August 9th, 2008

Buster Bluth


Perhaps some of you have been to SE Asia? From what I've found out, you can get a Cambodian visa in Bangkok, but where, how much, and most importantly, how long will it take? In my research, I've been getting mixed messages about all this and I need to know ASAP! I have the opportunity to go in roughly 2 weeks so I need to know how many days ahead of time I need to arrive, and I pretty much need to buy the plane tickets tomorrow. The travel communities I'm a part of aren't very active at this hour.

P.S. I *have to* get it in Bangkok...the trip I'm going on doesn't allow time for getting a visa at the Cambodian border.

Oh, and can anyone confirm if the STA Travel office downtown is still open, or if they shut it down already?

A Saturday with the comic

So, today, now that the temp has dropped an the clouds rolled in, I shall be enjoying a chunk of my day working on the scripts for isues 4 of tmy Tao of Snarky comics, and fine tuning issues 1-3 while my illustrator/editor back in Michigan toils away.
Of course, to start my day, I must go grab a cup of joe for myself and my wife.
Amazingly enough, I don't feel an overwhleming urge to head downtown today..maybe tommorow, but it would be for Powell's, I think.
Anyone else just chillin at home?

Alt. school OPEN HOUSE/ teen night TODAY in SE Portland

Open House at the Village Free School is today, Saturday Aug 9- 10am-1pm. This is an alternative private non-profit school for kids 5-18, especially fit for kids who do not make good "cogs" in the public school machine, for one reason or another.  The pre-fun begins at 9:00am with cookie making in the commercial kitchen.  Space is limited to first 15 kids who sign-up.  Participants will leave with at least one cookie and a great recipe.  RSVP by emailing 
  The open house will begin in full at 10:00am with a morning welcome and quick meeting where spontaneous classes, workshops, and other fun projects for the day can be shared. At 11:00am there will be a student panel offered with time available for prospective students and parents to ask questions.   Then at 12:00pm Executive Director Scott Nine will be joined by a couple of staff members to answer questions from those curious to learn more about how the school works. 

The Village is a regular full-day school for kids 5-18.  Tuition is low (much cheaper than daycare) and can be lowered even more if you put in some volunteer time.  There are also still a few spots open for the Open School/homeschooler program that starts in the fall, and this would be a great time to learn more about it
From 7pm to 1 am is teen night, hosted and organized by teenaged students who attend the school.  Open to ages 11-20, most kids there will be around 15ish, there will be people older and younger there.  There will be Dance Dance Revolution, video games, open mic, board games, music, free pizza from papa johns, mixed drinks (no alcohol, of course.)  Feel free to email me with any questions.  We hope to see you there.  503-788-3935
5747 SE 87th Avenue, Portland.  Corner of  SE 87th/Foster- St. Peter's church campus (the school just leases space there... no affiliation)

So I've got this little radio show...

...and I hope you'll listen...

I present to you, my friends, a show unlike *any* other. A show that is geared towards the music geek, the fan, the person who not only owns every album by their favorite band...but they know the idiosyncrasies of everything about that band- from whether they used a melodica for that bridge...or if the lead singer's 10 year old son wrote the hook.

Folks, friends, neighbors...I present to you, Musicology.

A show created by music geeks FOR music geeks. A little bit of Timmy Ryan, a little bit of me, Kristen Bowie.

All aspects, views, and opinions will be present and it is our *duty* to convey them to you.

A focus on local music and beyond, with a cast of thousands.

Debates, top 5's, and interviews, we hope to catch your attention on August 10th...from 7pm until 9pm on AM 970, The Talker.

Musicology. For the music scholar in all of us.

Be there. :)
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fat computer man

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a sports bar in Bend or Redmond? We're out in Sisters and thought we might go into town to watch the UFC match tonight. Thanks!

Edit: Don't worry about if they will be showing it, if you can recommend any sports bars in Bend or Redmond I can handle calling to see if they will have the UFC on.
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I'm looking for some speakers since a good friend of mine is DJ'ing (his first time) for his parents' 50th anniversary. They're having it at a community center, and wants those speakers that can stand. Does anyone know where we can rent some... and by next week? Sorta something like this...

If you can let me know as soon as possible, that would be great!

Thank you!
Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

Has anyone ever had shoes repaired over at the Nob Hill Shoe Repair shop (NW 21st at Glisan-ish)? I have a few pairs to take in there before the rain starts and I wanted to see if I could get some more reviews. I found one or two online, but more is always better.

I would go back to Hollywood Shoe Repair b/c the service and repairs were awesome, but they don't have weekend hours and I live closer to The Nob Hill place now.
confused muppet monsters

tree question

i saw a tree with bunches of clusters of orange berries... anyone happen to know what it might be? it was on about 34th and hawthorne, although we saw several in that general area. the leaves looked vaguely like mimosa leaves, if that helps at all. i've googled with no results...

thanks in advance!
trucker ape

hey fags!

where can me and my ball-paddlin' buds go for a game of ping-pong and dranks?? surely portland is portland enough to have a bar with a ping-pong table?

