, so I can't get in any trouble (and get caught) for another 10 months*
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A dedicated member of the Friday Night No Life Club, I have spent some of tonight . . . counting socks. DPers, how many pairs of socks do you have? Or, if they don't match, how many sets of two? I think I have about thirty pair--it's hard to tell, as some are in boxes and some are in the wash. The girlfriend figure? I counted sixty-seven! That's not counting hose, mismatched socks, or any she brought with her to California, where she's been for two weeks or so. Some of these pairs of socks even still have the tags on them.

How many socks make too many? How many do you have?
Tea whores unite secretly

Fellow MHCC'ers?

Anyone else here go to Mount Hood Community College and know if there is a way to find out what books you need prior to the start of term and prior to them being in the book store at school?

I want to know what I need to pick up when I go in there in a few weeks, I plan on being gone for the first part of September and want to make sure I can get that done with ease!

Corsetry supplies?

Has anyone had any luck finding corset boning, busks or other assorted corset making supplies anywhere here in Portland? I know of a bazillion places online I can order the stuff but I'd like to have a local shop if at all possible.

Poi: Hot Stuff!
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ISO: Paneer

Okay. Time for a slightly more complicated one. Does anyone know where in the city (or nearby) I can buy a block of paneer? I've tries Uwajimaya and they didn't have it.

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furnitures for sale

red chair - $20

green chair - $20

green rocking chair - $10 (visible wear)

beige loveseat - $40

I also have an RCA tv which I've turned on all of three times. anybody want it? I'm not selling it, just giving it away... oh & prices are flexible for teh dpers. pictures link to their respective cragislist ads. and - no delivery. I have a cat, she has fur. I don't smoke. the cat, I don't think she smokes... but you just never know.
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yet another concert post

Is anyone going to the Radiohead show at the White River Amphitheater on August 20th? I didn't get my act together fast enough and tickets sold out before I could buy one. I'm pretty depressed about this since I've never missed a show in the Pacific Northwest and whenever people bring it up, I want to go cry in a corner. Anyway, I'm just curious because I'm hoping to live vicariously through you and maybe you'll feel sorry for me and sell me your ticket for really cheap. But probably not.

bloody marys?

Okay, so I've got a blind date tomorrow morning. He has requested that we go somewhere that not only has coffee but also has good bloody marys available. Not being much of a morning drinker or a bloody mary fan, I've no idea. Can anyone recommend a place? Inner SE Portland would be the preferred area, downtown would be second choice. Thanks in advance! Merci!
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free furnitures!

regarding this post about furniture for sale:

I'm just going to give all of it away, so speak now if you want anything (before I post them as freebies on craigslist).

the red chair has been spoken for - otherwise, let me know!


Anyone know where to buy clove cigarettes around the Gateway area? Specifically, near Halsey and 102nd? Just officially moved into P-town from Gresham (woohoo) and haven't found my local dealer yet.
she blinded me with science!


Today I saw a light pickup truck covered bumper-to-bumper with stickers. A large one in the back warned, "I brake for people who read bumper stickers."

The other day I saw a guy sorting cans out of a shopping cart and loading them into his car parked on a residential street off SE 39th. Not so unusual... except the car was a Delorean.

As a daily bike commuter, I'm no stranger to being yelled at by asshole drivers. But today some guy yelled at me from a passing car, "Play that funky music!"

What weirdness have you encountered lately?

Dunno if she's a DamnPortlander, but...

...Thank you to the blonde woman in the short red dress who got me water and some ice-wrapped-in-napkins when I felt sick/faint from the heat while at the Music Millennium barbecue, and for making sure I got inside the nice cool air-conditioned store okay. I felt well enough after about an hour to look for a CD I wanted (they didn't have it, so I got The Decemberists instead) and after another half-hour or so, to go back outside and watch the rest of the live music. (Lincoln's Beard was pretty damn awesome.)

- The dark-haired girl with glasses in the black tank top and jeans
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