August 10th, 2008


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Where would you suggest I find the BEST BAGELs in Portland?

backstory: co-worker brought in pretty good bagels a few weeks ago, I didn't ask where they are from I'm new to the area, so I was lookin' for a little help. gotta plan ahead for a Sun morn bagel run :)


Epic, intense and dramatic season-ending Bar League Softball game going down on SE 55th and Division (across from Dairy Queen) TODAY at 3:00 pm.

CHICO'S BAIL BONDS (Triple Nickel) v. HANIGAN'S (The Vern)

If Chico's (3-8) win this one they get the wild card and advance to round one of the playoffs against the dreaded Portland Mercury (10-1) next week! The Vern (2-9) have no chance at the playoffs but are bound and determined to make Chico's look like fools!

Bring your own beer for this one (yes, we have permits).

There will be nudity, fireworks, bad language, loud music, and jaw-dropping softball.

If you're in the neighborhood, do grab a sixer and come on down.
Conjure Oils

Thank you!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes!

Star made her way over to the Blockbuster parking lot where a kind employee took her home and posted a found ad on Craigslist.

She was picked up and delivered safely home last night around midnight.

We really got to get that fella a sweet gift.
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"When the going gets dark..."
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Recycling Old TV's ?

Borrowed from here. Thought this might be of interest to anyone flush enough to actually be buying a new television set and junking their old one:

...The FCC has mandated that all television broadcasters switch to digital in February 2009. As a result, millions of old televisions will no longer be able to receive broadcasts unless a convertor box is installed. Millions of people will likely discard their old televisions to upgrade to newer, digital models. These old televisions will mostly end up in landfills and many will be sent oversees where workers will be paid low wages and exposed to hazardous wastes as they dismantle them...

...But in many communities, it still isn’t very easy to recycle your old TV. Recycling must be free and convenient to get most consumers to do it. The only way we will have enough recycling sites set up to deal with the coming e-waste tsunami is if the manufacturers set up voluntary national programs and take back our old TVs for free... -- "The Looming E-Waste Tsunami" Electronics Takeback Coalition

There's also a helpful link here to some places in OR that will recycle old sets. Too bad they're not exactly close in, but it's better than nothing at all.

Locals in the Olympics.

The post yesterday about the Oregon fencers made me think of doing this. The Oregonian listed Oregon and Vancouver people who are competing in the Olympics. Some are on
Baseball: Brian Barden from OSU
Water Polo: Elsie Winders from Beaverton High School
Rowing: Josh Inman from Hills High and OSU in Men's Eight
Cycling: Adam Craig from Bend in Mountain Biking
Fencing: Mariel Zagunis from Beaverton Gold Medal in Individual
                 Rebecca Ward from Beaverton Bronze Medal in Individual
                 Seth Kelsey from Oregon Epsicopal  already out
Track and Field: Kara Goucher Portland 5,000 and 10,000
                              Andrew Wheating U of O 800
                              Galen Rupp U of O 10,000
                              Kara Patterson Vancouver Javelin
                              Amy Yoder Begley Portland 10,000
                              Ian Dobson Klamath Union High 5,000
                              Erica Bartolina Philomath Pole Vault and Track
                              Nicole Teter Eugene 800 and Track
                              Loree Smith Eugene Hammer Throw and Track
                              Christian Smith Eugene 800 and Track
                              Philip Dunn Lincoln High 50k Racewalk and Track
                              Tom Pappas Azalea Decathlon
                              Dathan Ritzenhein Eugene Marathon and Track
                              Jesse Williams Eugene High Jump and Track
                              Nick Symmonds Willamette (University?) 800 and Track

And that's all folks.
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Hello you damn Portlanders --

I just got out of a 6 year relationship (in Orlando, FL) with a guy who always laughed at my dreams of moving to Portland. I have no lease and am living month-to-month in a friend's condo while I get my life untangled from said guy's, and decide where I'm going to go. I want to just up and make the move to Portland ASAP, but as I browse housing I have NO idea what area is what. I want to live in an area teeming with public transportation. I'm also a dog groomer and trainer so areas suited towards those businesses so I can, you know, get a job, would be awesome. Also, just any advice of moving alone to Portland unawares is appreciated.

Also, if you know of anyone offering their services as a hitman? Haha, ha. haha. :(
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Phony people

Yesterday, I watched a bicyclist on a phone almost get smeared by three cars that he suddenly cut off. He also didn't use hand signals or bother to look behind him as he made a left turn from a right-hand lane.

