August 14th, 2008


Yet another post about jobs

So, here I am, one of the thousands of people in Portland looking for a job.
I have an associates degree in graphic design and 4+ years customer service/manager experience + call center experience. But no luck. I have tried EVERYTHING - craigslist, sunday paper, walking around, major corporations, school systems, hospitals. I feel like I have applied everywhere. I am willing to work hard at anything, I know how hard it is to get a design job in this city, especially fresh out of school.
That being said, if anyone has any inside tips, it would be greatly appreciated. As far as design work, my talents lie in print/publication design but I can also do web layout (not too strong with coding) logos, branding, etc.
I have applied at Legacy, Providence, Portland public schools, new seasons, fred meyers, fed ex, ups, nw staffing, and employment trends.
Are there more major entities I am forgetting about? It's so discouraging to think about how many people have thrown my resume away by now.
PS - I currently make $11/hr, which is why I'm having a hard time. I can't take anything under $10 and still afford to pay rent and bills at this time. However, my current job is already unbearable, and about to become hell on earth as we come under new management in the next couple weeks. I know some of you must know how I feel...a sense of impending doom!

One last thing - I know there are a million call centers in Hillsboro/Beaverton, but I'm out in North Portland and the drive and gas money are just too much. :( For once in my life I wish I lived closer to Hillsboro.
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a teeny bit of spam

i am hosting my first ever trivia night at slim's in st. johns on sunday.  hooray!  so if you don't have any current plans, i promise it will be super fun with tittilating questions and awesome drinkable prizes.  this will be happening every sunday from now on (except the first sunday of every month, there will be a band instead).  8pm!  8635 n. lombard!  yay!

p.s. slim's is also on the hunt for a fabulous karaoke jockey with style, charisma, and some ass kicking pipes... if you think you might be perfect for the job i suggest coming to my trivia night and i will pass you along to the people with the power....
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(no subject)

I'm interviewing for a job in downtown Vancouver this week. One factor I'll use in deciding whether to take the job is the cost and ease of using public transit to get there. I checked Trimet's site and I can't get a trip plan into Vancouver, which is no surprise as it's in a different state. Is there any interstate transit type service between pdx and Vancouver that won't cost another ton of money on top of a Trimet pass?

Oh and I'm looking for $15/hr+ - only that or above - claims/acct rep/call center/banking type jobs if anyone wants to clue me in at hotmail under doubleplus76 :)
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(no subject)

cheap place downtown/nw to have my cats claws clipped? i cant do it alone, it takes one to hold her down, one to clip.

OR i will pay someone if one of you wants to come clip her claws while i hold her. id love you forever. in the non-touching way (ick, touching).

my poor kitty is catching on the carpet when she walks. she uses the scratching post...
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Price of Blueberries and Cell Coverage

I was shopping at Freddie's earlier this week and saw Hood River Blueberries "special" at $3.95/pint.

Oddly enough, for work I split my week between PDX and Hood, and I came home to HR last night and hit the grocery here, and found 3-pint local blueberries for $6. Oh, the difference an hour's worth of gas has on a little fruit.

And BTW, apparently AT&T is down over parts of Oregon & Washington, including HR. So today I'm taking no calls.

In need of a Mezuzah

I'm not super connected to the Jewish community here (yet), so I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
I want to buy a friend a Mezuzah for her new apartment. I need to get it this weekend, or I would buy one online.
I did some Googling, but only found one Jewish shop in the area, Everything Jewish. I am going to check this one out, but are there others? Or does anyone here attend a Temple with a gift shop inside that might be open to the public? 
Any feedback is appreciated!



Does anyone know of any local corset makers or costumieres that could make a quality underbust corset that would be suitible for daily wear and long term waist training? I am looking for something in a cotton twill with a strong busk and lots of steel boning, preferably with attached garter straps. Online recommendations would help too, but I'd prefer a place I can visit in person.

Excuse me, but have we traded weather?

Here in Oklahoma, it's been cool and rainy for the past week, which is extremely weird for August. I notice that in Portland, you've been experiencing the kind of searing, soul-crushing heat that would be much more in character here. I must say that I am a little bit dismayed by this turn of events, as I had hoped that once I moved to Portland, such ridiculous heat would become nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

Tell me - how often, in the past few years, has Portland experienced excessive heat (higher than 90)? I had assumed that you get less of it than we do, but now I'm not so sure. Also, does the heat come with an unbreathable quantity of humidity, such that walking outside is like walking into a hot gym sock?

need new hospital scrubs

I need some new scrubs for work and I just moved to NW Portland near 21st.

Anyone know where I can find a shop that sells scrubs?

I know there is a Life Uniform store in Tigard but I'd like to find other alternatives. Maybe something closer if possible. I usually do the public transit thing.

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Poi: Hot Stuff!
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Sellwood Park - Grills?

