August 13th, 2008


Muchas HELL NO

MY STOMACH IS EXPLODING COURTESY OF MUCHAS GRACIAS (on n.e. Weidler). All I can say is they are not worth it. I was once fooled by the temptation of 24 hour Mexican but the Iraq war going down in my stomach ala Carne Asada Burritoz is NOT worth the trouble and NOT cute. Please stick to La Bonita on Alberta or any other assorted Taqueria on the EAST SIDE.


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selling my DMB tickets. ::sad face:: sold

 Anyone interested in buying my 2 general adm. tickets to Dave Matthews at the Gorge 8/31 and a camping pass?
 $48.50/ticket and $40 for camping pass but asking for $125.   
I bought the tickets before I planned my honeymoon (uh..oops) and we can't go.  
Posted on craigslist but I thought I would ask you fine Portland people.  

email me ambienthotcake @ hotmail . com

Have a happy and a healthy. !
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Stamps (Collecting)

Long story short, I'm going through my granddad's stuff and I have about five pounds of stamps he collected, starting from around the 30s to the 70s. I really want them out of the house but don't want just to throw them away. Is there a place I can sell them to, or an artist depot I can drop them off at?


So, there's a few lovely little rust spots on the car I'm getting from a friend and I'd like to make them purty.

I hear one needs to only take some sandpaper to them to smooth them out, seal them with something, and then get some matching paint and VOILA. while not perfect, certainly not rusty.

SO, DP! Where in portland can I get the appropriate sandpaper, sealant and a little tube of AUTOMOBILE paint? The car isn't a normal color (kind of a copper) so I don't mind paying some extra for having it matched.



p.s. i dont want to use nailpolish.

p.p.s. Is there an easy way to get stickers off the back of cars? I really didn't ever go to the California Maritime Academy.

Free Couch in Beaverton/Tanasbourne area

Does anyone want a couch?

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No damage. No claw tears. Not broken. Just moving and got a new couch. It's a comfortable, cute little country-couch. Paid ~$600 new for it in 2000. It's not a cheap crappy couch.

Edit: It comes with two throw-pillows of the same fabric. (forgot to put them on before I took the picture)

I have no truck, you gotta come get it. I'll help ya load it.

Price: Free

Reply here or email. First come, first served. Don't want to hold it, just want it gone.

Shoulda coulda woulda?

So I sprained my ankle a few days ago at work, didn't realize it, and have been walking on it even though I knew something felt wrong, but I wasn't incapacitated so I didn't take time off of work. It's swollen and just now starting to bruise, but it's looking to be cooking up to be a good one.

What I'm wondering is should I file a report with work since it happened AT work, or should I just let it slide? I've been told (at work) that Worker's Comp is only for times when I get cut badly, something breaks, or something happens that causes me to have to take time off of work while I heal; so just making a note along the lines of, " So yeah, I tripped over the floor mat behind the register and I sprained my ankle..." wouldn't be out of place, would it?

This entry brought to you by the shaved head girl who works at the 170th and TV Highway Plaid Pantry that cards everyone under the sun.

ETA: Alright, general consensus is that I'm silly, should have read the handbook a little bit more, and I should file. I will do so when I go into work tomorrow, although it probably won't get dealt with until next week when my manager gets back from vacation.

If any ya'll are in Beaverton, drop by and say hi. I'll sell you booze and cigarettes. ( If you're old enough, that is! :P)
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pretty me

In the spirit of drjeffs post from yesterday...from

Inflatable faeces raises a stink

A giant inflatable dog turd brought down a power line after being blown away from a Swiss museum.

The artwork, entitled Complex Shit, was carried 200 metres on the night of 31 July, reportedly breaking a greenhouse window before it landed again.

The sculpture, by American artist Paul McCarthy, was equipped with a safety system that should have deflated it.

The fake faeces has been returned and will remain on display at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern until October.

McCarthy is well known for his inflatable artworks, two of which - Blockhead and Daddies Bighead - were displayed outside the Tate Modern in London in 2003.

The Zentrum Paul Klee, which opened in 2005, houses a collection of about 4,000 works by the noted Swiss painter.

Story from BBC NEWS:
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(no subject)

Tomorrow, the boyfriend and I are doing a family dinner with his family and we're going to Noho's Hawaiian Cafe. We've never been. We've seen the menu online, which is fine... but we were wondering if anyone has been there before and had any experiences they'd like to share?

Thank you all knowledgeable DP. :)

PS. It seems like every idiot is out in the Portland area today.

If only I could just stay inside.

Is anyone else noticing this?
Crushed Earth


I'm just curious to know what people think about Burgerville.  They always have ads about how sustainable they are and how they use fresh and local products, but do people even notice that stuff?  I don't eat there, so I don't know, but... Does it actually taste better?  Do you make an effort to go there because it is more "sustainable" fast food?  
cupcake wellies


This may seem a bit early but I like to be prepared. My 3 year old daughter Agnes love pirates. She is absolutely obsessed. She wants to be a Pirate Princess for Halloween.

Where is the best place to buy costumes in town? I can bake and decorate a 5 tiered wedding cake but I can't sew so that is not an option. Although, if you sew and would like to help us out that would be awesome. Of course, I will pay you or we could do a trade. I am a pretty good cake baker and decorator. :)

To give you an idea of her obsession this has been her favorite outfit this summer.



Are there any especially wonderful places in Portland in which to drink tea and lounge comfortably? I'm looking for pillows, soft surfaces, and soft lightning. None of this "booth" or uncomfortable chair business.