While I was podulating downtown, I got to see a fellow ambler attempt to step out in front of traffic. I guess he was too busy talking on the phone to notice the big Indian hand saying "No".

Later on, some phone-using doofus in a blue truck stopped for a green light. He was successfully able to ignore the poor lady honking at him from behind, and 40 seconds later, when the light got greener, he finally lurched his truck forward.
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It's official, the Dream Team is back. Anyone else watching the US run circles around China right now? It's like the Harlem Globetrotters only better. Wade, Bryant and James are running circles around everyone.

FREE: 5PHP Printer

Just got a new printer and before I freecycle, I wanted to offer this used HP 5P printer to all the good peeps here!

Printer is 12 years old, works fine though it might need a cleaning. Has a cartridge inside with ink.

Comes with manual and all cables. No deliveries, you come and pick up. I live near Mall 205.

If interested, contact me at: nitehawk13 at

If I don't get any replies by this evening, it goes on freecycle.


my friend needs a pair of crutches, but we are entirely unsure of where to find some on a sunday afternoon. does anyone 1) have a pair that they are willing to lend or 2) know of a place to find/borrow inexpensive/free crutches? thanks!

edit: crutches procured. thank you!

In Case You Missed It

Rick Emerson addressed Portland and the world with this historic address at 2pm on 08/08/08. The goal was to have every radio, every public address system, every web stream tuned to broadcast the address and tell the world about the show. Around the world in places such as Puerto Rico, loyal listeners risked (and possibly lost) their jobs and lives in an attempt to spread the word. It was a very, very big deal. Of course you never heard it, or heard about it...that is because THE MAN DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW! He's trying to keep you down.

But now it can be told. Click to listen.

For more, listen 11-3 Pacific time weekdays on KCMD AM 970 The Talker and worldwide at


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I was in a car accident on my way back from Seattle this morning. I am okay, just some minor bruising / sore muscles and no food in my house ... does anyone know of a place that delivers Indian food over in the NE? I am on 33rd off of Alberta. Thank you so much, ya'll.

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So I need to know if I have a license today, and the DMV is closed.

I got a traffic ticket, which I couldnt afford to pay, and my license was suspended from not paying it. My tax return indicated that I paid a fine out of it to Oregon, and Im pretty sure thats the only fine I owed Oregon. Im wondering if my license was reinstated, or if I have to do anything else.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Does the Clinton St. Theatre card people?

So quick question:

I want to go to late night unreleased music series featuring Tom Waits on friday, but their website says no one under 21 is permitted after 7pm.
I turn 21 next month, do they seriously card people? Or could I probably get in? I'm not going to try and buy beer or anything I just really want to see the show.


jobs for the lowbaggers on my couch please

My friends just rolled into town without a penny to their names, and they're staying with me until they find jobs and get an apartment. Needless to say, I'd like them to be employed pretty quick. They need entry-level work doing whatever. I'm guessing call centers are the trick, but I haven't been looking for this kind of work in years.

I live in inner SE, so getting downtown is easy for them. Getting to Beaverton or somewhere is tough, because they have no bus fare. The other problem is they have no phone, so it's hard for employers to call them back.

Where should I send them to look for work first thing Monday morning?

Snark away- it will all be deflected towards them anyway. But tell me something useful too, please.

Sleep Study.

Have you ever had a sleep study/polysomnogram?

Tell me about it.

ETA: I don't need to know what happens at/during a sleep study. I want to know about your personal experience. I'd also be interested to hear about how you would rate your quality of care, the education you received from your physician and your technician/technologist and where you had the testing done.

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thank you whoever you are!!

So sometime last week I was totally drunk at the barley mill pub and lost my wallet including the contents of my Social security card, my ID, medical cards and so on. I thought it was gone forever and I was gonna have to to wait through the long process of ordering another birth certificate from LA waiting for that then finally a month down the road get another Id and SSN hoping someone hadnt stolen my identity.

Some really great awesome person out there took my wallet, stole the cash.. (finders fee its ok) and shipped it to my moms place in CA from the addy on the ID Whoever you are thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

May good Karma find you :)
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big sky

White drizzlage

You know how all these white people say they want to live in the tropics where it's perma-summer and there are white sand beaches baking in the sun 365 days a year with maybe the occasional monsoon? Well, I was thinking about it tonight (and actually on Friday on the bus home, too, when it was 80 degrees out and my cow-orker said he wished Portland were warmer).

I've decided to stay true to my Ethno-Climatic Identity™.

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xposted from my personal journal so you other cave people know you're not alone
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