Has anyone been to Sellwood park recently? Do they have bbq grills that you can show up and use with your own charcoal? Am I hoping for too much?

BTW: Portland Parks and Rec's website does not mention anything. Yes, I already checked.
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It's that time of year (actually, it was 6 months ago) where my insurance deems me eligible for a brand spanking new pair of glasses. As my insurance runs out next year, I want to take full advantage of this fact. Unfortunately, the optometrist I've been going to since the third grade is all the way out in St. Johns, and I just don't have the time to make the trek out there anymore. So now I'm looking for recommendations for optometrists in the downtown/close-in/belmont area. Places with great selections of wacky frames (colored, vintage etc.) are a plus, as I don't feel like bringing in my own set of frames. Bonus points if they're a Blue Cross preferred provider, but it's not essential. (Besides, aren't most places nowadays?)


(FYI, Scott Overton at St. Johns Vision is awesome, if you find yourself needing someone in the area.)

Health Insurance?

Hello everyone!

I'm writing to ask whether anybody knows about temporary health insurance for the Portland/Vancouver metro area. As it is, my undergrad health insurance will be expiring on the 15th of this month, and my grad school health insurance wont start until the 24th. I must be covered during the interim between the stop/start dates as I will be doing field experiments and there are huge liabilities if this isn't taken care of. Does anyone know of an insurance provider that will just let me have coverage for a week or so? Cheaper would be better, but I have to have the insurance in any case... Quick response would be awesome as I'm rushing around to figure this out! Thanks in advance guys :). (I've already tried extending the undergrad or grad insurance with no luck)
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There is NO EXCUSE.

This letter is to you, owner of this pewter Land Rover, parked at the Saigon Grill off Walker Rd. at approx. 1PM

I got this picture of your car after calling 911 to report that your very hot little dog was locked in your car, windows less than 2" open, in temperatures well over 90 degrees. I was there with her for about 20 minutes. Lord only knows how long she had been out there.

As I stated in the note I left on your car, you are an absolutely despicable pet owner. I completely loathe people like you and as someone who doesn't like carrying around negative emotions, that is saying a lot.

I wonder if I saw you but you wouldn't fess up when I asked if that was your car with the dog in it. I probably wouldn't fess up if I had someone as angry as I was approach me. I still wish I could have found you myself. I wouldn't have been as cordial as I bet the police officer was. You're lucky.

Now, as a bright note of deep gratitude and appreciation... A HUGE thank you to Officer Scott Hanley of the Hillsboro Police Dept. who came to the rescue of your dog, made sure she got some water and educated your sorry ass on not leaving your pet locked in a car on a hot day.

I hope you never do this again. But if you do, I hope I'm the one who finds you.

Defender of Animals Who Can't Defend Themselves

Late addition: Because some commenters are questioning why I posted the unobstructed picture of the vehicle, allow me to explain to save any potential snarkers the time. I was moved and outraged by what I witnessed today and I brought those feelings to my community to share. If my post makes even ONE person think twice about leaving their pet in a car in hot weather - if even only out of fear of having a picture of their car taken and posted on the net - my job has been done.
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Seaside or Bust

Hey I'm taking my honey to Seaside for the day this weekend and I was wondering if any of you could recommend some good seafood restaurants. Something classy if possible. I've been searching online with not much luck and everything has bad reviews. Also any other tips or advice on having a fun romantic day in Seaside are greatly appreciated.



Are any of you DamnPortlanders still hoping/wanting to get on a DamnH2C team?

I just had a runner drop out. I need someone who is reliable. You would be running leg #9, 21, & 33 in van 2.

Please email me at megsdaisy @ gmail . com for full details and stuff.

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Nom nom nom nom

Thankful Thursdays, Portland Style.

What can I say? I love my wife, I love my dog, I love my neighborhood. My job is stressful, but it pays the bills, and secretly, I love it too. And then to top it off, I had a fine-old time sipping gin-n-juice and singing PS/2 karaoke with some friends late into the morning last night. Feeling good, wanted to share.
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A big fat THANK YOU...

Within only a couple of hours of posting my need for a room on this community, no fewer than three people contacted me. I am moving to town in THREE DAYS, OMG!!!!1 Yay for damnportlanders. I recommended the site to my boyfriend who is also considering moving out here soon.

So, um ... anyone know where I can find super cheap bedroom furniture? I need a mattress at the very least ...



Who's going?


I might not do the rick roll thing like I did at Sakuracon because of the giant props I'm already going to have. Sorry to those I told I would be doing that, you'll have to do it yourself. D8


Ok, so i figured this would be something someone in the comm. might be able to help me with.
My friend and I are moving down town because we will be going to school down there, but we haven found any apartments that allow cats and small dogs for an affordable price. i don't know if i'm just not looking in the right places or if there just aren't any. if any one knows about any good deals on small apartments in the downtown area or close to it please let me know!

thank you.
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$5 bicycle helmets

I was making calls today at Legacy Emanuel and they had bicycle helmets for a measley $5; road and mountain styles. I snagged one and they handed me a flier with upcoming dates. It's sponsored by grants from the Legacy Foundation and Trauma Nurses Talk Tough.