Help me find my happy (tea) place, Portland.

Marley in his bandana


 This was posted in the Willamette Writers e-newsletter and I thought I'd repost here as it's always nice to support our local, homegrown talent. :o)



Local Comics Writer Shawn Aldridge Seeks Online Votes

Shawn Aldridge from the Blue Room at Burnside recently placed into a competition where the winner receives a year long contract with Warner Bros/DC Comics.

He needs help.
All you have to do is click this link: (the link is also below)

It takes you directly to his entry Vic Boone, a mix of pulp detective novels and B-movie sci-fi. It's set here in Portland.

You have to register to vote.

Voting Link for Shawn Aldridge

Shut the ##%$% up, Aaron!
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Rumpspankers - a new hangout

Definite positive review for Rumpspankers on NE Dekum near 7th.

They're the laid-back coffee and breakfast place that Random Order once was, before the hipsters and their loud, battle-stroller-led fashion, offspring took the place over. And they don't charge for the coffee refill, either (something Random Order instituted).
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Pet Owners - Pet Stroller for you!

I recently got a car after being carfree for nine years. One of the changes that has meant is not having to take my cat to the vet on TriMet. Just after her last annual appointment I bought a pet stroller and haven't had an occasion to actually use the thing. It's brand spanking new and really nice.

I've currently got it listed on Craigslist:

So for all of you who'd like to take their kitties on a walk in style, check it out! I just checked from where I bought it, and it currently retails for $80, but I'm only asking $60 OBO. Let me know if you're interested!


Where downtown can I find a decent selection of second hand men's suits? The fiance and I are going to Tony Strlight's tomorrow with some friends and he ripped his suit pants. I have the task of finding a suit to fit him without him being present. I'm taking a tape measure with me and plan to hit:
- Goodwill
- Ross
- Ray's Ragtime
- The Avalon

Anywhere else?



I love the weather

I love spiked sun tea

I hate the loud little kitties in the pool

I hate people breaking plans

I love talking to random strangers online

I love my lap top

I hate pointless posts... like this one

I hate not getting respnses for my resume

I love the color orange

I love nachos

I hate mosquitos

I hate the smell of repellent

I love the the rain

I love boats

Im bored cant ya tell? I think i just made quite a few conversation starters... let it roll....
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AT&T Wireless vs T-Mobile

T-Mobile :
Good Pricing
Excellent Customer Service
Good Coverage

AT&T Wireless :
High Pricing w/ Lots of add-on prices
MUCH MUCH more limited hours of Customer Service, Not too willing to be "helpful"
The famed 3G service seems to have very limited coverage right now

Your opinions, experiences, advice, etc?
katy bigmac

(no subject)

So.. I have a problem with anger.. And I've tried to google for local anger management meetings and classes but I'm not finding what I need.

I'm looking for meetings that are free or at least cost very little that are availible in the mornings or later in the evenings. Just something I can go to once or twice a week.

If not a meeting them maybe some therapy? I'm not sure if my insurance covers that, I work minimun wage at a shitty job but I have Kaiser.. Is there cheap therapy or am I asking for too much?

I couldn't even find an english anger management comm on LJ, the only thing I found was for Russians..

I'm tired of feeling like a monster and pushing my friends and family away. I just need some help. Please don't snark me.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and suggestions. I called Kaiser this morning and had to go through a phone assesment, where they determined therapy was a good idea(well duh). I was referred to a therapist at Western Psychiatric and I have an appointment next week. Thanks again, I really appreciate everyone that offered help and not douche baggary.
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I got wood

Ok - so after having one guy flake out on me, I am turning to DP for recommendations on Hardwood Floor Refinishing. It's not too complicated - we have basic floors, although they are face nailed. Any recommendations would be great. thanks!

bike chain question

calling on portland-biker-folk: 

my bike chain snapped off while i was riding tonight. i ride to work and back daily and need to fix this asap, but my knowledge of bikes/repairs is next to nil. must the chain be replaced? fixed? can i do it quickly and simply or should i just roll into the shop up the street (alberta cycling center) and have them do it for me? time is an issue and my tolerance for screwing with the thing is low -- so what's my best bet?


Vague question about searching for current local news/info.

Ok, so I'm not currently living in Portland, but this is the most active community I belong to, and ya'll have great answers (even when they're snarky!) And I really need some help.

Lets say something very very bad happened at my apartment complex this week.  How would I go about finding out more information? It wasn't on the news or anything, but it involved quite a few police officers and stuff. The whole situation is sort of a mystery, and very confusing, since I only have snippets of info but I have no idea where to even start looking. I tried local news websites and googling the date and key words (Bellevue, Washington, suicide, homicide, etc).. is there a website somewhere that logs 911 calls or anything?

Sorry for sounding like an idiot, but I'm still a little freaked out and worried that I might have witnessed something I didn't realize I witnessed, since there were a lot of really strange things going on in the days surrounding the incident.

Thank you for your help!

(no subject)

I've been doing a lot of job searching lately. Some of the jobs I've been interested in have requirements for WPM and KSPH. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere online where I could test myself. I could guess, but if I could get a more accurate answer, I'd feel more comfortable. I know that some of the employers test you before hiring you, but I'd still like to know before I claim something and embarrass myself. When I was in grade school we had Mario Teaches Typing and Mavis Beacon, which told us our WPM, but I don't have access to either of those now.

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