August 11th, 2008



I want to watch meteors tomorrow night, but I live right in the middle of the city and the sky never gets dark, just sort of muddy brown. My roommate has a vehicle. Where can we go that

- will be reasonably dark
- has a fairly unobstructed view of the sky
- is legal to hang around at 2 in the morning (or, if nowhere is, where we're not likely to get in trouble)?

Thanks, kids.
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Position available

If you or anyone you know is a fashion retail DIVA and needs some extra cash for rest of summer (or some cute threads) then please apply in person with your resume to:
3 Monkeys, Inc
811 NW 23rd Ave (between Johnson and Kearney)

....ask to see the manager. Experience, good attitude and people-person a must.
Start right away.

*Cross-posted all over the place, sorry.*


So I just got a fattie bonus at work (wewt!) and am looking to give it away in exchange for stuff.

I'm hitting Craigslist and Fry's Electronics hot and heavy for these items, but I was wondering if anyone here was looking to offload any of these things, or knew of other places to look:

Flat Panel monitor - looking to pay around $100-$150 for 19" or bigger
Sectional couch - preferably blue or grey, with a hide a bed
A really nice coffee table. Ours is wicker and glass and I hate it more then anything.
Wood dining room chairs
Gas BBQ - not that we want gas, but it's the only thing we can use in our complex

Thanks, loves!
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Looking for good places to see the Perseids

The Perseid meteor shower is tomorrow night and I have a friend in Vancouver who might want to watch them. Anybody know of some good places with low light pollution north of Vancouver that one can go to see the meteors? And if the friend can't make it, anybody know where outside of Beaverton would be relatively free of light pollution? Thanks.

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Hello peoples... So I just decided that this Saturday I want to celebrate -->me<-- [my 25th is next week and I'm leaving Portland for a while in 3 weeks].
What's a good place for a medium sized [10-15 ppl] gathering?

I've used the Kennedy School way too many times in the past and am looking for something new.


Thanks to those of you who helped me with the park reservation tips last week. Of course, between healing from my surgery and moving to a new place, I didn't do much besides peruse the website and print the information :(

I was thinking I would just host my friends this Saturday at my new apartment instead, but I still have this fantasy of beers and kickball (and the parking situation there sucks). I already have the ball, even. So how can I find a baseball field that isn't being used (or even a huge area of flat grass for a DIY field)? It's sort of expensive to reserve them and I think they are unavailable to reserve after this Thursday because of leagues and what not. Does anyone know of any at schools or something, maybe in the SW area, that are almost always vacant?

Any tips are appreciated :) Thanks!

Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic or other SE Vets?

I just moved across town, from NW to SE (finally!), and am looking for a new vet for my two cats. One has food allergies and is generally quite sensitive, so I'm looking to establish a relationship with a great cat vet close to my 34th and Division home sooner rather than later.

Citysearch tells me that Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic is the closest—they also do alternative medicine (acupuncture etc), with which I have no experience. Does anyone go to this clinic? Overall thoughts? Thoughts on alternative medicine for cats?

Or, do you have other recommendations?


(Bonus if this vet also has a rabbit savvy person on staff, though my rabbits have a great vet in Beaverton that I'm willing to make the trek for!).

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Hey, I am going back to school at PSU in the fall and was wondering if anyone knows of good places to find a part time job near PSU, downtown or in SE Portland? I am at a loss and would welcome any information I can get. Thanks! Randi

Advice request!

Hey guys - I have a request for advice, I'm just at a loss for words (strange but true) so I thought I'd ask around.

I'm job-hunting. I interviewed more than a month ago with Company A. It is a "decent" job, pay is ok, commute would suck, benefits are so-so. I had kind of written them off, since I'd not heard a peep.

Enter last week - I had an interview Tuesday with Company B that I think I'd excel at, the pay is good, the benefits rock, it's up the street from my house, and the interview was great. They said they'd let me know sometime *this* week.

The problem? Company A called me Friday (at 5 pm!) to offer me the job. Not that getting the job offer is problematic...but I'd really rather have the job with Company B.

So my inquiry is as follows: Is it unprofessional and//or frowned upon to call the people from Company B to say "hey, I have a job offer, could you let me know one way or the other as I'd really really really rather work for you?" I can put off Company A for a few days (it took them a month to call me, come ON....), but I don't want to ruin my chances with Company B by being too aggressive.

Your thoughts? What you'd say to Company B? Thank you, O Wise DamnPortlanders!
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One of those "where is..." posts!

Looks like my friends' Mom wants to get her hair done... and since she never does, I was wondering if you, good damnportanders, could help me out!

She wants it done nicely, and affordably (meaning cheap). I'm guessing she'll be bringing her daughter as well, for her first time getting HER hair done, too. It'll be for this weekend as well!

If you could help me out, that'd be great! Thank you! :)
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Real life movie scenes?

