August 15th, 2008

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Help the Faerie Bard

Alexander James Adams (heir to Heather Alexander) and his wife Kore are going to lose their land if they don't raise sufficient money this month to prevent foreclosure.

If you like Alec's or Heather's music, Alec will be in Portland at the Lucky Lab Pub, 7675 SW Capitol Hwy, Monday, August 18th at 7. There, you can buy stuff or donate funds to help this amazing musician.

Peace out!
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Ice Blockin'

i've done it a couple times when i was younger but damn me if this weather doesn't seem like a good reason to bring back the past.

what i'm looking for are some suggestions for good grassy hills around town.

if you have no idea what this Ice Blockin' i am speaking of, wiki it. spread the love and chill your toosh!
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Hai. Two things. first, do you know of any thrift stores out there that have a particularly larger selection of kitchen stuff?

Second, If there's anyone out there looking for a good entry level hiking backpack, I'm trying to get rid of one. It's a Kelty Coyote 3850, and it easily holds 3-4 days worth of stuff, but by packing lightly I've gotten a week's worth in. It's always been very comfortable on me; I've never fallen prey to that bruised hipbones business. I'm 5'1" and it fit me well, so it's probably best for those with smaller frames, although it does have an adjustable harness. If you want to measure your torso length, mine's about 16" from the base of my spine to the nape of my neck.

If you want it, it's yours for $50. I got it new for $150, just for reference. Good condition, etc, I just upgraded to a larger backpack.
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1.20 boys don't cry

theXplodingboys open for caves, dat'r, boy eats drum machine

cure vs. talking heads @ Wonder Ballroom
08/16/08  8:00pm-1:00am  21+
8$ cover
theXplodingboys open for caves, dat'r, boy eats drum machine

theXplodingboys will open for a cure vs. talking heads tribute night at the wonder ballroom.  caves, dat'r and boy easts drum machine will play some cure and some talking heads tunes.  if you haven't seen some of these bands, now is the time.

Looking for a Place

Hello. I'm moving back to Portland after a few years away. I was going to stay with people I knew but that fell through. While I do not have a job there yet I would find one as soon as I was able to even if I have to clean toilets.

I'm 33 years old. I'm a non-smoker and non-drinker, and do not do drugs of any sort. I'm not into parties and don't even know lots of people to invite over even if I wanted to, which I don't. I have no pets or children. And I am certifiably sane though somewhat eccentric.

Mostly I'm intent on making the remaining tuition money to pay for my last two courses at UC Davis for winter quarter. I will be heading back down there in late December. It's a long story...but I can explain if you need me to.

I do have the money for moving into a place. I have ok credit and no criminal background. I arrive on Monday and need to find a place by the end of the month. Sooner is better than later. Oh, and the place has to be near a bus line because I do not have a car.

biking viking

Violence of Summer: the nationwide trend of road rages....

Hmmm. Our fair city of Portland actually received a mention in last Sunday's New York Times about road rage incidents involving bicyclists (Moving Targets). Incidentally, I had no idea that 6% of Portland's population bicycles daily (the nationwide average is under 1%).

I'm very curious though, as to why this article was printed under the Fashion section of the paper. An article like this would be a headline article in Portland....

And from observations here in New York City (*drinks*), lawless cyclists out here are ten times more insane than those in Portland. But then again, same goes for drivers and pedestrians. ;o
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Casa Diablo

Have any of you been to Casa Diablo? What did you think of it?

I went there last night and had a great time. The drinks were the stiffest I've had. And the girls, well, they have a loose idea of what customer/dancer boundries are. I would kinda like to see what the place could do if they had more people in there.

Damnportlanders, please come get drunk with me in the industrial area. Thank you!

Hair help

Early last week I dyed part of my hair a color not found in nature for the first time. For a day or two, it was bright, arterial spray red. A few days later, it was sort of fuchsia, and today it is bubblegum pink. The dye I used said the color would last 4-6 weeks. My friend tells me the color faded quickly because I wash my hair too often, but I work and can't go days without bathing. Does permanent bright red hairdye exist? How do all of you alternatively hairstyled DPers keep your colored coiffure true?
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(no subject)

Hi again. I feel like I'm flooding this community with requests, but at least they're not housing- or job-related, right?

