August 12th, 2008

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I think today I got one of the worst haircuts of my entire life.

It's great that I get to go out of town on vacation with shitty hair, but I'd rather not.

So, if you can recommend a specific stylist by name that does excellent work with the short hair of stylish young men, I would sincerely appreciate it.


- Butchered.
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Anyone know much about the Portland Rock Gym? I'm trying to go tomorrow with a friend. She already has gear and membership. I've never been before, I couldn't find info on the site, and she didn't know--how much should I expect to pay for rental gear? DO they rent gear? I know the entry is something like $10 or $14 depending on when you go, but I don't know if I can afford much more than that, so buying gear might be out of the question.

Weird smell this morning...?

So I woke up this morning, went out to get my newspaper, and noticed that it smelled funny outside. It was just this kind of sweet odor, but definitely not the typical pulp/paper mill smell that sometimes drifts over from the paper mills in Washington. I live in the Sabin area, and when I drove through the Beaumont/Wilshire neighborhood this morning, I could smell it there too, so it was obviously pretty widespread. Anybody else smell a strange sweet odor this morning? Any ideas about what it might have been?

8 months til portland

i hope this isn't to offtopic.

I'm moving to portland in about 8 months from (sigh) Alaska, for school. Its a very long drive probably the equivelent of riving straight across the US. Is there anyone who has moved that far before. Me and my husband estimate the trip to be about 10,000 - 15,000.

2,000 gas
2,000 hotel
2,000 two months rent plus deposit money
2,000 (1,000 EA) required for crossing canadian border
1,000 - 2,000 to make sure out truck is in tip top shape
2,000 - 3,000 - food, utilities, uhaul rental, backup money just incase

I hear that the transportaion system there in portland and the surrounding area is really good so would it be wiser to just sale our truck and fly down? My husband loves our furiture set and his truck. Does anyone have experiance with shipping their furniture a great distance like this? And how much did you end up paying?

(sigh) I guess... getting ride of almot absoltly everything will end up happening.

lol sorry to sound so niave, portland is a different country to me <(^.^)>
little blue dog

why ...

... are flags at half-mast?

Also, it seems to me that flags have been at half-mast more often in the last 5 years than at any other time in my life. Does anyone else have that impression?
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Labor Day Camping Suggestions Needed!

--dog friendly
--preferably near some swimmable/floatable water (tubing)
--group camping (i.e. there will be 6 of us)
--it’s pretty
--any where from semi-primitive to car camping (i.e. we’d like toilets but can live without them…running water is always nice)
--within a 5 hour drive

Any thoughts on something that MIGHT have openings for Labor Day?

I've got a golden ticket.

I got caught in a speed trap on 99 headed to Milwaukie. Granted I was speeding 50 in a 35 when I was coming from a 45 into a 35, but you all know how speed traps go.

It is actually my first speeding ticket ever, and I am still relatively new to OR.

Best ways to beat the ticket or get it reduced at least since it is my first offense?

Also, what is up with the ticket being so long??
Xmas Socks

Babies? We don't need no steenkin Babies!

So two of my really good friends are due to have their baby in approximately 1 month. It's a girl and their first one. Knowing the parents, she'll probably end up really girly girl (or maybe the opposite, who knows!) Anyway, the parents are basically having two small baby showers. The mom's mom threw one a few weeks ago for her side of the family, and the dad's mom is throwing one THIS weekend.

I would love to bring a kick ass present, so am looking to you guys for some good ideas. They've got the basic things already, crib, stroller, etc. All the big stuff. I'm looking to spend $50 or under. New baby has a TON of clothes already and she's probably going to grow out of them quickly anyway, so I'll probably stay out of that option unless as a last resort. ANYWAY, any good ideas? For those of you with kids, was there something that you just LOVED to get?
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wheat-free restaurants?

My girlfriend has recently been diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Do you wise DPers know of any restaurants that serve wheat-free or gluten-free food?

No, it doesn't have to be vegan. :P But something that's not breakfast food and not large chunks of meat would be nice.

(no subject)

Anyone else have any luck using Oodle?

I just found out about this new "Craigslist-killer" supposedly. They even have a "Homes For Rent" section!

So far it seemed pretty nice (better interface than CL), then I found out (I think anyways) that they were run by WalMart*.

I could be wrong. Anyone else?
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(no subject)

so, it would seem there have been a few posts on here recently about people looking for jobs (after they move here from [insert random place no one cares about here] or b/c they just need one) so i decided to ask the fancy-pants DP kids to give some job searching advice to those looking some advice.

DP'ers, when looking for a job, what are the best things you should do? here are a couple of mine:

-if looking for a restaurant job, apply/get your app between 2-4 as these are usually slow times
-when getting an app or turning one in, dress your best. they may do a on the spot interview and first impressions last
-SMILE. be friendly folks.
-if you're looking on the streets and its HOT outside, do not get an app while you're dripping sweat. go somewhere and cool down first.


Americans are crybabies: They used cgi fireworks on the opening ceremony. OH DEAR NO!!! The integrity of the Olympics is totally shattered, right? I guess it's ok when it happens on Spiderman 3, but not the olympics. What a joke. Fat Americans need the most trite of excuses to act like a travesty has occurred. Yeah, that's right. I said fat. MYSPACE ANGLES. U mad?

Americans are hypocrites: Making a big deal because a "pretty" girl lipsynched because the real singer wasn't "cute" enough? Boohoo. Big. Fucking. Deal. As if Americans aren't shallow themselves. Watch any TV commercial, chances are it's some paid model posing as satisfied customer or some pretty faced actor/actress pushing product. But if it's a kid, "oh no!"

Ignorant Americans will find the lamest shit to weep about. (Witty dp'ers: feel free to use that last sentence against me in an attempt to be funny and hopefully attain an internet partner for obese fornication.)

Beijing 1, USA 0
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(no subject)

So now I need the last part of my costume--a white belt. I can find a lot of white belts, but the problem is that I'm rather large; a 22/24 (not sure what that is in men's sizes, but I could go with a men's belt as well).

The belt isn't that thick, I just need a really *long* belt. Where could I find something like this? Hopefully on the MAX line and the closer to Beaverton/Hillsboro the better.
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(no subject)

a few things:

do you brush your cats teeth? my moms cat just had 8 teeth pulled because of rotting and abcesses and i was told i should brush my cats teeth. i cant imagine her letting me do this.

is there a way to block calls coming in on a cell phone? im tired of some automated thing calling me on my phone 30 times a day. makes me want to strangle people and beat their faces in.

best place to find a good selection of belts that dont cost a fortune? for a female.
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