I took my kids to Montavilla pool today for an afternoon swim. About two minutes after we got there, just as the kids climbed into the pool, someone reenacted the famous "Baby Ruth" scene from Caddyshack. Only, it wasn't a Baby Ruth this time, it was the real deal. The ensuing chaos looked about like this:

So, my question is, what famous movie scenes have YOU seen inadvertently recreated in real life?
Alone in the Dark

Glasses question.

Where oh where in good old P-Town can I get myself an eye exam and glasses for an extremely reasonable (READ: Cheap) price? Note, I do not have any health insurgence, and I do not want to be going to a mad sadistic or incompetent optometrist, or getting a pair of balsa wood frames.

Personal recommendations are most appreciated.
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Cops on I-5

When I drive home south on I-5, I will usually see a motorcycle cop parked on I-5 north, in the area near PIR. I always wonder WTF is he doing, because the traffic on that side is WAY too congested for anyone to speed. Anyone know what this copper is doing there?
Another note, I noticed speed traps in both directions on I-5 this morning, just before the Marine Drive exit, so look out.

nuva rings

i have a slightly less than a year supply of these babies (minus two rings, which means minus 6 weeks). i got them from planned parenthood since im a poor slutty single mom. any ladies out there hovering around the poverty gap (make too much to qualify for free shit yet make too little to wanna pay 100 bux a box) who want to make offers?

email me. or make fun of me, whatever, ha.
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Peanut butter

I have a small jar of peanut butter that I can't use. Tried it on a sandwich, but it's too sticky for me. It's 365 brand creamy, from Whole Foods. I hate to just throw it away, so I thought I'd see if one of you wanted it.

Ya this is akward. But 100% real.

So my sister is a widow. She's sulked for the last 5 years or so before getting her shit on the straight and narrow.
She's got like 1 or 2 years of fertility left and is looking for a sperm donor. Ya that's right I'm posting for YOUR baby batter.
Hi nice to meet you wanna jack off in this cup? Yup.
Now I'll try to make this a little less painless.
She's not looking for a one night stand, this is in a legit in a clinic. She doesn't want to know you, just spit in this cup and you both can move on with your lives.
Yes. She's researched the lawyer/doctor/rocket scientist jizz and they are a couple a grand a try and the descriptions of the donors are extremly vague. Like yes your kid will be.a genius but ends up with fucked up teeth and a mole the size of a plum on its face.

So here I am. Trying to be a great sibling. And its fucking embarrassing. I probably know a few people reading this. Hi, miss you, don't judge.

Now I don't exacly know the faq or dialoge that proceeds this kind of solicitation but there will definitly be compensations and screening. Um anything else just ask.

Please don't be a douche to me.
The end


So, I have been wanting to get back into D&D or some kind of role playing game. It has been forever since I did it. I would consider myself more new then veteran at this point. I'll learn quick.

Anyways, I am looking for people to play with. Maybe a group that's already started or already has a established group that maybe I could come in and play with? I only work a few days a week so I have time. I really want to try this again. I miss how fun it was and I want to exercise my imagination. :-)

So, anyone want to either point me in a good direction, or want to pull me under their wing to play with them?

Thanks, DP!
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Good Eats in Portland - Frozen Yogurt anyone?

If your looking for some new and cool places to eat out in Portland? I found this website that I thought was pretty damn sweet -
Check out - Reviews of the hip, cheap lunch spots in and around the Portland metropolitan area With the economy the way it is I can't afford to waste my money on crappy food so this site might just come in handy..

I personally recommend Active Culture a cool little yogurt shop between Morrison and Belmont st, on Belmont. They have the best frozen yogurt..Ever! Frozen yogurt shops are hard to find in the North West it seems especially compared to California.
Yogurt contains "Probiotics" which simply means “for life" and at the very least I can use that as an excuse to eat lots more yogurt.

Active Culture
50+ flavors in rotation - 10 served daily
Fat Free - Low in calories
820 SE 8th Ave - Between Morrison and Belmont Street
Monday-Saturday 11am - 10pm
Sunday Noon - 9pm

My favorite flavor is blueberry tart & Vanilla swirl with fresh blueberries on top! 0 YUMMY!


Motorola Rzr

So, my boyfriend and I both have Motorola Rzr's and a few months ago I dropped my phone and lost the ability to charge, one of the soldered contacts broke off. We were using his phone to charge both of our phones. Somehow yesterday he managed to screw up the female port where the charger plugs in. We're now both screwed until we can buy new phones. Does anyone have a cheap/free RZR they want to get rid of. If the screen is broken or the keypad doesn't work, that's totally okay it just has to have the ability to hold a battery and have a charger work with it. We're in need of a base to slap our batteries into and charge the phone batteries.

We can come to you. I'll even bring you a 6 pack or a 22oz of your favorite brew.