I want to start kayaking. I've done some before (mostly on rivers and never whitewater) but would like to do more. A few questions:

- Any recommendations as to clubs/groups that do a fair number of outings?
- I don't own a kayak, which means renting one seems to be necessary. Most rental places then require some proof that you know what you're doing. I figure it wouldn't hurt for me to take an introductory class (mostly for wet exits). Is one place better than most, in your experience?
- Best/cheapest place to rent a kayak?
- Are there better places to learn river kayaking vs. whitewater?

BONUS: best outdoor places to go swimming this weekend?

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Cat Problem #124,123,543

My sweet little Booger cat that my boyfriend and I adopted from OHS back in January came fully litter boxed trained and it was wonderful! Except for about 2 weeks now every so often he's been taking a big smelly poo on the floor right outside of his litter box. We keep his box clean and in an easy to get to spot. We're currently using Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Scoopable Litter (multi-cat because he's really smelly). Should we change brands altogether? Do you have any advice? HALP!!!!!

and just for fun here's a picture of me and the little offender (you can hardly see him!)
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So the hottest part of today is supposed to be between 3pm and 7pm, as per the usual trend of Portland weather. But why? I'm a former MassHole who's been in PDX for about 4 years. Back east the hottest part of the day was actually the middle of the day -11am to 2pm- when the sun was highest, and it made sense. I find myself quite disgruntled about it still being super sweatacular after dinner time. WTF Willamette valley!?

Well at least PDX doesn't have the crazy humidity a la New England.... and there's WAY more coastline for sharing around these parts.
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Prints and Scanners (attn: artists)

This is a question for all you art people out there:

What is the best and preferably affordable place to get prints done of art work?

I'm also looking for a place that will scan 11x17 originals without hurting them. Maybe somewhere I could handle them myself even?

Any recommendations or the opposite (if you had a bad experience with somewhere please let me know) would be more than helpful. Thanks in advance...
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Only Seventeen

A few months ago The Mercury ran a story that rounded up several dance nights in town. In a sidebar/call-out section they mentioned some warehouse style dance party happening in North or Northeast Portland on a regular basis. I recycled the issue in question and haven't had any luck digging up any information online.

Does anyone know of/remember the details of this event, or am I making stuff up again?

I have been called upon:

Time for the Friday No-Life Club to Commence.

Post whatever moves your heart.

Every day, I wake up knowing this day could be the perfect day...and every day, due to something trivial, it is not. And then I get up every day the same.

And that is why I have no life. But it doesn't bother me too much at all!

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Can someone find me the name of the song that has a phrase like "La ba duh ba da da da. Ohh" and it repeats that same "lyric" through out the song. I heard it while getting food and just can't figure it out.

(This seems like the worst request ever).

EDIT: Its kinda slow, a womans voice, and its kinda is echo-e.

EDIT 2: Thanks everyone who looked, ihatepavel found it! "Annie Lennox - No more I Love Yous"

ticket tonight

well, i fell in the river and hurt myself & i cant go to the nico muhly /sam amidon show tonight at the aladdin
it's going to be really good
does anyone want my ticket
and my phone is dead?
leave a msg here and let me know !
Dancing Doc

(no subject)

To whoever it was that posted about the open interviews for the Nines hotel.... THANK YOU! I wouldn't have heard about it, otherwise (somehow I overlooked it when last checking craigslist). Instead, I took the chance that I had enough time before my shift at my current job and went.

And got hired as part of the housekeeping staff.

I won't start until october when the hotel opens, but that's actually perfect for me, as I have an out of state trip planned for end of september. I'm thrilled to know that I have a full time job lined up in the near future,  as I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't have money for bills or even christmas.

So again, thank you for posting about it!

Anyone else go, and if you did did you have any luck?
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Power Walking... An Olympic event

Did anyone else have any idea of the phenomenon that is Olympic speed walking?
I got home from work,drank a few beers, answered a few e-mails, looked up and saw a herd of  multi colored short shorts
power walking around the track... fists thrusting and all... amazing.

Go U.S.A.