Sister Bingo This SUNDAY

The Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence present Beach Party Bingo
Sunday, August 9th 4-8pm

Put on that swim suit, bring your beach blanket, and we’ll supply the suntan lotion. Everyone repeat after me…”It puts the lotion on it’s skin…”

We've got new games and new prizes, but there's always FREE SHIT!! Sister Bingo is held the 2
nd Sunday of every month at the air-conditioned PPAA Hall located at 618 SE Alder Street.  Doors open at 4pm and we start pulling balls at 4:30pm. $15 for the first game pack and $5 for each additional pack afterwards.  Because alcohol is served at the PPAA Hall, no one under 21 can attend.  All money raised goes to support the various programs of the Sisters.

The Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are  a 501(C)3 public charitable organization dedicated to the support, education, and development of the GLBT community.  We strive to educate, to care for the sick, and to help others through charitable acts and fundraising in a fashion that promulgates universal joy.  Bingo is just one way we do that.  So join us for a fun time and the chance to contribute to a good cause.  This ain't your grandma's bingo!

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sad & beautiful world

Tibet = AR (embarrassing edit!)

Sooo yesterday I was wandering around downtown while waiting for a friend, and I heard a lot of shouting and chanting, so of course I think... WHOO PROTESTERS!

And lo and behold, a group of 70 or so Free Tibet marchers came through waving their flags and shouting and what not. And as I was walking past the Buffalo Wing Grill and Bar I heard someone say (swear to God...)

"What these protesters don't understand is that saying 'Free Tibet' is like the same thing as saying 'Free Arkansas.'"

I, of course, refrained from saying anything out of politeness.

Hello world!

Helloooooooooooooo Portlanders!

After a long and arduous trek involving lots of boxes, indecision over Legoes, rubbish pile sorting, many moving vans, bouts of bronchial pneumonia, and flights over the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Arizona countryside, my father and I fled from maniac hordes moved here a few days ago all the way from Tallahassee, FL in search of a more fruitful life than what we had going in Tally.

I love it here already! Beautiful greenery, a more book-loving population, communities online and offline for most anything I want to look for, public transit that does its job and then some...Wonderful!

My interests, for those interested (pun!) include but by no means are limited to:

-Judo (Anyone know a good dojo around here?)
-Paintball and airsoft (Best and worst sports ever, best because they're totally awesome, worst because they mercilessly have their way with your wallet.)
-Violin (Soon possibly expanding skillset to viola)
-Electric guitar (Just starting to learn this, if you hear unholy racket bellowing forth from near Portland State University it's probably me)
-3D computer modelling and artwork
-Music composition
-Video games
-Environmental awareness
-International travel and sightseeing
-Art in its myriad forms
-Space exploration (Possibly one of the best things I'll ever have taken out of Florida is an unshakeable love for NASA's work)
-Autism support and research (I'm ADD/ADHD/Asperger's/high-functioning autistic/bipolar/OCD/something. If anyone could direct me to autism resources here in Porty and/or social networking groups for people on the autistic spectrum of college age it would really be awesome and I might buy you a cookie if I happen to meet you in person.)


It's cool that you all have a meet-up amongst your members every month! I think I'll try and make it out to this month's. :D

Soooo, hopefully, talk to any number of ya'll soon, either by net or in the meat!

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Bike Restoration

My mom has given me her super awesome 1950's Sonic Scout cruiser. Unfortunately, it's a bit rusty and in need of some love. As part of the deal for being able to have it, I told her I would have it restored.

Anybody know of any local-ish places that can and will do restoration work?
Bike Naked!

cranky ranting

To whom it may concern:

Just because I'm at a nightclub, and my boyfriend isn't hanging off of me, and I wear skimpy clothes and shake my ass, doesn't mean I want you to touch me.

I love to dance in a way that makes me feel sexy. I wear skimpy clothes because I feel cute and because it's a hundred degrees in there. I dance on the stage thing because it makes me feel like a superstar, plus it's less hot and more spacious up there.

That doesn't give you permission to touch or slap my ass, or to come up behind me and start dancing on me, or to start grinding against me in any way.

There's this thing called consent I believe you may have heard of, and I know you've been drinking, but asking permission (even via eye contact and facial expression) is really the polite thing to do.

Even at a strip club, you are not allowed to touch the dancers.

dj kitty

Beer and/or strong drinks and eye candy, por favor?

Dear Damn(ed?) Portlanders:

I have had a very bad day.

** A crackhead professed his love for me -- by crowing like a rooster and singing nonsense melodies -- as I was on my way to work.

** Bernie Mac died.

** The hard drive on my laptop decided to die ...

** ... and I subsequently managed to erase the OS.

** Oh, and I broke up with my Awesome Sex Pahdnah a few days ago.

Damn(ed) Portlanders, I need a distraction. What is the best place to go when one needs a strong drink and some lovely eye candy and perhaps some good music? Before I move back to the City by the Sound at the end of the month, I need to engage in some textbook Stumptown debauchery. Tonight is as good a night as any.

Where to go, o wise ones?

I eager await your responses, snarky or otherwise.
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(no subject)

i just went downstairs to get the mail. there were these two drunk people in the elevator. they were kinda making out and kinda on the phone with someone. then he looked at me and slurred "heey good ta see ya" and he hugged me. i have never seen him before. it was very uncomfortable and smelly.

and i wasnt even shakin my ass!