Saturday, September 13, 10a-2p @ Legacy Mt Hood Hospital in Gresham. 24900 SE Stark St.

Saturday, September 27, 10a-2p @ Legacy Meridian Park in Tualatin. 19300 SW 65th Ave.

Friday, November 21, 3p-5p @ Good Sam in NW. 1015 NW 22nd Ave.

Sizes ranged from toddlers to adult XL. They also had tail and front bike lights for $5. Mark the date and get one in every color=)

bike painting question

hey, all... i am in the midst of purchasing a really rad road frame.  among other things, it sports a chrome chain strut and chrome frame ends.  the bad thing?  it is a hideous color of fluorescent green, which tells of its origin in the early 80's. 

i've only gotten frames powder coated before, but i'm guessing its a bit difficult to keep from sandblasting and coating over the pretty little chrome.  does anyone know of a place in portland, maybe a wet-painter or even a nicer powder coater that could keep the best parts of this frame intact while repainting? 

and also a reasonably priced one, whatever you think that means

ryan lochte

For all those job seekers.

The new downtown hotel, The Nines  (the one inside Macy's building) is doing open interviews. There was one today and there will be ones tomorrow from 8AM -5PM (ish i think) at the World Trade Center Building #2. They will be hiring a total of 150 people for hotel jobs. Take your resume and a good attitude.

Just saw this one the news today and figured I would pass the oportunity down.

Santa Muerte/Guadalupe painting on door of Big Bertha's

Anybody know who painted the cool Santa Muerte as Virgin of Guadalupe image on the door of Big Bertha's next to the Mt. Tabor Theater on Hawthorne? I'm asking because I've had a photograph of it on Flickr for a couple of months, and it's gotten 500 hits--lately can get 10 or 15 a day--and I'd like to list the artist's name with the image. Here's a link to the photo:


(no subject)

So, just curious and was hoping to see if this thought is even reasonable:

I live in a small apartment complex that is under a lot of construction/renovation (being turned into condos). I got a flat tire today and upon inspection at the tire store to see if they could repair them found 3/4 nails and nail holes in my tire. I've also had other nail/screws wind up in two other tires that were able to be fixed. The construction crew tends to leave things strewn about in the parking lot and this is really the only place I could concieve that my tires picked up these damn things.

Should I try and save the tire to show to management? Would it be weird to ask for some sort of rent re-imbursement because of the un-expected expense? Or at least try and get the contractors to be more aware of cleaning up glass/wood/nails and screws that are somehow winding up in my tires? It's really frustrating to have to buy a whole new set of tires because of one flat. :\
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vinyl windows and air conditioners

So - we have a heavy, vertical style air conditioner (the type that's intended to go into side sliding windows) and our landlords just replaced our old metal frame windows with vinyl ones.

The window guy said there's a special brace that can be used to keep the weight off the vinyl but we've been unable to find such a mysterious artifact. Anyone have experience/know what they're talking about?

As it stands now, the air conditioner rests on a single metal bracket that is fastened to window ledge inside the window, extends outside and is braced against the outside wall with an adjustable arm.

Basically, we need a way to put our air conditioner in - without damaging the vinyl frame. Is there something we can purchase to either distribute the weight better or pad the vinyl frame? Help?

ETA: yes, fixed the spelling. original spelling? vinal, for those who need to know.

(no subject)

my fiance and i are moving to portland in a couple of weeks from the east coast, and we have yet to secure an apartment.  portland is unknown territory to both us.  i am a photography student, and my fiance is a writer.

any suggestions would be gladly appreciated. 


* edited to prevent further angry action from native portlanders
NYC Subway Mo 1

Portland-related musings from NYC!

Holy shit. I am finding out more quirky similar-but-different things between Portland and New York City (*drinks*).

Portland: The five quadrants
New York City: The five boroughs

Portland: Planned Parenthood's Take Care Down There safe-sex promotional billboards on bus stops (various locations throughout Portland).
New York City: Betty: Color for the hair down there advertisement in the subway station (14th Street and 6th Avenue station).

Portland: The since-gone "Hung Far Low Cock" (formerly "Hung Far Low Cocktails") sign in the old Hung Far Low building in Old Town.
New York City: Subway exit sign for "Canal Street" in which "C" had been removed, at the Canal Street subway stop.

Portland: Various poetry posters in the overhead advert section of the bus.
New York City: BeKanye tablets ad in the overhead advert section in a subway car.

Btw, it is such a fun experience to enjoy a vegetarian (*drinks*) and organic (*drinks*) dinner with a DP friend here in New York City (*drinks*). ;)
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